Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sailor Moon Crystal EOTD Series: Fire Walks With Her!

Hello Lovelies!
   I am back again with another Sailor Scout for my Sailor Moon Crystal EOTD series and if you are current with the two episodes of the show you will know that there was a sneak peek of one of my favorite senshi. She was actually my favorite inner senshi until the outer scouts appeared.
A true fire woman

  That's right Sailor Mars was my favorite inner senshi. Fiery, mysterious, mystical even before she became a scout, Mars was a raven haired beauty that wasn't afraid of anything. She got things done and to top it all off she was a temple priestess too!

Fire powers, a sailor scout and a temple priestess how awesome is that?
   Since I am waiting for my episodes on Hulu Plus, I haven't seen anything about her with the exception of what I could find online like these character sketches.
Rei in her daily wear
The New Sailor Mars!
   Like Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury nothing has changed much with the exception of the animation style. While I really like how pretty and manga like this series is I miss the overly dramatic anime style of the 90s.
Did someone say Sailor Moon?

But enough blabbering and on with the look. I chose one of the new images of Sailor Mars that I could find in her uniform. I wanted to do something based on the color scheme of her Sailor Scout uniform as well as the fiery personality. This is what I went with..

I used the following products for this look:
Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Primer
BeautyBarBaby (BBB) Miss Daisy
BBB Turned to Gold
BBB Sweeten Up
BBB Iced Mango
BBB Grape Soda
BBB Purplicious
BBB Awesome & Then Some
BBB Devil's Breath
BBB Hades
BBB Bitten
Uniqso Kawayii Snow Purple lenses (Use code dreadfullydivine for 10% off)
Moon Princess Lashes from Born Pretty Store (Use code KLH10 for 10% off)
Wolf Fx Essential Palette for the dots.

 You can find BeautyBarBaby on Etsy, Facebook, the Facebook Fanpage and Instagram! I hope that you enjoyed this Sailor Mars inspired look and until next time lovelies!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sailor Moon Crystal EOTD: Who is that Masked Man?

Hello Lovelies!
   I am back with the next installment of my Sailor Moon Crystal inspired looks . It seemed like FOREVER before the newest episode, episode two, came out so I wanted to do another look. Because I was like this every single day.

Yup this is me checking Hulu everyday even though it is listed when the next episode comes out.
    So I decided to go back and rewatch the originals. I had finished my binge watching of Orange is the New Black, the newest season of The Glades and now currently the newest season of Lost Girl. (And yes I am a HUGE GOT fan as well) So on nights when Mr Dreadful headed to the garage to tinker on his car, I sat down and happily watched some Classic Sailor Moon. Then I realized that while there were lots and lots of looks for the scouts the certain masked man doesn't have a whole lot of looks dedicated to him.

You know who I am talking about...
   Yup, you know who I am talking about, Tuxedo Mask, the mysterious hero to helps out Sailor Moon when she is in trouble.

I wanted to stay true to the masked look without doing an actual mask so this is what I came up with.

Tuxedo Mask without the masked look
  I decided to do a smokey eye with double liner in order to give the masked effect. I am quite pleased with the look that it is still soft enough to wear during the day and the two liners do give the masked feel without having to paint my entire face.
I used the following products for this look
Lunatick Cosmetics Labs Primer
NYX black bean (on lid only)
Dark Heart Designs (DHD) Audrey
DHD Wine Red
DHD Toxic
DHD Vampire Red
DHD Grace
Uniqso Kawayii Snow Blue Lenses (used "dreadfullydivine" for 10% off)
Moon Princess Lashes from Born Pretty Store ( use code KLH10 for 10% off)
Wolfe FX Essential Palette for the white liner.

You can find Dark Heart Designs on StoreEnvy, Facebook, and their Facebook Fan Page. I would love to hear what you think of the new Sailor Moon Series and this series of looks so leave a comment below to make Tuxedo Mask Happy and you do want to make him happy right?

Yup, of course you do!

I hope that you enjoyed this installment of the Sailor Moon Crystal Series so until time lovelies!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Mani Monday: Swatchapalooza with Lucky 13 Lacquers!

Hello Lovelies!
  I am back again today this time with a swatchapalooza of the new D&D collection from Lucky 13 Lacquer!  I managed to get four of the lovely collection to swatch and give you a sneak peek so I am super excited out it. There were so many pretties to choose from! I want them all!

Yup that's right I busted it out old school.
Some of you may remember the classic Saturday morning D&D cartoon which I loved!
    That is right Dungeons and Dragons! Tabletop gaming at it's finest and on of the essential Geekdom of holy grails. So needless to say that inner geek was super excited...
Yup I was that excited.

