Saturday, August 13, 2016

Scentopia! Review of Comet Comforts July Monthly Box. Here be Mermaids!

Hello Again Lovelies! *Purchased*
      I am back again with another review! Today I am reviewing the Comet Comforts Box July Box which had the amazing theme of Mermaids. Now this was the first launch of a collaboration between two companies, Comet Vomit Polish and Southern Comforts Fragrance. These two lovely ladies got together and decided to create Comet Comforts which is a themed vegan and cruelty free monthly gift set of polish, scents and a surprise. I was super excited to hear of this collaboration and I am a big fan of both companies, so I couldn't wait to see what they developed.  Once I heard that the theme was going to be mermaids, which I am slightly obsessed with, I knew the box had to be mine

 The boxes went on sale during the middle of  July, shipped on August 1 and showed up in my hot little hands on August 3. When I opened the box I was really impressed with the little extra touches they put into it. Right inside the lid for the box was a fabulous mermaid stamp. It was wrapped nice and neatly with a lovely information sheet describing this month's theme and of course welcoming you to the Comet Comfort's Monthly Box.

I love that stamp and I am now on a quest to find one for myself.

  When I opened the box I was quite impressed with how nice and safe everything arrived and the colorful packing paper that was inside. I had a hell of a time keeping Doom Kitty out of the paper until I was able to pick out everything. Then I just gave up the battle.

Nothing was going to be damaged!

  After you move the paper and the 14 pound cat and kiddo hands out of the way I was left with this.

Check out all the goodies!

   Not only was there a fully sized perfume in a convient roller ball bottle, there was also a full size polish, a mini glitter top coat, a limited edition sample jar #mermaidgoals shadow from Darling Girl Cosmetics, nautical themed nail jewels, several pins, a fish scale heart temporary tattoo (which my five year old promptly claimed for herself), fabric flowers and a ton of swedish fish (which were devoured by my kiddos immediately.)  Another really neat thing about this box, is that if you are all ready a fan of either Soco or Comet Vomit each item in this box is unique to this release and will not show up in their stores. Now on with the goodies!

   We will start with the Comet Comforts Perfume, We Were Only Trying to Drown Her. 

It was a full size perfume in this box, in a 10 ml roller ball fragrance oil. My first sniff impression when I opened it up, it reminded me of the sea after a thunderstorm. There were hints of aquatics, ozone and even a hint of green. (But as stated in my previous review, I am still a perfume newbie and my super sniffer powers of picking out individual notes is very limited) I would definitely say that this is a unisex scent. When applied, my skin definitely brought out the ozone at first and then dried down to a lovely unisex aquatic.

Next up the two polishes. 

 The full size was Flippin Your Fins which instantly got the Little Mermaid song stuck in my head.

   Flippin Your Fins ( I am even still humming it now ) is a beautiful shimmery blue green polish. It applies evenly and I only needed two coats to get good coverage on my nails. I almost painted my phone this lovely color since I am a horrible klutz and dropped the brush since this was my first time dealing with a cap like this. With a nice top coat this last a week for me which is a record because I am horrible with polish. It CONSTANTLY chips on me. 

The mini glitter topper polish included in the box was called,  You Used to Call Me on My Shell phone It is blue/ teal colored glitter with lots of giant different colored glitter circles (I don't know if there is a technical term for it but they are pretty.) in various shades of silver, blue, pink , yellow and black. This is definitely a topper coat since it it would take way to much to attempt to even get full coverage. It gives just the right amount of sparkle when placed over polish. Sadly the photos of my mani with this were accidentally deleted so I will have to add them in at a later time when I redo my nails.

According to the Coco girls, there will always be a surprise guest to each box and for the first box Darling Girls Cosmetics was the guest.

Loved the name of the shadow! Who doesn't have Mermaid Goals?
 Susan from Darling Girls Cosmetics created a lovely shadow for this theme. Which is a lovely light shimmery blue with hints of pink sparkles when the light hits it just right. If you use a sticky base like the Darling Girl Glitter Glue and pat this shadow over it it really shines.

