Sunday, December 8, 2013

My camera has returned and I am now on Instagram!

Hello lovelies!
   Just a quick note to let you all know that my camera has finally returned from being repaired! Yay! Which means that I will be able to get back to doing more blogs and vlogs for you! I also have some more exciting news I am also now on Instagram so you can follow me on IG (I'm dreadfullydivine) so you can get sneak peeks into my daily life as well as sneak peeks into future looks and tutorials. So stay tuned I have lots of things coming up!

Until next time lovelies!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello lovelies!
   Just a quick note to let you know that I am still alive and kicking in spite of what the universe may have tried to do to me the past couple of months. I am horribly sorry for the inactivity lately and I have missed blogging and vlogging and I am anxious to get back to it.  Apparently when things happen, EVERYTHING happen all at once. For those of you who follow my FB know that my Dreadful dog decided to eat something plastic and it got lodged in his intestine which resulted in emergency surgery in order to remove the blockage. A very expensive surgery since there really is NO insurance for Dreadful dogs.

This is what was lodged in the Dreadful dog's intestines. O.o

Then, the Dreadful household became ground zero for the plague which made me wonder if my little Dreadfuls were attempting to pay the pediatrician's mortgage, utilities and the staff's paychecks with all the various viruses that ran around the house. But since it seems that the worst is over I am finally able to get back to blogging and vlogging. Just a sneak peek at what is in store: I have makeup reveiws and tutorials, circle lens reviews, nail polish tutorials, Pink Weekend Haul, Wig reviews and Cosplay wig and makeup 101 guides! I will also be starting an on going series in 2014 which will help you stretch your wallet as well as your beauty supplies at the same time. So please stay tuned and until next time lovelies!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In the Pursuit of Fabulous- Review of KimChi Mermaid Blue lenses from Uniqso and Purple Starlight Makeup Tutorial

Hello again lovelies!
   I am back this time with a quick review of the KimChi Mermaid Blue circle lenses from Uniqso. I could have sworn that I wrote this post to go along with the uploaded video with these gorgeous lenses however it seems to have disappeared. Computer Gremlins are hungry apparently. O.o But this is actually going to be a two for one posting. Not only do I have the review of the lovely lenses seen below but I also have the makeup tutorial as well!

Purple Starlight makeup with Kimchi Mermaid Blue Lenses

The Review:

And here is a makeup tutorial done with these gorgeous lenses:

Now on with the ratings..

Enlargement- 9 out of 10 bats
   As I mentioned in the video review that theses lenses are 16mm which does enlarge your eyes quite a bit. You can tell a definite difference when you put them in. They give you a nice dolly or big eye look without being creepy or alien like that some can do .

Color and Design -9.5 out of 10 bats
   I REALLY love the color and design of these theses.They are a lovely shade of dark blue with slivers of purple and black throughout. As you can tell with the close up picture it really has a unique pattern which reminds me of water ripples so I think that the brand being called mermaid is quite fitting. While these lenses are two toned which isn't a smooth transition from your natural eye color as some three to four toned lenses. But they aren't a jarring transition from my natural eye color to the lens. Now my natural eye color is a dark brown so sadly they aren't as striking across the room as they would be up close but for someone with lighter eyes they would be amazing!

Comfort-9 out of 10 bats
    These lenses are quite comfortable throughout the entire day which usually runs around 8-10 hours for me. I can pop them in and not have to worry about them drying my eyes out like some lenses can which I attribute to their high water content. I would suggest that if you have dry eyes be sure to carry around drops if you plan on wearing them longer than 6 hours.

Overall- 9.3 out of 10 bats
   These lenses are simply amazing. These lenses have fantastic enlargement and will give you a nice dolly eye effect. The color and design is gorgeous. While they claim to be two toned the contrast between the dark blue with slivers of purple and black remind me of rippling water. They are lovely against my dark eyes and will be even more striking against those of you with lighter eyes. The comfort is phenomenal, I can wear theses lenses for 8 hours without them drying out my eyes unlike some other lenses.These lenses are gorgeous enough for every day wear and cosplay so you really can't go wrong.

So that is it for now! Be sure to use code "ddivine10" to get 10% off your order from Uniqso.
Until next time lovelies,

Friday, August 2, 2013

In the Pursuit of Fabulous- Glitter Brow tutorial featuring Lit Cosmetics Glitter and Kawayii lenses from Uniqso.

Hello again lovelies!
    It is August and the weather is finally pretty here with less than two weeks until school starts for two of my little Dreadfuls. I am feeling much better (still not 100%) but I think that this stomach bug is finally on the way out. So I was able to edit another video from the vault and upload it today. Originally I was going to upload a circle lens review on some gorgeous pink lenses but the video was so shaky that I couldn't do it. If it made me want to throw up editing, I know that it will make people sick watching it so it looks like I am doing a new review of those lenses tonight with possibly a tutorial. So instead of the circle lens review I did upload my requested glitter brow tutorial.

