Monday, June 16, 2014

Mani Monday! Not one but two polishes from Ruby White Tips!

Hello lovelies!
  I am back again from a crazy weekend filled with visiting out of town friends, meeting my new godson, dress hunting and outlet shopping. Needless to say I am dead on my feet but on a brighter note my nails look simply fabulous! This weekend I couldn't decide on what nail polish to wear so I actually wore two different ones from Ruby White Tips. She has a Mystery Box special that is going on her Etsy site right now and I picked up one with her special KP lotion (which another review is coming for that one) and I was blown away by the colors I received. I was super happy since I was wanting to try both of these polishes and the mystery polish extra which is a one of a kind and is simply gorgeous but I won't post it since it wouldn't be fair to show a pretty that you can't order.
  The first one I quickly painted on my nails which made my three year old daughter ohhh and ahhh and tell me that my nails were "boo-tifull" was Don't Open Dead Inside. While she doesn't have the appreciation of the Walking Dead like we do, I do have to say that she does have a good appreciation of an amazing nail polish. This gorgeous color is a lovely metallic like purple with a blue sheen depending on the light.
Check out this metallic purple!

While I am still working on my photography skills you can catch the blue hint in this image.

The next polish I need to grace my nails with was Misfit Toys. Misfit Toys is what I would call a metallic chameleon polish. It is a multi shifter which makes my little gothic heart flutter with delight since it is always something different depending on the light and angle. While there was no way that I could capture all the shifts I attempted to give this polish some sort of justice with the images below.

I love how metallic looking both of theses polishes are.

I managed to capture some of the amazing shifts of this polish in this image. 

Needless to say I am super impressed again with these two polishes that I received from Ruby White Tips. I was also super thrilled to learn that these two polishes are not only 5 free but also vegan which is a really awesome choice for vegans looking for amazing nail polish. I look forward to purchasing from her again. If you would like to pick up a Mystery Box you can do so her Etsy Shop (you can also pick up her lotion which is AMAZING for dry skin but I am getting ahead of my review on it but trust me it is awesome) and you can follow her here on Facebook and join the RubyWhiteTips Fangroup as well. I hope that you enjoyed this Mani Monday and until next time lovelies!

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