Monday, June 23, 2014

Mani Monday: Featuring Tail Scales and Aurora Corealis from Carpe Noctem Cosmetics!

Hello Lovelies!
    Welcome back to another Mani Monday installment. Where you get to see what in on my nails this week. This week I am rocking two different polishes from Carpe Noctem Cosmetics. This week I picked out Tail Scales, from the Grotto Collection inspired by the Little Mermaid, which described on the site as a glassy jade green jelly with a strong purple shift. It reminds me of sea glass every time I look at it and it appears to shift from pink to purple depending on the light. I had to use three coats for the opacity that I wanted (since it is a jelly that is to be expected). I haven't tried it with "undies" (or white polish underneath) in order to see what it would look like however I am reluctant since I am afraid it would loose that sea glass quality if I did. Next I also chose Aurora Corealis which surprisingly isn't part of the Grotto Collection but it could be since it just fits perfectly with Tail Scales in my opinion. It is described as super bright and shimmery coral with tons of holo! Normally I don't care for corals but this one I like due to the fact that is more of a pink coral than an orange coral if that makes any sense. It has a nice amount of holo in it without looking like a disco ball exploded on your finger. It is nice, there and subtle without being over the top. Yes, even I have days that am not over the top theses are few and far between but still I HAVE them. ^_~  Well enough of my blathering on to the photos.

While this isn't the best image it does capture the nice shift in Tail Scales

Tail Scales with Aurora Corealis as the accent nail

You can catch the holo in Aurora Corealis in this photo.

Sadly today is rather a rainy and dreary day here in Florida so there are no sunlight photos. But if you are interested in either (or both) of these polishes you can pick them up here. Carpe Noctem Cosmetics also has a Facebook page as well as a fan group where you can drool over all the polishes that she makes.I hope that you enjoyed this Mani Monday installment! Until next time lovelies!

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