Monday, July 14, 2014

Mani Monday complete with table flipping, failed stamping and drunken dots...

Hello lovelies,
   Welcome back to another installment of Mani Monday! Today I am featuring Gothic Gala Lacquers' Hot Pants from her new Rave collection. It is a gorgeous bright and vibrant highlighter yellow which glows the in dark. Yes, you heard me correctly this yellow polish GLOWS in the FRICKIN dark. How awesome is that? You can have your own light switch rave with this polish..
But instead of a glow stick all you need is this polish

    So I was super excited and determined to use this kick ass polish and stamp some epic level design on it.

I was going to have simply fabulous nails!
So in order to hold off spontaneously combusting  from too much awesome win with these glow in the dark nails I decided to only paint my accent nails in Hot Pants and then attempt to stamp Hot Pants on black nails. It sounds like a good solid plan right?

And then I will stamp these nails and they will look FABULOUS!
Well, apparently not. It seemed that everything was going to go wrong. Everything started out fantastic. The polish applied like a dream and was nice an opaque after two coats and surprisingly enough I only had one bottle of black polish (I know that this must me some kind of gothic sin only own one bottle but surprisingly I do. Perhaps Ninjas who want fabulous nails took off with the other bottles who knows where they went). Then stamping happened...
I thought that everything was under control...
  So while the glow in the dark polish is awesome on my nails, it wasn't thick enough for stamping on black which I was okay with cause I was going to do a nice awesome skull with some black stamping polish in the middle of my accent nail and call it a day. But NO... That wasn't going to happen either. No matter how hard I tried the skull wouldn't fully transfer on to my stamper.  And after the 10th time I finally gave up...

Yup, this is me after the 4th time trying to get the stamper to work...

    So I was still determined to have awesome nails to go with my awesome polish. Samantha, the owner of Gothic Gala gave a sneak peek of the Rave collection with awesome dotting so I figured that I could do that...Cause how hard could be it using a dotting tool? Apparently I need to go watch some dotting tutorials on Youtube cause....

Yup, this fail is pretty damn epic...

I hang my head in shame at this horrendous dotting attempt and I have to apologize to Samantha cause her polish is way too cool for my craptacular nail art. Please, don't judge a polish from my lack of nail art skill. It really is a gorgeous polish.

Yup, apparently dots with a dotting tool is harder than I thought.

I dunno what the hello happened, but this is an epic FAIL!

So, while the last polish update was full of so much win, the nail art gods and goddess have decided to humble me with this EPIC fail. Now I am off to flip a table and watch YouTube tutorials in order to figure out how to dot my damn nails.

  So thanks for reading this Mani Monday installment of my EPIC FAIL at nail art..

  Until next time lovelies...


  1. Replies
    1. Glad you liked it cause the polish is really amazing and my nail art REALLY sucks.

    2. I LOVE that you keep trying and I can totally feel your pain!

    3. I would say that I am determined but now this it serious. I will have pretty nails even if I have to go through a ton of craptacular manis to get there.

  2. Dude that's' how my stamping trials went every time. I still can't stamp.

    1. Apparently the stamping gods thought that I was too cocky with my last post and decided to smote my ass. Lesson learned.

  3. LOL this post is too funny! Just wait for your squishy stamper, girl!!!!

  4. I am anxiously stalking my mailman for it. However until it arrives I am sure that there will be lots and lots of table flipping.

  5. You are too funny!! I think you did a great job! What may look like an epic nail art fail, is actually a nail art masterpiece! I think you did a great job!!!