Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sailor Moon Crystal EOTD Series: Is that a Cat with a Crescent Moon?

Hello Lovelies!
    I am back again with another Sailor Moon Crystal inspired look. I am completely obsessed with Sailor Moon all over again while I am waiting for the second episode to make an appearance on Hulu. I am thinking of rewatching the original but that would interrupt my binge watching Orange Is The New Black.
Yup this is me the morning after I binge watch..
   But I was inspired to do the characters either before or when they appeared so obviously Luna needed some love. Because who doesn't love a talking cat with a crescent moon that transforms you into a Sailor Scout?

I also wanted to participate in the Darling Girl Tutorial Giveaway so I decided to do a pictorial for this look...

Starting from the top left corner and going clockwise..
 1. I first put my A Max Red Circle lenses in from Uniqso (use code "dreadfullydivine" for 10% your order)
2. Then I primed my eye with Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Primer
3. I applied Darling Girl  (DG)Cosmetics D'Lilac Sun in the brow area and a small amount of Nightwatch in the inner corner of my lower lash line
4. Next I applied (DG)  Chick Flick all over the lid
5. I placed (DG) Mistress in the crease
6. Next I placed (DG) The Count over Mistress
7. Then I blended the colors into one another
8. I touched up the colors after blending in order to make the colors more defined and added London Calling to the other portion of my lower lash line
9.  I lined my upper lid with my to go cat eye liner
10. I also lined my waterline with white and then patted (DG) Obviously A Wig on top of it. Then I placed a small amount on the lid and added a mixing medium to it and created a metallic pink purple liner.
11. I drew on my brows and then added the Crescent moon with Wolfe Fx Essential Palette.

Here is a collage of the finished look as well...

I had a lot of fun creating this look and stay tuned for more Sailor Moon Crystal inspired eye of the days. Be sure to check out Darling Girl Cosmetics. You can also find her on Facebook and their fangroup here. Until next time lovelies!

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