   I didn't speed the time up since I was actually talking in this tutorial so I do have to apologize for the time. However if you are interested in the products used in this tutorial, here is the list

Lit Cosmetics glitter "Trend" in S3 and glitter adhesive

Kawayii (EOS) Super Big Eye lenses in Purple and Green from Uniqso.
Be sure to use the code "ddivine10" to get 10% off your order.

I hope that you all enjoy this tutorial and quick blog update. Until next time lovelies!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

In the Pursuit of Fabulous- Review of Lunatick Labs Cosmetics LLC

Hello lovelies!
   It has been awhile since I have updated by blog but summer is usually a super hectic time for the Dreadful family. It hasn't helped that it has rained the ENTIRE summer which my little Dreadfuls have wreaked havoc upon the house and often times my sanity. But thankfully the sun has reappeared and I can return to this blog and video editing without wanting to pass out on my face at the end of the night. So anyways, I am back with a much needed and overdue review of LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs. What can I say about them? I LOVE THEM! I did a video review of their amazing products so I won't go reiterate the entire video review but beneath the video review are swatches of the palettes I have from them as well as the lipsticks and what my thoughts are about each of them.So on with the video review...

So there you have it a mini review in a nutshell, they are amazing, however here are the rest of my thoughts on their products and I will start it off with my favorite palette from their line the Zombie Defense Palette.I promise to make this short and sweet since I could write a book on why I love their palettes but no one wants to read a 50 page review on makeup. ^_~
Zombie Defense Palette over NYX Milk
Zombie Defense Palette-Not only does this collection have an amazing theme, I personally love the individual names of the colors. With all of their products the pigmentation is amazing however this palette not only has amazing color pay off there is a slight touch of glittery sparkle to the shadows which isn't over powering for those who don't are for sparkle. I couldn't capture the slight sparkle on film with the slight exception of the swatch of Braaiinns. I love red shadows, I just simply can't get enough of them and Red Rum Red is simply gorgeous. It is more of a blue based red (which I am partial to) rather than what I normally see which is an orange based red.
Asylum City Palette over NYX Milk
Asylum City Palette- If you are looking for a bright matte palette this is the collection for you. Not only are the colors super pigmented there is no shimmer to the shades whatsoever. Pure matte plain and simply and I love the fact that this collection essentially comes with its' own "highlight" color (Sister Mary) and "smokey eye essential color" (Confinement). I love seeing collections like this especially when I am looking for a palette. I tend to do darker looks so I need a good matte black staple and since I do more "dramatic" looks Sister Mary is the perfect highlight color.
Jack's Nightmare Palette over NYX Milk
Jack's Nightmare Palette- I have to say that I really like how Lunatick thought outside of the traditional "Nightmare Before Christmas" box. Normally when I think of Nightmare before Christmas I think of blacks, whites and purples. However I like how they have incorporated softer colors to this theme and called it Jacks' Nightmare. This palette like the Zombie Defense Palette is more shimmer than matte but I think that it works with the whole theme. The colors are lighter which appeals to more people and can be easily incorporated to a work look without getting lots of double takes while you go grocery shopping. I especially love the two blue colors in this collection which just makes me think of winter.

Finally last but not least of the eyeshadow swatches, I have a custom palette from Lunatick as well so I just call it my custom palette which was done along the lines of their old packaging before they moved to the new six shadow palettes.So I have broken it up into Row 1 and Row 2.
Custom Palette Row 1 over NYX Milk
Row 1- You may notice that Sister Mary from the Asylum City palette is in this row. But Cynaide, Toxicity and Poison Apple are from their Toxic Palette. They are all matte and extremely bright and bold. Pink and No. 5 (was in an older discounted palette) are not currently in a palette however if we all sent a lovely note to Catherine (the sweet and lovely owner of Lunatick) perhaps she will be so kind as to create a gorgeous palette with those two colors (*hint hint Catherine if you are reading this. ^_~). From this gorgeous row of colors it was hard to choose a favorite however I would have to go with the gorgeous and stunning No.5 (which is an amazing lipstick shade) but I was super pleased with all of these shades.

Custom Palette Row 2 over NYX Milk
Row 2- As you can tell Row 2 is comprised of neutrals which can appeal to anyone. The various shades of brown can create several gorgeous combinations of a neutral eye without compromising color pay off. Fire, Sea, Aether and Esotericism are all from the Fifth Element Palette which is perfect for everyday wear or for a pinup look. Both Light and Eclipse are from the Ancient Elements Palette which is another natural palette that won't disappoint. If I had to pick a favorite color from this row it would have to be Sea since it is such a dark rich chocolate brown with just a hint of shimmer. Perfect for an everyday look or a dramatic smokey eye.So if you are looking for more of a neutral every day palette you can't go wrong with either of these two collections.

