Wednesday, July 31, 2013

In the Pursuit of Fabulous- Review of Lunatick Labs Cosmetics LLC

Hello lovelies!
   It has been awhile since I have updated by blog but summer is usually a super hectic time for the Dreadful family. It hasn't helped that it has rained the ENTIRE summer which my little Dreadfuls have wreaked havoc upon the house and often times my sanity. But thankfully the sun has reappeared and I can return to this blog and video editing without wanting to pass out on my face at the end of the night. So anyways, I am back with a much needed and overdue review of LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs. What can I say about them? I LOVE THEM! I did a video review of their amazing products so I won't go reiterate the entire video review but beneath the video review are swatches of the palettes I have from them as well as the lipsticks and what my thoughts are about each of them.So on with the video review...

So there you have it a mini review in a nutshell, they are amazing, however here are the rest of my thoughts on their products and I will start it off with my favorite palette from their line the Zombie Defense Palette.I promise to make this short and sweet since I could write a book on why I love their palettes but no one wants to read a 50 page review on makeup. ^_~
Zombie Defense Palette over NYX Milk
Zombie Defense Palette-Not only does this collection have an amazing theme, I personally love the individual names of the colors. With all of their products the pigmentation is amazing however this palette not only has amazing color pay off there is a slight touch of glittery sparkle to the shadows which isn't over powering for those who don't are for sparkle. I couldn't capture the slight sparkle on film with the slight exception of the swatch of Braaiinns. I love red shadows, I just simply can't get enough of them and Red Rum Red is simply gorgeous. It is more of a blue based red (which I am partial to) rather than what I normally see which is an orange based red.
Asylum City Palette over NYX Milk
Asylum City Palette- If you are looking for a bright matte palette this is the collection for you. Not only are the colors super pigmented there is no shimmer to the shades whatsoever. Pure matte plain and simply and I love the fact that this collection essentially comes with its' own "highlight" color (Sister Mary) and "smokey eye essential color" (Confinement). I love seeing collections like this especially when I am looking for a palette. I tend to do darker looks so I need a good matte black staple and since I do more "dramatic" looks Sister Mary is the perfect highlight color.
Jack's Nightmare Palette over NYX Milk
Jack's Nightmare Palette- I have to say that I really like how Lunatick thought outside of the traditional "Nightmare Before Christmas" box. Normally when I think of Nightmare before Christmas I think of blacks, whites and purples. However I like how they have incorporated softer colors to this theme and called it Jacks' Nightmare. This palette like the Zombie Defense Palette is more shimmer than matte but I think that it works with the whole theme. The colors are lighter which appeals to more people and can be easily incorporated to a work look without getting lots of double takes while you go grocery shopping. I especially love the two blue colors in this collection which just makes me think of winter.

Finally last but not least of the eyeshadow swatches, I have a custom palette from Lunatick as well so I just call it my custom palette which was done along the lines of their old packaging before they moved to the new six shadow palettes.So I have broken it up into Row 1 and Row 2.
Custom Palette Row 1 over NYX Milk
Row 1- You may notice that Sister Mary from the Asylum City palette is in this row. But Cynaide, Toxicity and Poison Apple are from their Toxic Palette. They are all matte and extremely bright and bold. Pink and No. 5 (was in an older discounted palette) are not currently in a palette however if we all sent a lovely note to Catherine (the sweet and lovely owner of Lunatick) perhaps she will be so kind as to create a gorgeous palette with those two colors (*hint hint Catherine if you are reading this. ^_~). From this gorgeous row of colors it was hard to choose a favorite however I would have to go with the gorgeous and stunning No.5 (which is an amazing lipstick shade) but I was super pleased with all of these shades.

Custom Palette Row 2 over NYX Milk
Row 2- As you can tell Row 2 is comprised of neutrals which can appeal to anyone. The various shades of brown can create several gorgeous combinations of a neutral eye without compromising color pay off. Fire, Sea, Aether and Esotericism are all from the Fifth Element Palette which is perfect for everyday wear or for a pinup look. Both Light and Eclipse are from the Ancient Elements Palette which is another natural palette that won't disappoint. If I had to pick a favorite color from this row it would have to be Sea since it is such a dark rich chocolate brown with just a hint of shimmer. Perfect for an everyday look or a dramatic smokey eye.So if you are looking for more of a neutral every day palette you can't go wrong with either of these two collections.

But wait! There is more! I also have two of Lunatick's lipsticks or shall I say Apocalipsticks. These lipsticks have amazing color pay off and have a nice light sweet smell. I have some indie lipsticks that have a horrible metallic smell and I never use them because of the smell. I have two of their gorgeous lipsticks and neither color disappoints. They glide on smooth and are super moisturizing. I have worn both out with several compliments. These gorgeous shades will get you noticed.

Saint is a gorgeous light blue color which reminds me of either a robin's egg blue or the sky on a super clear day. It is lighter color so you can build the intensity that you want.

No. 5
No. 5 is my favorite of the two colors that I own. This gorgeous green is probably the closest I have seen out there for a metallic green color. It is simply gorgeous. I can't get over how amazing this color is.

So there it is full review of Lunatick Cosmetic Labs. You honestly can't go wrong with ordering from this amazing company. The products are gorgeous and pigmented. I love the fact that they have something for everyone from bold and bright to soft and neutral.  Their customer service can't be beat and the quality of their shadows is incredible. So if you are looking for a new company to try out don't hesitate to try Lunatick Cosmetic Labs, you won't be disappointed. Until next time lovelies!