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Greetings Lovelies!
So it seems that you want to know a little bit more about Dreadfully Divine.  Well, in all honesty there is nothing really glamorous about me. I am a stay at home gothic mommy of three little Dreadfuls and a rather odious makeup assistant (aka our Boxer, Cody) that resides in the sweltering state of Florida. When I am actually working on my blog (or various other social media) I often wander around the house (or pick up my children from school )with two different eyes, a different lipstick and possibly drunk nail stamping on my fingers. Things get interesting when I get interrupted during makeup time....

This is me right there, with the exception that they are not asking for my dad.
Do I tell people that I do makeup for my blog when they interrupt me? Nope, I just let them process it and think that I do something awesome like sing in a Kiss Cover Band.

I am also a writer,currently working on my millionth and one writing endeavor since I do constantly suffer from Writer's ADD and Writer's Bulimia.

Writer's ADD: Constantly being distracted by a million and one plots which are never the one that you are currently working on.

Writer's Bulimia: Binge writing and afterwards think that everything is crap and purge (delete) it all.

This happens to me often with the exception of it isn't an essay.

When I am not attempting to write or making people think that I am some long lost member of a death metal band, I am a complete bibliophile. I read anything from classical literature to fantasy and anything in between that might strike my interest. But fantasy and mystery novels make up a large portion of my collection. Some of my favorite writers include Poppy Z Brite, Caitlin Kiernan, JK Rowling, Jim Butcher, and Kim Harrison.
 Mr Dreadful and I are big television and movie junkies so late at night we are often up binge watching our newest favorite series of the month. (This also happens with books as well, it is a wonder I even sleep at all)


 Some of our favorite series include Game of Thrones, OITNB, Chuck, BattleStar Galatica,Supernatural Dr Who...(the list just goes on and on and on..)
In truth, the entire Dreadful family is nothing but a bunch of awesome geeks. We love anime, role playing games, video games, tabletop gaming, Magic the Gathering, and going to conventions.  I am just obsessed with makeup, beauty, polish and drag queens. Cause seriously, drag queens are the most awesome package of makeup fabulousness you can ever get.

Black is my choice of color and everything looks awesome with glitter.

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    I'm launching a bath bomb line in November on Amazon and would love to send you a set to check out, if possible

    White Trash Peg
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