But wait! There is more! I also have two of Lunatick's lipsticks or shall I say Apocalipsticks. These lipsticks have amazing color pay off and have a nice light sweet smell. I have some indie lipsticks that have a horrible metallic smell and I never use them because of the smell. I have two of their gorgeous lipsticks and neither color disappoints. They glide on smooth and are super moisturizing. I have worn both out with several compliments. These gorgeous shades will get you noticed.

Saint is a gorgeous light blue color which reminds me of either a robin's egg blue or the sky on a super clear day. It is lighter color so you can build the intensity that you want.

No. 5
No. 5 is my favorite of the two colors that I own. This gorgeous green is probably the closest I have seen out there for a metallic green color. It is simply gorgeous. I can't get over how amazing this color is.

So there it is full review of Lunatick Cosmetic Labs. You honestly can't go wrong with ordering from this amazing company. The products are gorgeous and pigmented. I love the fact that they have something for everyone from bold and bright to soft and neutral.  Their customer service can't be beat and the quality of their shadows is incredible. So if you are looking for a new company to try out don't hesitate to try Lunatick Cosmetic Labs, you won't be disappointed. Until next time lovelies!

Friday, June 14, 2013

In the Pursuit of Fabulous Review of I. Fairy Dolly + Red Lenses from Uniqso

Hello again lovelies!
   I am back with another contact lens review. Since things have finally calmed down from last month I can catch up with reviews and tutorials. This time I am reviewing the super popular I. Fairy Dolly + Red lenses from Uniqso. These are one of Uniqso's most popular lenses and I completely know why. They are simply gorgeous. While these are only my second pair of red lenses, I have to say that I am completely in love with them. I mean honestly, when you take a look at the color you can see why.
Look at how vibrant the I Fairy Dolly + Red is!

Now to the actual review. I don't know why I am looking away from the camera but I will try to correct that habit with the next review. Also I learned while editing this video, I apparently say "um" a lot. Perhaps because I am nervous.O.o Yet another habit to fix as well...

Now just in case you missed the breakout of ratings in the video here it is:

Enlargement- 9 out of 10 bats
  These lenses do enlarge your eyes drastically, being 16.2mm, and you will notice a difference. However they are not the largest lenses I have. But they are a solid middle ground in between. They won't enlarge your eye so drastically that it will give you an alien like appearance, but they will be noticeable to everyone.

Color and Design-9.8 out of 10 bats
   I am seriously totally in love with these lenses because they are so intense and super vivid. They are two toned so they are not going to blend with your natural eye color as  much as the 3 and 4 toned lenses. But in all honesty red lenses aren't the most "natural looking" lenses out there. While there are some lenses that are red that give your eyes a warm rich velvety look. These are BAM! In your face red. So these are perfect for dramatic looks, cosplay outfits, even Halloween makeup. You can wear them for everyday looks, like I do, however people will stare and whisper. So be prepared. ^_~

Comfort-9.5 out of 10 bats
   Due to their 55% water content, these lenses are really comfortable.I wore theses lenses at a local convention for around 10 hours and didn't have a problem. After the 9th hour my eyes were a little dry so carry drops with you if you are going to wear them longer than 8 hours. I also love the fact that they are bright and vivid like a lot of Halloween/costume contact lenses but they don't have the "pinhole" or "tunnel vision" syndrome that a lot of costume lenses have. While I love costume lenses, the tunnel vision aspect can be aggravating while driving and costume lenses are a lot "thicker" so they tend to dry your eyes out quicker than circle lenses.

Overall- 9.6 out of 10 bats
  If you are looking for a bright and vivid red lens you really can't get any better than these. Not only do the lenses dramatically enlarge you eyes without giving you an alien like appearance, they are super comfortable without drying your eyes out. The color and design honestly can't be beat. They are extremely bright and vivid and people can tell that your eyes are red from across the room. They are just as vivid as some of the costume lenses that I have and they don't have give you "tunnel vision" syndrome which you often find with costume lenses.  So if you want a true bright red lens that will get you noticed, theses are the lenses you are looking for.

Until next time my dears,

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

In the Pursuit of Fabulous..Review of Zoeva Eye Definition Brush Set

Hello lovelies!
   It is all ready June and Summer hasn't been to kind to me this first week. We took our little Dreadfuls to the beach this weekend and even under the umbrella slathered in SPF 50 I managed to get horrible blotchy burns on my legs, thighs and even a strange T shape burn on my forehead. Apparently the spray sunblock isn't my friend and the sun had fun frying me to crisp. And to top it all off I managed to eat something that caused the sides of my tongue to swell. So I am sure that I sound funny. =/  But the good thing is that I managed to do this review before all of this happened even though you only see my hands which were one of the few things that didn't get a strange burn pattern on them. But I have another "talking review" to edit on a pair of lenses so hopefully my allergic reaction will be gone and my sunburned face will be almost normal.
But here is my first talking product review and I wanted to do it on a set of new brushes, the Eye Definition Set from Zoeva. I used them for a little over a month in order to get a good feel for the brushes. So here is my first YouTube review!