I am completely impressed with this amazing box. Each item was the perfect piece to the overall mermaid theme. Even the names were clever and fit the mermaid theme perfectly. The perfume reminded me of the ocean and what it would smell like after a storm when mermaids would come and sun themselves on rocks. Both the color and the sparkle of the polish reminded me of the mermaid scales. However I may have to give Tiffany the stink eye cause I since the Little Mermaid when I put on her polish.  Finally the surprise guest shadow from Darling Girl remind me of the ocean as well. The boxes of course as I mentioned before are both vegan and cruelty free are shipped to you in the States for $30.  It is a bit more for you international lovelies but they do offer international shipping which is nice. 

Now if you follow Comet Comforts on their social media you will know what next month's theme is..

 So, I needless to say I am an official fan and if there was any doubt I will definitely be picking up more of these lovely boxes.  The Harry Potter boxes go live for sale on August 19th through the Comet Comforts website. Follow them on Instagram for more sneak peeks for the upcoming boxes. Will you be picking up the Harry Potter Box next month? Well that is all for now lovelies, keep your eyes peeled for more posts in the future. Until next time lovelies!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Scentopia! Review of Twisted Wonderland Perfumery

Hello Lovelies! *press sample*

      I am back with the first of several reviews this month. There will be some changes, revamps and  possibly a new look to the blog over the next couple of months or so as I get my blogging boots back in action. If you are curious where I have been you can look the to previous post of why I feel off the planet (and blogging) for a little bit. However with that being said let's just go ahead and jump right into the review.

    While I was on my blogging hiatus, I discovered the world of indie perfumes. There were only so many "mainstream" scents that really struck my fancy and needless to say I was in total and complete amazement with the various scents, themes and of course businesses that were out there. I will state this up front, I am not means a scent expert, my nose isn't a super sniffer however I am getting to the point of where I can pick up certain individual notes. And also please remember that BODY CHEMISTRY is EVERYTHING. Just because something smells AMAZING in the bottle doesn't mean that is going to smell amazing on you. I have learned this the hard way and often scents that you love to smell betray you and turn to the smell of baby vomit on your when applied to you skin (RIP violets, I love your scent but my body chemistry hates you with a passion). That being stated I was over the moon when Twisted Wonderland Perfumery opened up and was looking for people to do a review for some of their scents. I contacted by the owner , Rae about doing a review of her products and she thought that we were a nice fit.
    So I was sent a perfume sampler of five different scents (a mixture of perfume oil and eau de parfum) of my choosing , a lip scrub and a lip balm. The items arrived quickly, well packaged and I loved the labels. There were not issues with not enough wrapping and all of the items arrived without incident. Rae was excellent in letting me know when my package was shipped out.  The samplers arrived in a cute box sealed with pink glittery washi tape.

Inside the five samples were safely nestled in a bed of cotton

For my five fragrances I chose Absolutely Alice, Absolem's Cocktail, Deadite, Killer Klowns, and Stay Puft. 

So let's start at the beginning and work our way down. 
Absolutely Alice is described as "A delightful sweet & fruity blend of fresh peaches, wild raspberries and wafts of tooth-achingly sweet pink cotton candy." Since it is still sweltering down here in Florida and technically still summer I was looking for a light and summer scent that I could wear. The first sniff out of the bottles is fresh ripe peaches. Applied it still smells like fresh peaches with hints of candy and rasperries help round out the scent to make it fruity and light without being overwhelmingly over the top sweet. 

Absolem's Cocktail is described as "A tall glass of watermelon lemonade with just enough sweet mint muddled in." I love watermelon so I simply had to try this scent, This is the first time I have ever tried watermelon as a perfume on me so I was hoping that my body chemistry would agree to my love of watermelon.  First sniff is just like cutting into a fresh sweet watermelon in the kitchen. Applied on the skin it still smells like heavenly watermelon (thank you body chemistry) with the clean crisp lemon scent and a tiny hint of mint. My body tends to amp up lemon scents so I was concerned with it overpowering the watermelon but it didn't . This is probably my favorite out of the five and I will be picking up a full size of this one asap.

Deadite is described as "sweet blackberry jam with a sinister twist of patchouli, black pepper and vanilla." When hearing that there were Army of Darkness/Evil Dead inspired scents I had to pick up one because I am such a huge fan. First sniff from the bottle blackberries and patchouli. My chemistry also amps up patchouli as well so my fingers were crossed that my chemistry didn't drown out the blackberry. When applied on the skin it is an equal balance of blackberries and patchouli however the vanilla mellows out the scent as well and doesn't make it as strong as patchouli can be. I didn't catch the hints of black pepper on my skin however my sniffer hasn't gained that super power yet.

