Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mani Tuesday? The Burlesque Collection from Gothic Gala Lacquers Part 3

Hello lovelies!
   Welcome to Mani Tuesday? I know, I am a day late due the fact that my soon to be father in law decided to take it upon himself to invite himself down to visit us with almost no notice. -_- But thankfully our unwanted house guest is gone and now I can get back to blogging on a regular schedule since I am so behind. The winner for the YT/blog portion of my Lit Kit Giveaway is going to be uploaded tomorrow so stay tuned for that as well. But on to the second part of the Burlesque collection from Gothic Gala Lacquers. Seriously take a look at these last four polishes...
Sassy Citrine
 Sassy Citrine is a lovely matte golden yellow which is a lovely summer yellow without the super glam of a gold polish.

Gypsy Rose Lee
 A lovely shiny medium pink polish with a hint of holo. This pink has a pretty shiny finish.
Krystal Sparkle
 Krystal Sparkle is a lovely  shimmery sparkly top coat with an opal like sheen which is perfect for a light spring summer look. It can be worn by itself or on top of another color in order to give it an additional depth.

Opal Jamila
Finally last but not least is Opal Jamilia which is a nice matte white with a hint of silver glitter throughout to give it additional depth. This is perfect by itself , paired with Krystal Sparkle or even with the pastel lipstick trend. 

I really loved this collection and I liked the nice combination of both matte and shiny finishes on the polishes. I also like how this collection has a little bit of everything for everyone. It has a lot of really nice spring and summer colors with the lighter colors and darker vampy colors for goths like myself.  You can pick up individual bottles for $9.00 or the entire collection for $56. So head over to Gothic Gala Lacquers to pick one or the entire collection up today and be sure to follow her Facebook to see the latest sneak peeks, sales and flash giveaways!

Until next time lovelies!