Here is the break down of the ratings just in case you missed out on Youtube

Quality- 9.5 out of 10 bats
  These brushes are soft yet firm enough to do an excellent job of applying and blending makeup and there is NO shedding.

Price-9.5 out of 10 bats
  While the price has gone up since I filmed the review to 20 Euros instead of 16. I still think that these brushes are worth the money. As of right now the set is 26.13 USD but that is always subject to change with the changing market. From when I filmed the review the basically the price went up a dollar a brush. So the brushes are $4.35 a piece which is still a steal.

Shipping-9 out of 10 bats
  In all fairness this is coming from Europe so I think that the time and price are really accurate. You are going to have to wait to get these brushes. They have to go through customs and come from another part of the world so you really can't complain if it takes around 2-3 to get to you. And as I mentioned in the video, shipping a package anywhere outside of the US is super expensive so I am sure that it is just as expensive to have a package shipped here from Europe.

Performance-9.8 out of 10 bats
  These brushes do what they are meant to do. They apply pigments and pressed shadows beautifully.Often with too hard or too soft brushes you can't get enough or get too much pigment/shadow on the brush. These are just right.

Overall- 9.5 out of 10 bats
  Zoeva has designed an amazing product with this brush set. The brushes are excellent. The price and performance of theses brushes are fantastic. Finally the shipping is reasonable. I really am pleased with these brushes and I can't wait to get my next set from them.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Tropical Night Makeup Tutorial Featuring My Beauty Addiction's Tropical Escape Collection

Hello lovelies!
   I am finally able to catch my breath and upload this makeup tutorial done with My Beauty Addiction's Tropical Escape Collection. This month has been a whirlwind of non stop action at the Dreadful household since we have THREE birthdays to celebrate and school ended. But now that Summer is here I can hopefully get back to doing more reviews and tutorials and improving my movie editing skills which are a bit rough. O.o But here is the tutorial for the Tropical Nights look done with My Beauty Addiction products.

Here is the tutorial...

In the tutorial I used:
My Beauty Addiction Shadow Poxy
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
MBA Satin
MBA Black
MBA Cozumel Glitter
Lit Cosmetic Glitter Adhesive
MAC Kohl
MAC Carbon

The following pigments that were used for this look are from the Tropical Escape Collection:
MBA Island Sunshine
MBA Kiwi Kiss
MBA Bahama Mama
MBA Aloha Rose
MBA Lava Flow

The MBA products used in this tutorial can be found here:

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Dreadfully Divine Facebook Giveaway

Until next time my dears!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May Birthday Giveaway Going on from 5/22-6/22! Open Internationally!

Hello lovelies!
 I am celebrating my birthday month with a giveaway from some awesome sponsors! This is an INTERNATIONAL giveaway so you can enter no matter where you live.
However it is for people 18 and over (sorry I don't want any angry parents guys)
The winner has 48 hours to contact me or another winner will be chosen.

Here is the list of the amazing sponsors
Dark Heart Designs- 10 Dollar Gift Certificate (there is no shipping cost to you so be sure to thank her)

Saucebox-3 shadows in Modern, Insomiyeah, and Psychic
SurgeryDefect.Org- Batman Collection
My Natural Addiction-Prime Perfection, Juju Cream (10 gram),8 shadows in: Rudolph's Glare, Celestial Peach, Dirty Gold, Ice Kween, After Dark, Moon Essence, Starlight Maiden, and Nakie,
and last but not least Makeup Junkie on Facebook is sponsoring MAC lustreglass in Lustrewhite.

It is super easy to enter. All you have to do is click on the Rafflecopter icon in the sidebar.

Until next time my dears...

Friday, May 17, 2013

Sultry Zombie Tutorial featuring Lunatick Cosmetic Labs and Kimchi Mermaid contacts from Uniqso

Hello again lovelies!
   I am back this time with a live makeup tutorial! Surprising isn't it? O.O Since this is my first I will need to tweak my camera settings and position it differently next time. But it is a learning process, so bare with me, and if you have any helpful suggestions please feel free to leave them. This Sultry Zombie look features makeup from Lunatick Cosmetic Labs and the Kimchi Mermaid Blue lenses from Uniqso.

Sultry Zombie the completed look

Product List:
Kimchi Mermaid Blue lenses from Uniqso (*use the code "ddivine" for 10% off your purchase)

Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

Asylum City Palette from Lunatick Cosmetic Labs
No. 5 Apocalipstick  from

Eye Kohl Pencil from MAC in Smolder
MAC eyeshadow in Carbon

Black liquid eyeliner from Wet and Wild (I was out out of my usual liner, MAC's Liquidlast in Pointblack)

Stay tuned for a review of the Kimchi Mermaid lenses that I am wearing in this tutorial. ^_~
Until next time my dears....

