Monday, September 15, 2014

Mani Monday: OMG Galactic Gorgeousness of Pandora's Cluster from Vapid Lacquer

Hello Lovelies!
   Welcome back to another Mani Monday! Today, I have a polish of galactic gorgeous portions so naturally what goes best with the galaxy? Yup, that is right, STAR TREK!

Even Spock agrees!
   A little while back, Vapid Lacquer released a special line of polishes in celebration the one year anniversary of Vapid Lacquer polishes and MAN! What a special celebration line it is! As you can all ready guess, Space (the Final really just space) was the theme.
Take that in for a moment, space polish form.
 So, naturally I had to have them. Because I absolutely LOVE space themed anything and space nails in polish form = FUCKING FABULOUS.
    And Krys, from Vapid Lacquer, NAILED it. Literally with this theme and these polishes. I am bringing one to you today out of the three that I ordered since in all truth I couldn't swatch and then remove this polish. It was just too damn pretty to do that. Seriously, take a look..
I love how the color constantly changes in different lighting and from different angles.

You can see the awesome epic shift from each nail.
  Pandora's Cluster is described as a stunning shift from violet to red with gorgeous stretches from orange to green. It is a constant shifter and you will be staring at your nails constantly because this polish is gorgeous!
Yup, there goes your beauty budget. However, your nails will be fabulous!
    You can purchase this polish as well as the other from the space collection from Vapid Lacquer. You can also follow her on Facebook, Instagram and join her Facebook Fan Group in order to get the most up to date sales and sneak peeks at new upcoming polish releases! Until next time lovelies!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

EOTD: The Fluff Emience of Purple Rain with Gypsy Smoke...(and some swatches too)

Hello Lovelies!
    I am back again today with a new EOTD featuring Candii Blossom Cosmetics. I dunno about you, but there are some days that just feel a color when I am doing makeup and today just felt like a purple kind of day. Candii Blossom Cosmetics has some really gorgeous purples but out of all of them Purple Rain is my favorite. Since I am child of the 80s, when I hear Purple Rain I instantly think of Prince.
Yup, Purple Rain will forever invoke the thought of Prince.
  There is something about a man with eyeliner and makeup wearing high heels that just makes me so happy. Perhaps the 80s is where my love of drag queens started cause almost every band had men in makeup and Prince was just the embodiment of sass and fabulousness.
Look at all this sass and fabulousness!

 When I saw Purple Rain in the CBC store, not only did the song pop into my head but I knew I had to have it.
I totally wanted Purple Rain on my eyeballs immediately.
But enough chattering on about how lovely the color is and awesome dancing Prince Gifs,let's get to what you are really after! Pictures!

I used the following items for this look:
Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Primer
Candii Blossom Cosmetics Fluff

Candii Blossom Cosmetics Purple Rain

Candii Blossom Cosmetics Eminence

 Candii Blossom Cosmetics Gypsy Smoke

Wolfe FX Essential Palette for the dots and liner
Ardell Corset Lashes

Now both Fluff and Purple Rain are out of stock currently, however they should be restocked soon so don't cry...

Don't Cry Prince, Purple Rain will be back in stock soon.
 I hope that you enjoyed this EOTD and some added swatches! You can pick up Candii Blossom Cosmetics on Etsy. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram and their Facebook Fan Page for the latest sales updates. Until next time lovelies!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Swatch Here and a Swatch There... MOAR BeautyBarBar Shadows Part 2 !

*Press Sample*
Hello Lovelies!
    I am back again with more swatches and even an eye swatch or two from BeautyBarBaby. I just can't get enough of her lovely products that I am constantly like this when I see something new coming out...
Yup, this is me a total BBB addict.
  However, I have noticed that I hadn't run across too many swatches on the net so I needed to remedy that.

Cause if there are more addicts out there she will create more products for us, RIGHT?

  So without further ado, here are some more swatches for you enjoy and hopefully become as hopelessly addicted to her products as I am.


Shagadelic Mojo is from the Fireworks Duo Chrome Collection. It is described as an iced mocha with blue, silver and red shifting undertones. While I am not a coffee drinker (I know I am some strange mutant not of this Earth) I would describe it as a creamy mocha with a lovely trio of shifts. I usually see more of the silver and blue in this swatch but when the light hits it just right the red shimmers through. It is delicate enough to wear everyday but the shifts just keep people guessing.

Sinner is described as a rich shimmery taupe/ blackened plum with gold sparks. I think that it is more of a marriage of taupe and plum since both colors are present but neither are overpowering. It is a great color to wear either by itself as in the eye swatch or with others.

 Stinger is currently out of stock due to her recent sale, but keep an eye out for it being restocked. It is a gorgeous bright aqua blue . It reminds me of mermaids and would make an amazing eyeliner.

