Monday, September 3, 2012

In the Pursuit of Fabulous..Review of Fresh Look Color Blends Gray

Hello my lovelies,
    I am finally back again with another lens review after a whirlwind adventure of moving into my new abode. While moving and unpacking can take on a person's sanity, (How the hell did I acquire this much stuff and did it breed while moving are two of the questions I found myself constantly asking.) I figured before I drowned in an ocean of cardboard, I should do a review of some sort in order to break the monotony of trying to unpack and find a place of all this STUFF. So in order to start off the month of September properly, I decided to do a review of the FreshLook ColorBlends Gray lenses. Why the color gray and not something more vibrant? Well there are two reasons really.First,while I do have some more vibrant lenses to review (which I am drawn to more) I really haven't seen a lot of reviews about grey lenses. Yes, there are reviews of grey lenses but not as many as greens, blues and even browns which I found interesting. And second, it has been nothing but gray here with storms and winds from Hurricane Issac making landfall. Now, I am really sad to report that I am really not overly impressed with these lenses. Essentially I was extremely excited to get them and try them on but once they were in my enthusiasm deflated like flaccid balloon. Now I will warn you ahead of time, these are about as natural as they come (which may be part of my disappointment even though I was wanting natural colored lenses).To quote the Princess Bride, I was hoping for eyes that looked liked "the sea after the storm"and all I got was what appears like gray foggy patches on my eye. O.o So now when I wear these I appear to have some strange eye disease. Could this be because my eyes are darker? Possibly? But never the less, these lenses make my eyes look dirty and like I should be quarantined due to this new eye plague. I didn't even ask my husband what he thought of these since I was afraid he would all the Centers for Disease Control after looking at my eyes.
I don't have an eye disease, honest. Freshlook gray lenses in natural light.

While they do look slightly better inside, I still look like there is something wrong with my eyes.

Enlargement-  2 out of 10 bats
  These lenses are as natural as they come. They even have the subtle brown ring at the outer edges of the gray. So if you are looking for lenses that make you eyes appear larger even the slightest bit try a different brand.

Color and Design- 3.5 out of 10 bats
   The lenses look lovely in their jars. The grey appears nice and opaque with the soft brown outer ring. After putting them on you will do a double check at the foggy appearance which reminded me of my lovely dog Zyllah's developing cataracts when she passed away at the age of 14 years. Now, I will state again that I have dark brown eyes. They may look amazing on people with lighter eyes. I just look like I have an eye disease with these in.

Comfort- 3 out of 10 bats
    As if these lenses didn't have enough going against them with making me appear to have eye cooties (as my 8 year old would say) they really aren't as comfortable as my other lenses. They don't conform to my eye as well as other brands that I have and  I can constantly tell that they are in. I really hate that. When I wear a lenses I want to forget that they are there and enjoy the day.I don't want to be constantly be reminded about the floating piece of plastic that is hovering on my eyeball.

Overall- 3 out of 10 bats
   While the naturalness of the size of the lens didn't bother me at all since I was looking for a pair of "natural" colored lenses. The color, design and comfort were a huge flop. The pigmentation of the coloring against my natural eye color failed completely. The color didn't cover up or blend very well it just gave me the appearance that I have foggy disease ridden patches on my eyes and the comfort just wasn't there. I will not be purchasing these lenses again and I will continue my search for the perfect gray colored lens.

Until next time my dears...

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Controlling Chaos- Moving and other lapsing moments of sanity