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In the Pursuit of Fabulous-Review of Geek Chic Cosmetics

Hello again lovelies!
   I am feeling SUPER productive today since I am tackling two blog posts in one day. O.O But I just couldn't wait any longer to do the review for Geek Chic Cosmetics. This company combines two of my favorite things: makeup and geek culture. Honestly it just doesn't get any better than that. With collections ranging from eyeshadow sets inspired by amazing TV series, to button masher nail polishes, gorgeous glitters and scents based of tragic women in history they have something for everyone. Their formulas for everything that they carry are both gluten free and cruelty free. So not only are the colors and collections based off awesome geeky inspiration but they are racking up the karma points and looking out for their customer as well. While their pictures of their pigments are gorgeous on their site (and it makes me wonder what camera they are using cause I need it ) I always want to see colors against skin. I love that they are awesome with providing swatches against skin with each and every shadow. But if you are anything like I am, you also want to see pictures of the shadows used in looks to see how blendable and pigmented they are. So Dreadful has you covered with both swatches and looks I did with their pigments.

*All swatches were done over NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk*
Last Best Hope Colletion and Summer Collection Swatches

It appears that this collection is discontinued but the colors are still gorgeous.

Swatches from the Strange Aeons and Go Boldly Collections

Swatches from TimeyWimey and SuperNeutrals Collections

Look done with So Say We All Collection and Morningstar.

Look done with the Summoner Collection and Touched by Darkness.

Look done with the SuperNeutrals and Love in Uniform

Done with Fallen and the Strange Aeons Collection

Soft Tardis look done with the Timey Wimey Collection
The tutorial for the Soft Tardis look can be found here:

Now that I have spammed you with enough pictures, on with the ratings...

Color Variety- 9 out of 10 bats
   Like the wide variety of geek subculture that they cover, their colors are just as varied. Each collection seems to embody the colors of the movie, game, TV series, etc that it was based on. For example the latest collection, Summoner, is full of shimmer and sparkle just like the avatars that are called forth in the video game that lay waste to your enemies.The So Say We All Collection has three gorgeous gray shades which are all different (which my camera failed to pick up the differences) but gives you the same gray feel of the ships on Battlestar Galactica. And honestly , I am not even going to lie about it, they made me squeal like a school girl with their Dr Who and Lovecraft inspired collections.

Color Pigmentation-9 out of 10 bats
  Their color pigmentation is just superb.The shimmery colors have tons of sparkle and shimmer to them and a good balance of pigmentation. I hate shadows that are nothing but pure shimmer and the color is nonexistent  I didn't have that problem here. While most of the colors that I received were shimmers the matte colors are just as pigmented and they all blend like a dream.

Affordability-9.5 out of 10 bats
   If the colors and the collections don't automatically make you squeal like a schoolgirl, the price will.All of the pigments run 5.99 which is extremely reasonable. The jars (which I am guessing are 5gm jars) are packed full and shipped with sifters (which I instantly remove when the jars get in my hot little hands). They also have a set of the month which is half price for the entire month! So you can get the whole collection of just a couple of pigments you can't live without for half price.

Overall-9.5 out of 10 bats
   I don't how to put this any plainer that this. I simply adore Geek Chic Cosmetics. They have combined two things that I love, makeup and geek culture. Their color variety is fantastic. It is diverse as the geek culture itself. The pigmentation is amazing. The shimmers have just the right balance of sparkle and color and the mattes are just as vivid all at a price that can't be beat. Not to mention they have a monthly sale that you can take advantage up and stock up on entire monthly selection or just the colors you want from it. This is a company that you don't want to miss out on and you will want to keep an eye to see what kind of gorgeous colors they will be coming up with next. So check them out and tell them I sent you. ^_~

Stay tuned for another circle lens review! Until next time my dears...

Gentle Tardis Tutorial Featuring Geek Chic Cosmetics and Max Sherbert Lenses from Kiwiberry-1

Hello lovelies!
   I am back after a little bit of a rough month. As some of you may know that I recently lost everything on my computer including pictures, swatches, tutorials that I had in the works. Not to mention all the personal photos of the Dreadful family. So in all honesty, I was really bummed about it so it took me some time to get motivated again to redo EVERYTHING. But things weren't going to get done on their own and I needed to stop moping about it. So I am back with a new tutorial done slide show style on YouTube. This is the last slide show style tutorial I am doing and the newest one which I just got finished filming is all live. O.O So as soon as this tutorial is done I am going to work on editing the newest tutorial and the finishing the review for the Geek Chic Cosmetics which were the featured brand for this tutorial. So on with the tutorial..

Here is the complete list of products I used with links to the actual items...

I am wearing the EOS Max Sherbert Lenses in Blue from Kiwiberry-1 Collection. You can click on the link in the side bar and it will take you right there (or the link above) and be sure to use the code "dreadfullydivine" to get 15% off your order.