Killer Klowns, while I had a distinct hatred of clowns I couldn't resist the description which is listed as "blue raspberry slush, cherry slush and cotton candy". My love of cotton candy overcame my clown hatred. First sniff is mainly blue raspberry and cherries. Applied on the skin is an equal balance of the blue raspberry and cherry and later as it dries down and mellow more of the cotton candy. This one is super sweet ,light and a lot of fun.  My five year old daughter loved it so much she claimed it as her own. 

Finally, last but not least, was Stay Puft. I am still trying to figure out if my body has a love hate with marshmallow so I took the plunge and order this scent to finally figure it out. It is described at "fresh marshmallow, marshmallow fluff, two vanillas and a dab of patchouli. First sniff  was a heavenly mingle of marshmallow and vanilla. Applied on the skin the vanilla rings through the marshmallow to make it a yummy foodie kind of scent. It reminds me a lot of marshmallow rice crispy treats. 

All of the scents had decent staying power which is about 4-6 hours on me since my body tends to devour lighter scents quickly. While I enjoyed all of the scents, out of the five Absolem's cocktail was my definite favorite since I can't get over that amazing watermelon scent. Deadite was a close second followed by Absolutely Alice.  All of the fragrances are vegan and of course cruelty free.

Next up is the Jumbo Eat Me Sugar lip scrub. I chose Pomegranate Margarita for the scent/ flavor.  

    As you can see the label does over the cap of the jar and when I asked Rae about it she stated that it was a printing error and she will be getting other labels once these have completely run out. If you do get a jar with a label like this all you need to do is use a pair of scissors right around the area and it should open up easily and you still get to have the pretty label on the front of your jar.  The scent of this lip scrub was simply heavenly! It smells just like it states and made me want a margarita ASAP! the scrub itself was a nice fine sugar easily applied to the lips to scrub. It left my lips soft and smooth. This product is also vegan and cruelty free.

Finally, last but not least, is the Deadly Kiss Lip Balm.

Due to crappy Florida weather and it constantly raining,I used the  flash and it washed out the label. See the lip scrub for actual label coloring.

 I seriously can not have enough balm in my house . Between the five of us, there is always someone stealing my lip balms to use. However this time the culprit was Mr Dreadful. I chose the flavors Green Tea and Honey and it was simply amazing the times I am able to steal it back from my husband. He is in love with it. The balm is just the right consistency without being overly hard or soft.  It also smells amazing. I have given up the good fight for this lip balm and allowed my husband this small little victory but I will be ordering more soon. For those of you who are vegan, this is item does contain beeswax. However like the rest of her products it is cruelty free. 

Final thoughts, I am really impressed and pleased with the products I have received from Twisted Wonderland Perfumery. Rae has been kind and professional answering all of my questions and the products she has put out are wonderful. For those of you with finicky body chemistry, like myself, sampler packs are a godsend so that we are able to try a little bit of everything without ending up with a bottle of something that smells amazing but doesn't work on us. I highly recommend checking out Twisted Wonderland Perfumery and trying some of her awesome product. Rae was also kind enough to give me a coupon code to share with all of my readers. DREADFUL10 will save you 10% off your purchase. 

So until next time lovelies!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Hello lovelies!   
    I am back from my super long log hiatus. It has been super crazy since I have last updated. And I am sure that most of you where wondering....

    Well I swear I didn't have a near death experience, I was a hell of a year. As some of you may know that I am a stay at home mama bat of three little Dreadfuls. My oldest started middle school last year, my middle started first grade and my youngest started preschool. All three kids were going to different schools and all three had different drop off and pick up times. So I was literally in the car ALL THE DAMN TIME.

I lived there and when I wasn't in the car I was waiting to pick them up or drop them off. There were THREE yes, THREE different drop off and pick up times. And after that my middle was having a hell of a time in school. He had more homework than my middle schooler. During that hellish school year, we also discovered that he needed to know how to read at the start of first grade and there wasn't a requirement that kindergartners know how to read in order to pass kindergarten. It was like he skipped a grade and we weren't notified. So we struggled with that and were doing school interventions to help him catch up. WHICH TOOK THE ENTIRE YEAR for them get enough data to say hey he might have a reading disability that we need to test for.  He also has speech issues which he couldn't get test of help for since he was all read in an intervention program for academics and they couldn't do speech at the same time. Don't ask me why it is utterly stupid and I wanted to bang my head on the desk the entire time. 

