Monday, July 7, 2014

Mani Monday: Sailor Mercury Transformation Mani and MOAR Drunk Stamping!

Hello again lovelies!
    Welcome back to another installment of Mani Monday! Today I am featuring TWO polishes from Carpe Noctem Cosmetics (well technically one is a polish and the other could be considers a glitter/holo topper but none the less there are TWO) and yes I was overwhelmed with the need to attempt to stamp my nails again so this is a part two of Drunk Stamping as well!  Since I am so excited over the new reboot of Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon Crystal for those of you who aren't Moonies) I wanted to do something sparkly and girlie!

Seriously, look at this? I will fully admit I screamed like a fan girl over this shit.
    While I was brave enough (or drunk enough of polish fumes) to do a Sailor Moon themed nail, I figured that a starry night sky would be like easing into the realm of nail creativity . I pulled out my indie polishes that I haven't shared and decided upon these two awesome gems from Carpe Noctem Cosmetics, Winter Solstice and Holo Hex which were part of my Grab Bag. Winter Solstice was a lovely pale metallic blue holo and paired with the glittery Holo Hex Top coat which is simply nothing but pure sparkles in a bottle reminds me of Sailor Mercury's gorgeous transformation from the Classic Sailor Moon.

   So after my first adventure down the spiraling addictive path of drunk stamping I decided to attempt this again to give my nails the even more sparkly transformation feel. So again I busted out my stamping plates and stamping polish! The white polish was thick that it was just a glob on the plate when I first attempted to stamp. But I was determined to have some stars on my nails in the name of Sailor Mercury and all the Sailor Scouts!

I was going to add stars to my nails if it killed me!

   So I remembered the mention of adding some nail polish remover/acetone to the polish to thin it out and it worked like a dream! I was victorious and the smell of victory INSTANTLY went to my head.

Yup, the fumes went to my head and I thought that I was invincible!
   Surprisingly enough, I did manage to stamp stars on my nails though they weren't the best nor the most pronounced but I did it and I managed to make it look like a kid did the stamping other than a toddler and I even stopped myself before fully becoming drunk with stamping power and ruining the whole polish look. Just take a gander...

Check out that light blue metallic holo from Winter Solstice.

Once can never have enough HOLO! So add the awesome Holo Hex glitter polish
 So since I did manage to save the look from my drunk stamping rampage I would have to say that this adventure in drunk stamping is a WIN!
And if Picard says so it must be True!
   While the polishes are currently not up in the Carpe Noctem Cosmetics Etsy you can be bold and brave and pick up a Grab Bag and possibly score the two polishes I have right here. Or if you didn't want to take your chance you can always pick up the custom polish option and get your own. You can also follow Carpe Noctem Cosmetics on Facebook and their fan group for sneak peeks of upcoming releases.  And just in case you wanted to pick up the plate or the polish to create your own awesome Mercury Transformation Mani I used the Bundle Monster plate BM 14 and the white stamping polish from the Born Pretty Store (use code KLH10 for 10% off your total order). So I hope that you enjoyed this portion of Mani Monday and until next time lovelies!


  1. A Moonie here too! I'm more than excited by Crystal. So far I've loved the 3 first episodes and can't wait for the 4th tomorrow. It was hilarious to read your post, I had too much fun.

    1. Thanks so much Angelina! I am super excited about the new episode tomorrow however I HATE waiting for them to come out. I am glad that you had fun and enjoyed it!