For this look I used the following products from Geek Chic Cosmetics:
Morningstar from the Superneutrals collection as a highlight.
Sexy in SuspendersBigger on the Inside , and We Are Coming from the Timey Wimey Collection.
Finally I used Cyclopean from the Strange Aeons Collection.

The lashes are Red Cherry Lashes #40 from Lash Domain.

Stay tuned for the Geek Chic Cosmetics Review!
Until next time my dears..

Friday, May 3, 2013

In the Pursuit of Fabulous-Reveiw of GNG Floral ML1 lenses from Kiwiberry1

Hello lovelies!
  It is the beginning of a new month and I am back with another circle lenses review. This time I am reviewing this GNG Floral ML1 lenses in pink from Kiwiberry1 Collection. While at first I was hesitant about pink lenses, I am quickly falling in love with them. These are my second pair of pink lenses and needless to say I will be getting more. These lenses just scream delicate and girly to me with the combination of the light pink color and the intricate pattern of little flowers. Normally I prefer bolder lenses since I like bolder looks these lenses quickly won me over and you can see why. Just take a peek at these gorgeous lenses.

You can make out the small flower pattern against my dark eyes.

They go will with dramatic looks...

As well as everyday looks...

Now on with the review..

Enlargement-8 out of 10 bats
   These lenses are listed as 14.2 mm which do enlarge your eyes but not dramatically. While I do prefer larger lenses for the more dramatic look, theses lenses do help you achieve the "dolly eye look" without being  too dramatic. You will notice a slight difference from a distance but your eyes while larger will still have a "natural" appearance and make people second guess what is different about you.

Color and Design-8.5 out of 10 bats
    The color and design are really gorgeous with this lenses. The pink is a really soft pink and not as opaque as I would like them to be in order to stand out against my dark brown eyes. They do lighten my eyes considerably and would look amazing on someone with lighter eyes. The design is really lovely. The small delicate flower pattern just makes me feel super girly wearing them and you can tell slightly with the close up but it is not visible far away which I like. These would be a good date night lens when you date gazes into your eyes the flowers will be a surprise for them. You also get the flower look without having the larger flower petals that some other lenses have.

Comfort- 9 out of 10 bats
   These lenses are extremely comfortable and easy to put in. The website has the water content listed as 38% which is decent but if you have dry eyes the lenses may dry your eyes out faster than mine so carry drops with you if that is the case. I didn't have a problem wearing these lenses for the entire day around 7 hours without any irritation or dryness issues.If you do wear them longer than 7 hours I would recomend to carry drops as well since your eyes do get tired.

Overall-8.8 out of 10 bats
    Theses lenses are really great overall. The enlargement is nice and noticeable, giving a natural dolly eye effect, without being too overly dramatic. The soft pink color is a nice transition to pink lenses for those who may still be on the fence about having pink contacts. While they are not as opaque as I would like to stand out against my dark eyes, they do lighten them considerably. The pattern is soft and delicate and very girly without the larger petal look that some other lenses have. Finally, these lenses are extremely comfortable with a decent water content that I didn't have any issues wearing for a full day.If you are looking for a delicate and girly lens or a bit hesitant about taking the plunge into getting pink lenses these are definitely lenses for you.

Now if you are wanting to get a pair of lenses from Kiwiberry-1 click on my side bar and it will take you there. Be sure to enter the code "dreadfullydivine" for a 15% discount off your purchase!

Until next time my dears....

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Review of Classy Chick Cosmetics.

Hello Lovelies!
    I just recently ventured into the YouTube realm with some slide tutorials. However since I do a good portion of my makeup reviews and tutorials at night since my little Dreadfuls are sleeping so I need to purchase some daylight bulbs for filming. So until then, I have to stick to slideshow videos and written reviews. I will still continue this blog to supplement the tutorials and reviews since most of the videos we be rather short. But anyways, I just did a tutorial (which can be found here ) featuring a company called Classy Chick Cosmetics and here is the review to go along with tutorial.
     Classy Chick Cosmetics is an independent makeup company based off of Etsy. It is one woman operation run out Taylor, Michigan by a lovely lady named Cassidy. The company specializes in mainly eye and lip products but she is venturing into the nail department with five new polishes that scheduled to be released and a variety of colored nail beads. Here are some swatches of her gorgeous colors.

Pigment swatches taken in daylight with no flash

Lip Glaze/Gloss Swatches taken in daylight with no flash

While I love seeing swatches of pigment colors, I also want to see the makeup "put to work" in a look. So I did just that and here are some looks created with the pigments.

Done with Shady Lady, Strawberry Wine, Pink a Blue and Wedding Day

Done with Shady Lady, Butter Me Up, Sea Mist and Super Nova

And now on with the ratings..

Color Variety-9 out of 10 bats
   As an independent company, Classy Chick keeps a nice stock of colors with several collections available. She has a nice balance of bold and neutral colors to make everyone happy. She also has a couple of individual pressed shadows and two quad palettes.

