Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sailor Moon Cyrstal EoTD Series: Mercury Star POWER!

Hello Lovelies!
   Welcome back to the next installment of my Sailor Moon Crystal EOTD Series! Now, if you checked out my Guest Blogger post on Toxid Lotus, you would have seen the first EOTD in the series. But I am super excited with the new reboot of the Sailor Moon series, with Sailor Moon Crystal so I had to do a series of looks in order to celebrate.

 I am hoping to do each Scout as or before they appear. (There will be other characters added as well cause we all know that villains need love too! ) At the end of the first episode of Crystal (no worries there are no spoilers) you see the back of Ami at the school.

  So of course I automatically had to to Sailor Mercury themed makeup next!

I love Mercury. She is perfect combination of awesome blue hair and brains.
I love the new artwork style it is so similar to the manga...

The classic Sailor Mercury, the manga version and finally Crystal.
  But I had a dilemma! I had only seen the first episode and there is limited images of her on the web since she hasn't appeared "officially" in the series. But I wanted to do a look for her NOW!

So I decided up to take the plunge and try the Sailor Mercury Transformation!

So enough of my blathering and on with the makeup pictures!

Behold the Sailor Mercury EYE!

My detailing needs some work however I am extremely pleased with this look

And finally the giant collage of everything!
I used the following products on this look:
Candy Blossom Cosmetic's Fluff, Lotus, Fairyland Green, Halo, Angel eyes, Intergalatic, Atlantis, Mermaid's Kiss and Violets.
Dots, brows and detail done with Wolfe Fx Essential Palette
Moon Princess lashes from the Born Pretty Store  (use KLH10 for 10% off and free shipping )
I am also wearing Kawayii Snow Blue lenses from Uniqso (use code dreadfullydivine for 10% off your order)

Well I hope that you enjoyed this Sailor Mercury installment and until next time lovelies!

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