Monday, June 30, 2014

Mani Monday :Featuring Vapid Lacquer Rapid Cycling and Hypo- Manic

Hello Lovelies!
   Welcome back to another Mani Monday installment and this is my 100th post for my blog! Wow! I can't imagine that I would post up to 100 times much less 10 when I first started blogging. So thanks for sticking with me through my ramblings and really horrible photo quality in the beginning. But enough emotional goo, let's get down to business! Mani Monday with Vapid Lacquer! The Mani of the day is actually two polishes Rapid Cycling and HypoManic. Rapid Cycling is the black polish that shift from purple to blue and sometimes even green in the right light. HypoManic is a lovely rose gold color. Sadly, it seems that both of these gorgeous polishes are discontinued. However both HypoManic and Rapid Cycling are both being reformulated and showing up as a kick ass member of the Cosmos collection which LOOKS INCREDIBLE--Seriously....

 I love VL polishes for not only the color pay off but the formula as well. They aren't thick and gooey nor are they thin and runny. They are just right. But don't take my word at it, just take a look for yourself.
Behold awesome polish and my patchy backyard!

Forgive my shrinking top coat. =/ I am in search of a new one.
  I am really proud of this current mani. I actually looks like a 6 year old painted it instead of a 2 year old on a sugar high. Since this is usually what happens....

Well, I hope that you enjoyed this Mani Monday (and 100th post). Be sure to check out Vapid Lacquer especially since she was awesome enough to include a coupon code for 20% off your purchase with the code DREAFUL it is good until the 3rd of July. You can also follow her on Facebook and join the Vapid Lacquer Group which you get sneak peeks of new collections coming out (like the Cosmos Collection and her NEW THERMAL holos that she has out which I NEED to get!) So until next time lovelies!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

EOTD/ LOTD: Rainbows and Pride EVERYWHERE

Hello lovelies!
   I am back this time with a late entry this evening since I have just ushered my little Dreadfuls off to bed.  I just finished up a Pride inspired look that Molly Pops of Color is putting together on Facebook. My makeup partner in crime Face By Emily and I decided to use the same colors and put our twist on our own pride inspired look and this is what I came up with.

This was the image I used as inspiration

The look by itself without the inspiration

Face by Emily's gorgeous look paired with mine

          I love how two people can come up with entirely different looks with the same products! 
We used the following products in this look
Love +, Butttercupcake, and Flamepoint from Sugarpill

Spark, Lucky, Champ and IQ from My Beauty Addiction

I also used Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Eyeshadow base and Primer  as well as Wolfe FX Essential Palette for the Rainbow Tears and dots.

Be sure the check out Face By Emily's Blog, Facebook and IG ! As well as Molly Pops of Color's Blog ,Facebook and IG as well to see more amazing looks for this awesome collab! 

I hope that you enjoyed this EOTD and until next time!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Mani Monday: Featuring Tail Scales and Aurora Corealis from Carpe Noctem Cosmetics!

Hello Lovelies!
    Welcome back to another Mani Monday installment. Where you get to see what in on my nails this week. This week I am rocking two different polishes from Carpe Noctem Cosmetics. This week I picked out Tail Scales, from the Grotto Collection inspired by the Little Mermaid, which described on the site as a glassy jade green jelly with a strong purple shift. It reminds me of sea glass every time I look at it and it appears to shift from pink to purple depending on the light. I had to use three coats for the opacity that I wanted (since it is a jelly that is to be expected). I haven't tried it with "undies" (or white polish underneath) in order to see what it would look like however I am reluctant since I am afraid it would loose that sea glass quality if I did. Next I also chose Aurora Corealis which surprisingly isn't part of the Grotto Collection but it could be since it just fits perfectly with Tail Scales in my opinion. It is described as super bright and shimmery coral with tons of holo! Normally I don't care for corals but this one I like due to the fact that is more of a pink coral than an orange coral if that makes any sense. It has a nice amount of holo in it without looking like a disco ball exploded on your finger. It is nice, there and subtle without being over the top. Yes, even I have days that am not over the top theses are few and far between but still I HAVE them. ^_~  Well enough of my blathering on to the photos.

While this isn't the best image it does capture the nice shift in Tail Scales

Tail Scales with Aurora Corealis as the accent nail

You can catch the holo in Aurora Corealis in this photo.

