Monday, July 28, 2014

Mani Monday: Swatchapalooza with Lucky 13 Lacquers!

Hello Lovelies!
  I am back again today this time with a swatchapalooza of the new D&D collection from Lucky 13 Lacquer!  I managed to get four of the lovely collection to swatch and give you a sneak peek so I am super excited out it. There were so many pretties to choose from! I want them all!

Yup that's right I busted it out old school.
Some of you may remember the classic Saturday morning D&D cartoon which I loved!
    That is right Dungeons and Dragons! Tabletop gaming at it's finest and on of the essential Geekdom of holy grails. So needless to say that inner geek was super excited...
Yup I was that excited.

And then I actually learned about the collection that is what I would deem a mix and match collection. You have your three colors based off aligment (good, morally neutral, evil),  three more glitter toppers to round out alignment either lawful, ethically neutral, chaotic and three glittery jellys of things you either need or have happen to you (health potion, mana potion and critical hit). So you can wear your aligment on your NAILS and no one will be the wiser as you plot their death. Wait did I say that out loud?

Here is an aligment chart that help map out the possibility of fabulous nails!

    So I set out to swatch these babies and make them look as fabulous and for my first attempt I was determined to do this. However the sun decided to hide from me that day and all of my photos were horrible dark.

Yup this sums up my first swatchapalooza attempt.
  However it do cooperate with me the second time and I was victorious. Just take a look at these awesome swatches.

Just look at Lawful! 

Close up shot.  Two coats.

Lawful is a beautiful purple glittery top coat with hexes, circles , squares and dots. I didn't have to go digging for the glitters they just layered on beautifully. I did this glittery top coat without undies so that you can see how much glitter is really packed in there!

Health Potion.

Close up shot!  3 coats
 Health potion is a beautiful vibrant devilishly red jelly jam packed fully of red circle, hex and dot glitters. This is just so pretty and bright.

Evil! My favorite alignment to play.

The sun strayed from this shot as if knowing I was showcasing evil (3 coats) so you can't see all the glittery goodness.

   Evil is my all time favorite alignment to play when I am playing D&D and that shouldn't really be a stretch.. I really liked how Jess decided to make Evil a little different than the traditional black. Evil is a deeper darker red, which remind me of old blood...(like the blood of my enemies...bwhahaha!) with lot of hint of glittery red and gold sparkles that just looks amazing in the sunlight.

Last but not least Mana Potion! Something you always need as a caster!

Mana Potion will  make you feel like you can take over the world with these pretty nails!
   Last but definitely not least is Mana Potion and if you have ever played a caster you now how important this is. Mana Potion is a lovely cerulean blue jelly packed with hexes and circle glitter of various sizes. While I loved all four of the new collection this one by far is my favorite out of all of them due to the color of the jelly!  I felt as pretty as Legolas from Lord of the Rings.

Yup I felt as pretty as Legolas' hot elven self. 

   This collection is live NOW so head over to Lucky 13 Lacquer right away and take a look at all of her amazing collections. You can find her also on Facebook and the Facebook group! I know I will be picking up some more soon and priced at $8.50 for a full sized bottle you can easily mix and match to create your own alignment. I hope that you enjoyed this Mani Monday Swatchapalooza with Lucky 13 Lacquer and until next time lovelies!


  1. Ooo I really like Mana Potion!

    1. It was probably my favorite because of the color of blue ( I have a horrible weakness for them)!