Hello my lovelies...
   I haven't posted anything recently due to the fact that we have recently moved into our new home. While being first time home owners is horribly exciting and wonderful. It also is truly sucks and is terrifying beyond all belief. Essentially we had lots and lots of volunteers to help us move, however we picked the shittiest weekend to move due to the fact that it RAINED, everyone else was either sick with the Exorcist like plague 4 out of the 5 of us had the week before, or their in-laws were moving or they were on vacation. Go figure. Leave it to us to plan to move on a weekend like this.
    Now the week before my poor hubby took a week of half days from work and painted like a madman in order to get rid of the "soul sucking" brown paint that the previous owners decided to paint EVERYTHING (with the exception of the kitchen which is a hideous shade of cheap dog food red vomit). We let the boys pick the color of their rooms, our oldest loves the color yellow and his younger brother wanted his room just like his brother's. Then the living room and the hallways had to be painted, our daughter's bedroom, our room ( no self respecting goth can have a soul sucking brown bedroom..while "soul sucking" sounds sinister and cool, it just looks horribly tacky and like someone painted dog poo on the walls) and the study/guest bedroom. We decided that we would have to do the rest of the painting after we unpacked everything (HA! Like that is ever going to happen. ). Needless to say,we did have two people help us, my dad and Kevin (Mike's friend from work). I have to give kick ass kudos to Kevin for coming to help us in the morning and afternoon and then going to help his in-laws move into their house later that evening.
     While they unloaded the truck, which was later involved in a fender bender (a surprise moving expense--there were a couple), I was stuck entertaining three children and trying to pack the rest of our items at our former house. Packing with three kids awake and running around is the equivalent of trying to do liposuction on yourself with a vacuum cleaner. Initially it sounds like a good idea, however right after you start you realized that this is much more trouble than it is worth and someone may end up going to the emergency room. So, needless to say I hardly got any progress done on the smaller items with my children fighting for helping rights with the tape gun or throwing random stuff in boxes to "pack with mommy".
   Now as if moving, getting utilities turned on and renting a U Haul wasn't enough money quickly disappearing out of our bank account, Mike got into a small fender bender in the rental truck. Apparently he stopped a little too far over the white line while slowing to a stop at a red light. He checked both mirrors and no one was there so he decided to back up a little bit. Yes, he shouldn't have backed up. But if you were in a little car would you pull up on the butt of a GIANT 24 foot rental truck? And once you saw the truck was starting to back up wouldn't you honk to let them know you were there before it hit your car? Well not if you are on your cell phone (I hate people driving and talking on their cell drives me nuts and texting? Don't get me started. But ANYWAYS....) For my husband's poor lack of judgement and this woman tale gating the truck so close he couldn't see her we now have to pay for a $166 dollar ticket my husband acquired for backing up "improperly" into a woman who was right up on a HUGE U-Haul trucks ass. GREAT.
   But of course, shit always happens to us in threes. Our last stroke of luck was the fact that our fridge died and refused to cool.It was running and the lights turned on but there was no cool air coming from anywhere. Thankfully when I called Sears I opted for the more expensive repair package which gave us a 500 dollar voucher in case our fridge was dead. So after living out of a cooler and eating fast food (which is horribly disgusting  for three days we went to Sears to pick out a new fridge. Now Mike  researches EVERYTHING. He obsesses. I just want it to save energy and keep my food cold and my frozen stuff frozen. So, he had all ready picked out two he wanted to get from the reviews. We loaded up our horde and drove to Sears to look at refrigerators.Our three children apparently had lost their minds in the move and decided to act like wild hooligans in the store while we looked at appliances. After contemplating selling our children to gypsies and then realizing they wouldn't take them, we picked out a fridge which was the cheaper of the two and that would fit into our "fridge cubby" (where the tinest shelves are located on top of the fridge area which you can never get to comfortably even with a chair--seriously what the hell do you put up there except for things you rarely ever use?). Sears, of course, came in scratched the new paint on the wall while taking out the old fridge. Thankfully we have paint for touch ups.We placed all of our food in it and all was wonderful, until Mike attempted to get ice and water. He hates the levers on the water and ice dispenser and dislikes the layout of the fridge's lack of shelves. So, in order to have some sort of sanity and to prevent me from braining my honey with a cast iron skillet five years down the road while he is still bitching about the fridge lack of shelves he is researching for a replacement. He has less that 30 days to find a replacement (the return policy) or he is stuck with it. He is still trying to get my convinced that a refrigerator only unit and a deep freeze is the way to go. But I refuse to give up my new ice maker and filtered water feature and I refuse to by more appliances to have them. So he is still searching. Well my younger ones are waking up from their naps so until next time my dears...