Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Hello lovelies!   
    I am back from my super long log hiatus. It has been super crazy since I have last updated. And I am sure that most of you where wondering....

    Well I swear I didn't have a near death experience, I was a hell of a year. As some of you may know that I am a stay at home mama bat of three little Dreadfuls. My oldest started middle school last year, my middle started first grade and my youngest started preschool. All three kids were going to different schools and all three had different drop off and pick up times. So I was literally in the car ALL THE DAMN TIME.

I lived there and when I wasn't in the car I was waiting to pick them up or drop them off. There were THREE yes, THREE different drop off and pick up times. And after that my middle was having a hell of a time in school. He had more homework than my middle schooler. During that hellish school year, we also discovered that he needed to know how to read at the start of first grade and there wasn't a requirement that kindergartners know how to read in order to pass kindergarten. It was like he skipped a grade and we weren't notified. So we struggled with that and were doing school interventions to help him catch up. WHICH TOOK THE ENTIRE YEAR for them get enough data to say hey he might have a reading disability that we need to test for.  He also has speech issues which he couldn't get test of help for since he was all read in an intervention program for academics and they couldn't do speech at the same time. Don't ask me why it is utterly stupid and I wanted to bang my head on the desk the entire time. 

So needless to say my poor middle had an utterly craptacular year and failed first grade. He finally got tested earlier this month (yes in JULY) and he should be able to get all the help he needs next year. We also have been working with him all summer so that he will have to confidence to be a super star next year.  So that is the reason for my super long absence. I was having to pull super Mamabat duty and help my kiddo out with his homework. However with the summer winding down and all of my kiddos will be in school full time I am finally able to return to blogging, reviewing and so much more. So stay tuned for more blog posts, possibly some Youtube videos, and reviews. There will be lots of different posts on new things that have caught my fancy as well as some of the old things that you love. So until next time lovelies....