Color Pigmentation-9 out of 10 bats
   The pigmentation of her products really amazed me. Like most people, when opening up a lighter color I tend to think that I am going to have to really layer it on for the lighter color to be just a bold as the darker ones. Not with these pigments. The lighter colors are just as pigmented as their bolder and darker counterparts. There is just the right balance of shimmer and matte in these shades and one doesn't overpower the other.

Affordability-9 out of 10 bats
   I have to say that Classy Chick Cosmetics is very affordable. Her pigments run $6.00 per pigment in a 5 gram jar which is about average on Etsy. Her glosses range from $6.00 to $9.00 depending on the packaging that you chose.  Her quad palettes are $25 whether if you pick from one of the two collection palettes or a create you own palette. So overall , I think that the quality is definitely worth the price listed.

Overall-9 out of 10 bats
   Classy Chick Cosmetics is another one of the up and coming independent cosmetic companies. Her color variety is excellent catering to both the bright and bold makeup lovers and the die heart neutral fanatics. The color pigmentation is excellent no matter if the color is light and shimmer or darker and more matte. Finally the price just can't be beat for the quality of makeup that you are receiving.  I am extremely pleased with my makeup from Classy Chick and I look forward to see what she has in store for the future.

If you want to purchase from Classy Chick Cosmetics you can do so from here.
You can also find Classy Chick on Facebook and her up to date specials and sneak peeks at collection here.
You can also see my tutorial using Classy Chick Cosmetics here.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sultry Sunrise Tutorial featuring Classy Chick Cosmetics and Barbie Forest Three Toned Lenses in Blue from Uniqso

Hello lovelies!
     Things have been really busy this past week in the Dreadful household. My littlest Dreadful turned two, our puppy got fixed, our keyboard died and our hard drive crashed causing us to loose everything. Mr Dreadful hopes to attempt to recover our stuff however I am really not that hopeful with our current computer luck. I did have several tutorials saved and ready for the editing process so that is a really disappointed. However I did do another tutorial yesterday of my look featuring Barbie Forest 3 Tones Blue Lenses from Uniqso and Classy Chick Cosmetics. I am venturing into YouTube so all of my tutorials will be posted there as well as here in the future. So enough chattering on with the tutorial!

So please be sure to rate, comment and subscribe to my channel. There will be live tutorials in the future to help with the process however I need to possibly get a lamp and a makeup mirror since I do most of my tutorials at night and the lighting isn't the best.

Here is a list of items that I used for the tutorial from Classy Chick Cosmetics:
Shady Lady Pigment
Butter Me Up Pigment
Sunny Spot Pigment
Super Nova Pigment
Marilyn Monroe Lip Glaze

Just click on the link and it will take you to her store. Here is the  review on their products.

If you want a pair of your own Barbie Forest 3 Tone Circle lenses or just a pair of circle lenses in general click on the Uniqso icon in my sidebar and it will take to you the page. Be sure to enter the special coupon code ddivine10 to receive 10% off your order!

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

In the Pursuit of Fabulous-Review of EOS WM-205 Max Sherbet Lenses in Blue

Hello lovelies!
     I am back again with another contact lens review as we all know that I love contacts. I think that they open up endless makeup look possibilities so naturally a girl can never have too many. This time I am reviewing EOS WM-205 Max Sherbet lenses in Blue from Kiwiberry-1 Collection. One of my favorite combinations for makeup or looks in general is dark hair with blue eyes. It just screams exotic and alluring to me. I love it so much that it is no surprise that Mr. Dreadful has this hair and eye color combination. ^_~ So needless to say that I was super thrilled to receive these gorgeous lenses. But now on to what you are really waiting for pictures and the actual review!

Max Sherbet Blue- Isn't it a gorgeous color? *

This lens looks amazing with both dramatic and neutral looks!*

Now on with the actual review..

Enlargement - 9 out of 10  bats
    These lenses are listed as 14.8 mm with the enlargement but they seem to much larger to me. I would have guessed that these were at least 15 mm if not 15.5 since they really do enlarge the eye. They do give you the nice dolly eye effect without being too overly dramatic or making you look almost alien like.

Color and Design -9 out of  10 bats
     I love the dark blue color of these lenses. While these lenses are more dramatic than some of my other lenses they still stay in the natural looking realm. The color is extremely vibrant. These look incredible close up both inside and out on my dark brown eyes. These lenses are great for not only everyday wear but also for special occasions and cosplay. However since this is a darker blue color they not a real noticeable dramatic blue from a distance since my eyes are also dark. But I am sure that this would look INCREDIBLE on someone with lighter eyes.

Comfort-  9 out of 10  bats

    These lenses like the rest of my EOS are EXTREMELY comfortable. They "settle" immediately and don't do the awkward float around your eye trick after you put them in. When mysterious floating contact happens is always happens to me in one eye when I am in a hurry to get ready to go somewhere. I haven't had an issue with these lenses and I can wear them for at least 8 hours with no issue. If you are planning on wearing them longer than that keep eye drops handy.