So needless to say my poor middle had an utterly craptacular year and failed first grade. He finally got tested earlier this month (yes in JULY) and he should be able to get all the help he needs next year. We also have been working with him all summer so that he will have to confidence to be a super star next year.  So that is the reason for my super long absence. I was having to pull super Mamabat duty and help my kiddo out with his homework. However with the summer winding down and all of my kiddos will be in school full time I am finally able to return to blogging, reviewing and so much more. So stay tuned for more blog posts, possibly some Youtube videos, and reviews. There will be lots of different posts on new things that have caught my fancy as well as some of the old things that you love. So until next time lovelies....

Monday, September 21, 2015

Mani Monday with MOAR Drunken Stamping featuring Vapid Laquer


    Hello Lovelies!
         It has been forever and a day since I have done a Mani Monday post. Partially because my poor nails went through a horrible phase of peeling and being over all ugly little nubbies.  But I have managed to get it under control with lots of moisturizing and honestly cutting the split/peel out of them when they appear. While I don't know if that was the best solution it worked for me. I also moved to an acetone with a lavender essential oil added to it so it isn't such a harsh toil on my nails when I remove my polish. But since the "girls" are on the mend I decided to do a Mani Monday post featuring one of my favorite indies, Vapid Lacquer.
         Now, I know that there was a HUGE HOT MESS going on in the indie polish community with the Mentality issue. There is no need for me to rehash that drama but in case you missed it there are several posts about what happened and seriously all you have to do is look up the #mentalityburns and see what I am talking about. This issue cause a huge backlash in the indie polish community causing people to stop buying indie polishes. Now what happened with Mentality is HORRIBLE ( and down right fucked up) but that is NOT the norm and all of the lovely ladies that I have purchases my indie polishes from are wonderful and I have had NO side effects whatsoever. Well, okay the only side effect I had was FABULOUS looking nails with kick ass polish on them but that is what we want. But enough of that...

    So we all know that Halloween is coming up and of course, with no surprise, it is my favorite holiday. Last year, Krys ( the talented owner of Vapid Lacquer)  made an incredible Halloween collection and I managed to score not one but two of these highly coveted polishes, Witching Hour and Vampires Don't Sparkle (which always reminds me of this image which makes me laugh EVERY time I see it).

Girl, you go that right, That is not acceptable at all...

      So I decided to do a vampy gradient of the two plus some stamping and I learned two very important things.

     1. Stamping is a skill and an art. If it isn't practiced on a regular basis you WILL revert back to your craptacular stamping skills. (So please don't judge these polishes on my shitty stamping)

     2. Gradients are awesome on all nail lengths however I need some practice doing it on nubs. (Again don't judge these polishes on my crappy gradient job)

Yup this is pretty crappy and doesn't do the polishes justice...

    I also took some polish bottle shots so you can truly see the beauty of these polishes since my nails are not a great representation. I know some of you may ask if you think that your polish job is so crappy why are you sharing it? Well honestly there are lots of people who love polish but are super polish masters or stampers right now. If I can get better seriously ANYONE can. There is hope for you. Also it is because Krys is a bad ass and makes incredible polishes. After the drama that has gone on from Mentality people need to know that there are incredible makers of kick ass polishes who aren't about the drama. (I will also be doing more Mani Mondays to feature and shout out the other awesome companies and makers so show my love)

    Now while you can't get these polishes right now you CAN get them for a limited time restock for the non sparkly spooky season on October 3rd for a one time restock! Yup ladies and gents mark you calenders and get your click on to purchase these two plus Apparition and Purple Poison only on this date until they are sold out. However Kry is also releasing a Fall Collection that will around until the end of the year so you don't have to kneecap your polish friends in order to pick up a limited stock of those. Now where can you pick up these gorgeous goodies? You can pick them up here and stalk them like a ninja on October 3! Now go prepare yourself to be the Vapid Lacquer Ninja ready to stalk the ALL THE POLISH!  I hope that enjoyed this installment of Mani Monday, until next time lovelies!

Monday, September 14, 2015

What's the Deal Dreadful? I'm back! With a review of the AMAZING Jord Wooden Watches!