And then I actually learned about the collection that is what I would deem a mix and match collection. You have your three colors based off aligment (good, morally neutral, evil),  three more glitter toppers to round out alignment either lawful, ethically neutral, chaotic and three glittery jellys of things you either need or have happen to you (health potion, mana potion and critical hit). So you can wear your aligment on your NAILS and no one will be the wiser as you plot their death. Wait did I say that out loud?

Here is an aligment chart that help map out the possibility of fabulous nails!

    So I set out to swatch these babies and make them look as fabulous and for my first attempt I was determined to do this. However the sun decided to hide from me that day and all of my photos were horrible dark.

Yup this sums up my first swatchapalooza attempt.
  However it do cooperate with me the second time and I was victorious. Just take a look at these awesome swatches.

Just look at Lawful! 

Close up shot.  Two coats.

Lawful is a beautiful purple glittery top coat with hexes, circles , squares and dots. I didn't have to go digging for the glitters they just layered on beautifully. I did this glittery top coat without undies so that you can see how much glitter is really packed in there!

Health Potion.

Close up shot!  3 coats
 Health potion is a beautiful vibrant devilishly red jelly jam packed fully of red circle, hex and dot glitters. This is just so pretty and bright.

Evil! My favorite alignment to play.

The sun strayed from this shot as if knowing I was showcasing evil (3 coats) so you can't see all the glittery goodness.

   Evil is my all time favorite alignment to play when I am playing D&D and that shouldn't really be a stretch.. I really liked how Jess decided to make Evil a little different than the traditional black. Evil is a deeper darker red, which remind me of old blood...(like the blood of my enemies...bwhahaha!) with lot of hint of glittery red and gold sparkles that just looks amazing in the sunlight.

Last but not least Mana Potion! Something you always need as a caster!

Mana Potion will  make you feel like you can take over the world with these pretty nails!
   Last but definitely not least is Mana Potion and if you have ever played a caster you now how important this is. Mana Potion is a lovely cerulean blue jelly packed with hexes and circle glitter of various sizes. While I loved all four of the new collection this one by far is my favorite out of all of them due to the color of the jelly!  I felt as pretty as Legolas from Lord of the Rings.

Yup I felt as pretty as Legolas' hot elven self. 

   This collection is live NOW so head over to Lucky 13 Lacquer right away and take a look at all of her amazing collections. You can find her also on Facebook and the Facebook group! I know I will be picking up some more soon and priced at $8.50 for a full sized bottle you can easily mix and match to create your own alignment. I hope that you enjoyed this Mani Monday Swatchapalooza with Lucky 13 Lacquer and until next time lovelies!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

In the Pursuit of Fabulous : Siren Song Cosmetics

*Purchased and Press Samples*
Hello Lovelies!
   I am back again with another indie shop review. This time I am reviewing an indie makeup company called Siren Song Cosmetics. I first heard about this shop when I ran across a thread on Reddit about what series or shows would we like to see makeup collections based off of.  I had just recently finished Attack on Titan! and I was desperate for more!

   For those of you who haven't succumbed to the Attack on Titan Frenzy the plot is basically 100 years before the series starts Titans appeared and started eating people with not reason or remorse and nearly wiped out all of humanity. The series starts where the remainder of humanity resides in peace behind giant walls to keep the Titans out. And from what you can see in the picture above you can piece together what happens next. There is currently only one season out (which is on Netflix) however if you want to read more you can find the manga.

   So this series is SO amazing I had to have more and I wanted awesome Attack on Titan Makeup too. So I was directed to Siren Song Cosmetics by some amazing people on Reddit and I squealed and danced around  like a school girl.

    There was an ENTIRE collection, The Merciless Collection, of 12 beautiful shadows based off the series. I NEEDED them all instantly however due to evil makeup budgets I was only able to pick out a few for myself to try out. However the owner Dee was so kind enough to send me some extra samples ,which were not part of the collection, that really made my day . But don't take my word for it... Take a look at these swatches. All of them were taken outside in sun over Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Primer.

104th Squad
 This is a gorgeous shimmery golden sandy brown. It is described as a soft sandy brown on the site but I love the hint of gold with makes it more that just a sandy brown. This color is perfect for an everyday neutral eye.
Black Magic Beauty
 Black Magic Beauty is described as an orchid purple with a subtle pink and and red glittery shift. This looks much lighter in the container than it does in person so don't let that fool you. It really is a lovely color and the combination of the purple, pink and red makes it more than just orchid.