Sadly today is rather a rainy and dreary day here in Florida so there are no sunlight photos. But if you are interested in either (or both) of these polishes you can pick them up here. Carpe Noctem Cosmetics also has a Facebook page as well as a fan group where you can drool over all the polishes that she makes.I hope that you enjoyed this Mani Monday installment! Until next time lovelies!

Friday, June 20, 2014

EOTD/ FOTD Series: A Drunk Unicorn going through a Blue Period looking for a Water Dragon and a Mermaid

Hello again lovelies!
   I am back again in the SAME day. I know two EOTD posts in the same day? Does this woman walk around the house with two different eyes ? Yes, I do all the time. So much in fact that my kids and Mr Dreadful don't bat an eye anymore.  This time with another EOTD/ FOTD look this time featuring My Pretty Zombie. I had heard about MPZ in the indie group that I frequent. So I decided to take the plunge and order and needless to say I am in love cause they are simply fantastic. I ohhhed and ahhhed over the pretties I got however due to the chaos of summer and three kids I haven't had the time to play or do makeup. Since I am always at swimming lessons it seems I wanted to do more of an aquatic look so this is what I came up with. I am not sure if it is more of  a water dragon inspired look or a mermaid inspired look. So you decide and let me know!

I wanted to do a collage since I managed to capture the shift when my eye was semi closed.

This was done with My Pretty Zombie's
Unicorn Pee

You can purchase them here and you can also follow her on Facebook as well.
I hope that you enjoyed this look! Until next time lovelies!

EOTD/ FOTD Series: Frozen inspired look done with BeautyBarBaby

*Press and Purchased*
Hello lovelies!
   I am back again this time with a new inspired look. This look was originally supposed to be a BeautyBarBaby collaboration with some other makeup artists however the creator of the collab disappeared and hasn't been seen since. So instead of letting this look lay at the bottom of a folder I decided to pull it out and share it with you. While some of you may have seen the lip look with my swatch of the Unicorn Collection, this is the dramatic eye look that it was paired with.

Lots of icy blues for this Frozen inspired look

This was done with BeautyBarBaby shadows in   *Press*
Sno Ball
Ice Queen
Pompous Blue
Blue Moon
Cat Fight

The lips are done with BeautyBarBaby's lipsticks  *Press*

The dots and brow are done with Wolfe FX Essential Palette as well as my white lower lashes (thanks to FacebyEmily for the lash tip)  *Purchased*

     I hope that you enjoyed this look and I am trying to balance makeup time with my little dreadful's summer activities. So until next time lovlies!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

EOTD/FOTD Series: Death of a Dictateur by the National Razor in Versailles.

Hello Lovelies!
   I am back again with another EOTD/LOTD and this time it is from a new company called Baroque Cosmetics. I was contacted by the owner to see if I would be interested in doing a review of her new line and I was more than happy to oblige. She sent me samples of her French Revolution collection  and I was super pleased with not only the colors but the historical references. I am a big history nerd so I was super excited about the collection. Here is one of the test looks I did with her line, the review of the entire collection is forth coming but I wanted to share this look with you before the review.

I used the following colors from Baroque Cosmetics
Versailles -middle of the lid and the middle portion of the lower lash line
Dictateur Sanguinaire- outer and inner lid and lower lash line
Death of Marat- Highlight
National Razor-Crease

I am also wearing Jo Jo lashes from Oh My Lash.

Out of all the colors in this look both Versailles and Dictateur Sanguinaire were my favorites. But all of the colors were simply gorgeous. If you would like to purchase the collection (or individuals shadows) you can do so here and you can also follow her on Facebook. I hope that you enjoyed this look and stay tuned for the upcoming review on the new collection.

Until Next Time Lovelies!

Monday, June 16, 2014

EOTD/FOTD Series:Bending my Arms Backwards trying to Captivate Lizards in A Tempest and Crying with a Ghost

Hello Again Lovelies!
   I haven't done an EOTD/LOTD post in awhile and I have missed them so I decided to share with you one of the looks I wore this weekend using Notoriously Morbid. It is more of a neutral/natural look than I usually wear with lots of softer colors which is something you can even get away with at work. Thankfully my horde have gotten used to me wearing lots of interesting and often two different eyes at the same time. So I don't have to worry to much about that. But enough blathering and on to the pictures.