   Hello Lovelies!
       I am finally back after a long hiatus. I had an insane amount of things happen over the Summer and I wasn't able to blog at all between swimming lesson for my three Little Dreadfuls, going on a cruise and getting everything ready for all three of my little ones going to school. Since the school year has started, I THOUGHT (yes let's laugh now at my foolishness) that I was going to be able to get back to blogging, writing and all the other things I had been wanting to do but fell to the side. Oh how foolish I was, I am a unpaid taxi driver with taking my three kids to three different schools at THREE different times. Yeah, thanks school board for that one. But I am trying to squeeze in some much needed reviews and looks now of the weekends. So, without much further ado, on with the review!
       I was approached by Jord Watches if I was interested in doing a review of their wooden watches. Yes, you read that right, wooden watches. I love watches and in all honesty I don't see them as often on people as I would like. Yes, everyone and their mother has a cell phone but what happens when the batteries die or you are in some place you need to know the time and you had to turn your phone off? No clocks on the wall? No problem! You have this awesome watch on your arm now that doubles as a time piece and a fashion statement/conversation starter.

   "Is that a wooden watch?"

     Yes, yes it is. Behold it's epic awesomeness.

   But I am getting ahead of myself, let's go back to the beginning. So, as I mention Jord contacted me to see if I was interested in doing a review of them and I was thrilled with the opportunity. After much pondering and consideration (and even consulting the family on this since all of the watches are that gorgeous) I finally decided on the Ely Watch in Red Sandalwood. It was such a stunning rich red color that constantly caught my eye. After my decision Jord send me some instructions on how to measure my wrist for the correct size of the watch so I wouldn't have the issue of having to send it back and resize it which just screams wonderful customer service because it is a horrid pain to receive your item in the mail and then find out it is too big or too small.

The watch arrived quickly there after in really unique packaging. The watch itself was nestled safe and secure inside a lovely wooden box.

It was just as beautiful in person as it was on the website.  Seriously, just look at this..

 Then came the real test, durability which is essential to me since I have three kids and a moose of a dog so anything dainty and delicate will probably not last long. This watch handled ALL four of those destructive forces as well as daily wear and tear with no problem. The watch is considered splash proof and is NOT waterproof. So take it off when doing dishes, going the in pool, or soaking in the tub.  Since this is a wooden watch you are going to have to take care of it a little differently than your metal ones. I asked what the best way to care for watch from Jord was and I was told that the best way to keep the watch looking like new is to apply a natural coating of beeswax, butcher block oil or even walnut oil to prevent the watch against damage and keep it's moisture balance. You can pick up the butcher block oil and walnut oil from Amazon easily for under $20 and it will last you FOREVER and your watch will look just like new.  As far as price, I think that these watches are a great deal. Granted watches vary greatly in price but I think that the cost of these watches are extremely affordable for the quality and beauty that you get.

Yes, the tag is STILL on it. I had to immediately put in on and take a picture. 

   Now if you have the overwhelming desire to have your own epic wooden watch you can buy one from Jord. And if  you need the Ely Watch in Red Sandalwood here it the direct link to it. I hope that you enjoyed this installment of What's the Deal Dreadful and until next time lovelies!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What's the Deal Dreadful? Review of Azara Oraganic's Organic Seaweed Powder


     Hello Lovelies,
        I am back today with another skincare review. Today I am reviewing Azara Organic's Organic Seaweed Powder which is used for masks and wraps.  I am always looking for new facial masks to try out since they are part of my skincare routine. The product arrived quickly and was well packaged. The seaweed powder arrives in a huge plastic container with a black screw top lid. The powder itself is a mossy green in color and smells of seaweed (obviously). I liked the fact that I didn't need lots of other additional ingredients in order to whip up a mask for my face. Basically I scooped a small bit of the powder and added water until I had the paste light consistency that I wanted and applied with with a flat brush all over my face. The mask itself had a cooling sensation which was really quite pleasant.I allowed the mask to sit on my face until it was dry, about 20 minutes or so since I can do other things while I am waiting for my mask to dry. After washing off the mask, my skin felt wonderful. It was soft and clean so I am really impressed. I used this product at least once a week sometimes even twice when I want to feel pampered and revitalize my skin.

   If you would like to pick up your own jar of Azara Organic's Organic Seaweed Powder you can do so on Amazon. It is $59.99 however it is currently on sale for $19.99. I hope that you enjoyed this installment of What's the Deal Dreadful, until next time lovelies.