Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A swatch here and a swatch there the Unicorn Kisses Collection from BeautyBarBaby


Hello Lovelies!
    I am back again this time with some more lipstick swatches from BeautyBarBaby Mineral Makeup! It seems that everyone is releasing pastel lipsticks this summer from MAC to NYX and here is an affordable and indie choice for those of you dying to get your hands on all the colors but have a wallet that taunts you constantly like mine does. Seriously check out these gorgeous colors!

Amalthea *with flash* a gorgeous white

Amalthea *without flash*

Amethyst Star *with flash* a lovely pastel pinkish purple

Amethyst Star *no flash*

Celestia *flash* a light pastel blue 

Celestial *no flash*

Lemony Gem *flash* a pastel yellow

Lemony Gem *without flash*

Lyra *flash* 

Lyra *no flash*

Princess Candance *no flash* a pastel pink

Princess Candance *flash*

Sunset Shimmer *no flash* pastel orange

Sunset Shimmer
*Sunset Shimmer is also an amazing dupe for MAC's Riot House from the Osborne Collection that just came out!*

Twilight *flash* light pastel purple

Twilight *no flash*

Side by side comparison with flash

Side by side comparison with no flash

Now I automatically hear some of you wonder why someone who loves vampy dark colors like myself would be so excited about a pastel line. I can put it simply into to words... OMBRE LIPS. Just take a look...

Done with Elenora, Angel of the Odd and Princess Candance

Done with You Slay Me, Sunset Shimmer and Lemony Gem

Done with Ligeia, Amethyst Star and Amalthea 

Done with Frozen, Celestia and Amalthea

Those are just some of the ombre lip examples you can do with pastel lipsticks in case you are worried about not being able to rock the full pastel lip. Head over to BeautyBarBaby to pick up one or all of the collection and be sure to check out BeautyBarBaby's Facebook page and her Facebook group for all the sneak peeks and sales!So I hope that you enjoyed this massive lip swatch and until next time lovelies!

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