Monday, June 30, 2014

Mani Monday :Featuring Vapid Lacquer Rapid Cycling and Hypo- Manic

Hello Lovelies!
   Welcome back to another Mani Monday installment and this is my 100th post for my blog! Wow! I can't imagine that I would post up to 100 times much less 10 when I first started blogging. So thanks for sticking with me through my ramblings and really horrible photo quality in the beginning. But enough emotional goo, let's get down to business! Mani Monday with Vapid Lacquer! The Mani of the day is actually two polishes Rapid Cycling and HypoManic. Rapid Cycling is the black polish that shift from purple to blue and sometimes even green in the right light. HypoManic is a lovely rose gold color. Sadly, it seems that both of these gorgeous polishes are discontinued. However both HypoManic and Rapid Cycling are both being reformulated and showing up as a kick ass member of the Cosmos collection which LOOKS INCREDIBLE--Seriously....

 I love VL polishes for not only the color pay off but the formula as well. They aren't thick and gooey nor are they thin and runny. They are just right. But don't take my word at it, just take a look for yourself.
Behold awesome polish and my patchy backyard!

Forgive my shrinking top coat. =/ I am in search of a new one.
  I am really proud of this current mani. I actually looks like a 6 year old painted it instead of a 2 year old on a sugar high. Since this is usually what happens....

Well, I hope that you enjoyed this Mani Monday (and 100th post). Be sure to check out Vapid Lacquer especially since she was awesome enough to include a coupon code for 20% off your purchase with the code DREAFUL it is good until the 3rd of July. You can also follow her on Facebook and join the Vapid Lacquer Group which you get sneak peeks of new collections coming out (like the Cosmos Collection and her NEW THERMAL holos that she has out which I NEED to get!) So until next time lovelies!

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