I used Notoriously Morbid's
Tea Tosh (May's Color of the Month Limited Edition) -highlight
Lizard on A Window Pane -inner corner
Tempest - middle lid
Sometimes My Arms Bend Back -outer corner
Gretel's Ghost- in the crease
Captivated-lower lash line
Tenorman's Tears- Waterline on top of white liner

I hope that you enjoyed this look and if you have any requests for looks just let me know! If you would like to purchase any of the colors from Notoriously Morbid you can do so here. You can also follow her on Facebook and you can join the Notoriously Morbid Fangroup on Facebook as well.
Until Next Time Lovelies!

Mani Monday! Not one but two polishes from Ruby White Tips!

Hello lovelies!
  I am back again from a crazy weekend filled with visiting out of town friends, meeting my new godson, dress hunting and outlet shopping. Needless to say I am dead on my feet but on a brighter note my nails look simply fabulous! This weekend I couldn't decide on what nail polish to wear so I actually wore two different ones from Ruby White Tips. She has a Mystery Box special that is going on her Etsy site right now and I picked up one with her special KP lotion (which another review is coming for that one) and I was blown away by the colors I received. I was super happy since I was wanting to try both of these polishes and the mystery polish extra which is a one of a kind and is simply gorgeous but I won't post it since it wouldn't be fair to show a pretty that you can't order.
  The first one I quickly painted on my nails which made my three year old daughter ohhh and ahhh and tell me that my nails were "boo-tifull" was Don't Open Dead Inside. While she doesn't have the appreciation of the Walking Dead like we do, I do have to say that she does have a good appreciation of an amazing nail polish. This gorgeous color is a lovely metallic like purple with a blue sheen depending on the light.
Check out this metallic purple!

While I am still working on my photography skills you can catch the blue hint in this image.

The next polish I need to grace my nails with was Misfit Toys. Misfit Toys is what I would call a metallic chameleon polish. It is a multi shifter which makes my little gothic heart flutter with delight since it is always something different depending on the light and angle. While there was no way that I could capture all the shifts I attempted to give this polish some sort of justice with the images below.

I love how metallic looking both of theses polishes are.

I managed to capture some of the amazing shifts of this polish in this image. 

Needless to say I am super impressed again with these two polishes that I received from Ruby White Tips. I was also super thrilled to learn that these two polishes are not only 5 free but also vegan which is a really awesome choice for vegans looking for amazing nail polish. I look forward to purchasing from her again. If you would like to pick up a Mystery Box you can do so her Etsy Shop (you can also pick up her lotion which is AMAZING for dry skin but I am getting ahead of my review on it but trust me it is awesome) and you can follow her here on Facebook and join the RubyWhiteTips Fangroup as well. I hope that you enjoyed this Mani Monday and until next time lovelies!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A swatch here and a swatch there the Unicorn Kisses Collection from BeautyBarBaby


Hello Lovelies!
    I am back again this time with some more lipstick swatches from BeautyBarBaby Mineral Makeup! It seems that everyone is releasing pastel lipsticks this summer from MAC to NYX and here is an affordable and indie choice for those of you dying to get your hands on all the colors but have a wallet that taunts you constantly like mine does. Seriously check out these gorgeous colors!

Amalthea *with flash* a gorgeous white

Amalthea *without flash*

Amethyst Star *with flash* a lovely pastel pinkish purple

Amethyst Star *no flash*

Celestia *flash* a light pastel blue 

Celestial *no flash*

Lemony Gem *flash* a pastel yellow

Lemony Gem *without flash*

Lyra *flash* 

Lyra *no flash*

Princess Candance *no flash* a pastel pink

Princess Candance *flash*

Sunset Shimmer *no flash* pastel orange

Sunset Shimmer
*Sunset Shimmer is also an amazing dupe for MAC's Riot House from the Osborne Collection that just came out!*

Twilight *flash* light pastel purple

Twilight *no flash*

Side by side comparison with flash

Side by side comparison with no flash

Now I automatically hear some of you wonder why someone who loves vampy dark colors like myself would be so excited about a pastel line. I can put it simply into to words... OMBRE LIPS. Just take a look...

Done with Elenora, Angel of the Odd and Princess Candance

Done with You Slay Me, Sunset Shimmer and Lemony Gem

Done with Ligeia, Amethyst Star and Amalthea 

Done with Frozen, Celestia and Amalthea

Those are just some of the ombre lip examples you can do with pastel lipsticks in case you are worried about not being able to rock the full pastel lip. Head over to BeautyBarBaby to pick up one or all of the collection and be sure to check out BeautyBarBaby's Facebook page and her Facebook group for all the sneak peeks and sales!So I hope that you enjoyed this massive lip swatch and until next time lovelies!