Eternal Calm
 Eternal calm is described as a mint green with a soft sparkle. It is what I would consider a soft mint green with a hint of shimmery golden sparkles. It is perfect as a part of a look (like the green look below) or just an accent to give your eyes the extra sparkle.
Fathoms Below
   I also have a horrible weakness for blues lately and when I ran across this color on the site I literally gasped and ohhed and ahhed over it. It is described as a deep and shimmery midnight blue. Which it is but it is also so much more. It is almost metallic and a metallic blue just makes my little goth heart a flutter. If you also didn't guess this was another of my favorites.
Forbidden Machina
 Forbidden Machina is described as a rustic bronze gold. It reminds me of what I would think ancient Mechs were made of. It is a gorgeous right soft metallic bronze.
Humanity's Strongest
 This was another one of my favorites from the site that I knew that I HAD to have. It is described as a blackened emerald green. It is that and so much more depending on the light. When applied it can look either black or emerald and often a combination of both. I am always looking for a beautiful emerald green and this is one of my favorites.
Illegitimate Aristocrat
 This is described as a shimmery white with coppery pink shift and gold sparkles.  This is a soft light white with gorgeous golden sparkles and when the sun hits it just right you can capture the gorgeous shift.
 When I saw this color on the site I instantly feel in love. I have such a weakness for reds and Merciless is no exception. It is described as a dark shimmering blood red of a certain scarf. It is a gorgeous shimmery dark blue based red that is just simply perfect.
Road to Dawn
   Road to Dawn is a new unreleased color with is just simply gorgeous. I was super excited to get this sample since I love getting sneak peeks of upcoming collections! I would describe this color as a lovely taupe color which hints of pink and gold. This is a perfect crease color for a neutral eye to give it extra depth.
The Basement
 The basement is described as a blackened olive green with hints of gold sparkle. It is really dark almost black in color but when the sun hits it just right you can see that it isn't really black but green and the gold sparkles give it an amazing POP!
The Fayth
The Fayth is described as an ancient metallic bronze toned gold. This is much darker and richer than Forbidden Machina and even more metallic. I would have to say that this is more of a true bronze metallic.
Thunderstruck is described as a shimmery copper brown with a pink shift and a golden sparkle. It appears much more red on my monitor when I first saw it so I contacted Dee about the swatch to make sure I had the right one. This is the right color and it is notoriously hard to capture (which I can attest to since I look a TON of photos to get this one right) I would say that it is a pinkish soft copper with a hint of gold. Either way it is gorgeous.

While swatches are always awesome to look at I always like to see how the shadows are used in looks to give me a better feel of them. So here are a couple of looks I did with Siren Song Cosmetics..

Forgive the derp eye. I wanted to capture the shift of the colors here.
 I also wanted to do more of a neutral eye for everyday wear. However I couldn't resist placing Fathoms Below as the liner.

 Now I know this is a SUPER long post filled with a ton of pictures but we are finally in the home stretch with the ratings!

Color and Pigmentation: 9.6 out of 10 bats
   I have to say that I am really impressed with the color and pigmentation of Siren Song Cosmetics. Not only are the colors vibrant and gorgeous, they also apply and blend like a dream.

Shipping and Turn around Time: 10 out of 10 bats
  I RARELY EVER give 10 out of 10 for anything since I hate seeing constant 10 out 10s. If you get a ten from me you worked for it and Dee definitely did. When I placed my order I got a mailing confirmation the NEXT day. Yup, you heard me right ONE DAY turn around. It doesn't get more epic than that.

Affordability: 9.7 out of 10 bats
   Siren Song Cosmetics are extremely affordable. From samples in clam shells (yay for clam shells cause I hate baggies!) starting at  $1.15 and full sized packed full jars at $5.49. Theses prices are fantastic and will make you come back for more.

Customer Service : 9.7 out of 10 bats
   As I mentioned above I contacted Dee about my Thunderstruck looking slightly different from the color on the site. Monitors do alter color so I wanted to make sure. She was super quick and helpful to respond and honestly wonderful to work with.

Overall :9.8 out of 10 bats
   I have to say that I am extremely impressed and in love with Siren Song Cosmetics. Not only does she have some gorgeous colors created from kick ass fandom series the quality is really top notch. The turn around time is AMAZING, the prices are fantastic and the customer service can't be beat. I HIGHLY recommend you check Siren Song Cosmetics out and pick up some of her gorgeous colors. You can find Siren Song Cosmetics here, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Run, don't walk over to Siren Song Cosmetics and pick up some fabulous shadows!
I hope that you enjoyed this review and until next time lovelies!