Overall- 9 out of 10 bats

These lenses were amazing all around. While the manufacturer states that they are smaller than 15mm, I think that they are at least that if not a little bigger from the enlargement that they do. They give you a nice dolly eye effect without being too dramatic. The dark blue color of these lenses is simply stunning. I can't stop looking at my eyes in the mirror. The color is nice balance of vibrant and natural which makes it perfect for everyday and special occasions. Finally these lenses are extremely comfortable since I can wear them for at least 8 hours with no issue at all.

Now if you want to get a pair of these lenses or any lens from Kiwiberry-1 click on the icon located in my sidebar and it will take you right there. Use the code dreadfullydivine to get 15% off your order!

*The makeup in both of these pictures if from My Beauty Addiction
Pigments used in the first look : Linen, Chrome, Lemon Zest, Spitfire, Poppy Red and Black
Pigments used in the second look: Linen, Dusk Blue and Chocolate Diamonds

Get the pigments here and here

Like the review? Leave me a comment and tell me what you think and as always please follow.
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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Review of Chaos Cosmetics

Hello lovelies!
    I am back again, beaten and grumpy over my lack of video editing skills, but I couldn't wait to do this review any longer since I wanted to share with you about an AMAZING indie makeup company called Chaos Cosmetics. The company motto is "Out of Chaos, comes beauty." which totally makes me think that the owner, Pamela, has seen me put on my makeup. It is pure chaos at times but I usually end up with a look that I like.  They are a proud cruelty free company which is one of the factors that I look for in a company. So extra karma points to her for not testing on animals. All of the products are formulated without petro-chemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes, oils, bismuth, talc or sulfates. All the nasty things that most of us have issues pronouncing which really has no place on our face. But honestly that isn't the main thing that attracted me to this company but the gorgeous and vibrant colors. I ran across the image of her color "Courtesan" on Facebook and I feel in love with this duochrome shade. Honestly take a look at these gorgeous swatches and you will understand what I am talking about.

Pigment Swatches

Gorgeous Glosses

Done with just one coat! Forgive my messy nails, it was done quickly to show the pigmentation.

While swatches are great, I want to see how the colors look on a person so here are some photos of various looks I have done with this gorgeous line.

Done with Magic Dust, Legendary, Serpentine and Galaxy

Done with Magic Dust, Legendary, Courtesan, and Disavowed

Done with Magic Dust, Serpentine, and Galaxy and Blood Lust  Gloss on my lips

Done with Magic Dust, Legendary Inguene, Coquette, and Flirtini

Now on to the ratings...

Color Variety-9 out 10 bats
   While a lot of indie companies don't have a wide selection of colors, Pamela has done an amazing job with providing an amazing selection of colors not only in the eye shadow pigment department but with her other products such as the lip glosses and even her newer line of nail polishes. There are mattes, shimmers and of course my current favorite duochromes and a nice selection of each.

Pigmentation- 9.5 out of 10 bat
   The pigmentation for these products are excellent. While she does state that her shadows are much more vibrant when activated with water, you really don't need to in order to achieve a nice color payout. Her lip glosses are simply AMAZING. The red on my lips in the picture above is a GLOSS. Not gloss over lipstick but just a gloss. Her glosses have the pigmentation of a lipstick but the moisturizing feeling of a gloss without being overly sticky. I have never seen such pigmentation in a nail polish ever, I even shared the worst nail polish picture ever just to prove a point. The color that you see in the photo is one with just ONE coat. I usually have to apply two to three coats in order to make the drugstore polishes look decent. With her polishes all you need is a base coat, one coat of Chaos Cosmetic polishes and then your top coat and you are good to go.

Affordability and Packaging- 9 out of 10 bats
   Not only are these shadows, glosses and polished nice and pigmented they come at a really affordable price. All of her shadows and glosses (she hopes to be adding tubes soon for the glosses) come packed to the rim with product in their five gram jars. The best part of it is, there are no sifters (I HATE sifters especially in pigments. I instantly remove them with the exception of glitter. Only then is a sifter acceptable)so when the product is packed to the rim it is packed. The regular pigment run $6.49 and the duochrome shades (or shifting shades) are $8.99. The glosses are $5.99 for the regular shades and $6.49 for the duochrome shades. The few polishes she has currently are $7.99 a bottle but with only needing one coat that bottle will last you awhile.

Overall- 9 out 10 bats
   I am super thrilled to have found Chaos cosmetics. They offer a wonderful color variety in their products. The pigmentation is fantastic with gorgeous and vivid colors for the eyes, lips and nails. While I love all of their products their glosses and duochrome shadows are my favorites. The best part is honestly how affordable it all is especially when you are on a tight budget like I am. It is so wonderful to be able to get amazing products without breaking the bank. So head on over to Chaos Cosmetics and tell them I sent you, I know that you won't be disappointed. 

Until next time my dears...