Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In the Pursuit of Fabulous..EOTD- Blue Storm done with Sugarpill cosmetics

     Welcome to the first installment of  In the Pursuit of Fabulous. Today, I am doing a review for Sugarpill cosmetics. I honestly can't say this enough, I love Sugarpill cosmetics. While I would be surprised if there were some people out there who haven't fallen in love with this amazing brand and jumped on the bandwagon. But, just in case you are late to the party don't despair.
   Shrinkle, the owner/creator of Sugarpill, is a complete visionary. I remember running across Shrinkle, several years ago on Ebay (we won't go into how many), where she was selling Kryolan makeup. The colors where bright, outrageous and were simply gorgeous (not to mention they lasted FOREVER-seriously, I still have some in my makeup horde). However, it took a bit of practice to work with it. But it was well worth it. She took the brilliant and vibrant colors and created her own line of cosmetics and what can I say? They are AMAZING! So instantly when she opened up her online shop I had to purchase some. Not only is her customer service and shipping extremely professional, the quality of the makeup is simply perfect.There have been other brands which claimed to have vibrant color and fall flat on their faces.But, Sugarpill never fails to impress me every single time I wear it. So, if you don't have any, go get some, right now. Enough gushing about the makeup and on to the EOTD-Blue Storm.

Colors used: Tako and Afterparty from the Sweetheart pallet and Royal Sugar and Stella loose shadows.