Ice Queen is described as a pearlescent silvery baby blue with gold undertones. The combination of both the silver and the light blue does give it as a pearly sheen and the hint of gold makes simply gorgeous!

Supergirl is described as a twist of vivid purple and blues with violet interference undertones. This is a lovely blurple color leaning more towards blue however the purple is definitely there. I love this color and for some reason the combination of the name and the color always makes me think of the classic Supergirl movie with Helen Slater.

Last but not least is White Chocolate, which is part of her new matte line. It is a primary white matte shade. This is always one of my favorite go to colors cause I can either use it in a look or as a highlight. Cause honestly everyone needs a matte white in their shadow collection since it is so versatile.

   Well I hope that you enjoyed this newest installment of a Swatch Here and Swatch There with BeautyBarBaby. I have plenty to swatch and share with all of you so this will be an on going series (and yes, there will be other companies featured to cause you have to share the love and the addiction). If you would like to pick up these shades , or any others you can do so at the BeautyBarBaby site on Etsy. You can also follow BBB on Facebook, Instagram and their Fan Group on Facebook for the newest sneak peeks of upcoming collections. Until next time lovelies!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Late Mani Monday Post: Featuring Patina from Gothic Gala Lacquers!

*Press Sample*
Hello Lovelies!
    Sorry for the late posting today for my Mani Monday post, unfortunately my internet has been having issues today and has been down off and on all day. I can only guess that it has been from the epic wave of thunderstorms that we have been having recently.

Yup, this was my internet today..
 However I am back today with another Mani Monday post with Gothic Gala Lacquer's, PatinaPatina, is the newest last minute edition to the awesome Steam Punk Collection that GGL put out at the beginning of this month that I was lucky to swatch for her. Samantha did an excellent job capturing the grittier, yet still beautiful side of Steam Punk that people often over look with nice bright and shiny things.

Gritty and beautiful always make me think of Steam Punk

Patina is listed on the site as a teal leaning more towards green with a shimmer. It is simply a gorgeous light blue green with a golden shimmer much like the green that sometimes appears when copper oxides. Just take a look since I did manage to take some photos in between downpours.

With Shiny Top Coat

With Shiny Top Coat

 Naturally Matte

Naturally Matte

Patina is naturally a gorgeous matte polish but looks just as beautiful with a shiny top coat. Due it is being a matte, the polish consistency is thicker and I only needed two coats for this mani. You can purchase Patina at Gothic Gala Lacquers' site. However you can also follow GGL on Facebook, the Facebook Fangroup and Instagram. I hope that you enjoyed this late Mani Monday! Until next time lovelies!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Swatch Here and a Swatch There..BeautyBarBaby Shadows Swatches Part One!

*Press Sample*

Hello lovelies,
   I am back today with a super quick post of some arm and an eye swatch of some lovely BeautyBarBaby shadows. I have been slacking on my posts due to the chaos that is wedding planning which makes me want to beat myself in the head with my keyboard. But, I am hoping to catch up in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned and let's get started cause these colors are to die for.
Yup , no lie these colors are FABULOUS. 

First off.. The Beast Unleashed, from the Fireworks collection,  is described as a blackened plum duo chrome eye shadow with bluem red and green shifts. This is a beautiful smoky plum with amazing shifts. I see more blue first off but when the light hits it just right you can catch the subtle green and red shift.

Next, we have Devil's Breath which is described as a semi shimmery hot red with lots of red sparkles. It is a nice and vibrant red which I would consider more of an orange based red (due to the vibrancy) over a blue based red. Lots of shimmer and lots of sparkle so it is a win, win situation for me.

Ice Breakers is from the new mattes at BeautyBarBaby. It is currently being restocked and it is a gorgeous matte light blue a close cousin of the light mint green.

Blue Velvet is one of my favorites out of the new Matte shadows. It is described as a bright matte vivid blue and it totally is! Just take a look! It is so gorgeous I am sure that Elvis would approve.

Miss Daisy is another one of my favorite shadows. It is one of my constant go to highlight colors. It is described as a shimmery soft gold with hints of pink sparkles and violet interference undertones. It is soft creamy light gold with just a hint of sparkle when the sun catches it just right.

Finally, last but not least, is T-1000 which is named after the liquid metal terminator in T2. It is described as a bold metallic silvery grey shade. But honestly, look at this color! It is beautiful glorious liquid silver.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed this swatch-fest and there will be more coming the next couple of weeks as well as looks and hopefully a review or two so fingers crossed. If you would like to pick up any of these lovely colors are you can do at BeautyBarBaby on Etsy. You can follow her on her Facebook, Instagram, and join the Facebook Fan Group to get all the latest sneak peeks. So until next time lovelies!