Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What's this? What's this? A New Look?!?! (Sneak peek into the madness of a Blogger's life)

Hello Lovelies!
    I am back today with a quick note. As you can tell the Dreadfully Divine blog has gone through a MAJOR overhaul! Now I am sure that you are asking why in the world did you do that Dreadful?

Why would you DO such a thing Dreadful?

   Well lovelies, I decided that I needed a change. My blog has looked the same for about two years and it was time for something new and fresh. So I signed up for a blogger mentor with one of the groups that I am in on Facebook and I was paired up with an awesome blogger, Kirby from The Mercurial Magpie. She runs an awesome beauty blog with some great nail reviews and swatches. So I was excited and I asked her for pointers. She has given me a lot of lovely suggestions and the first of which was to change the color of my page in order to make it easier for people to read hence the massive overhaul. But I had forgotten in two years what a major PAIN IN THE ASS it is to redo an entire look of a blog.

But being as stubborn as I am, I was determined to do the majority of it in one day...

But in all reality Blogger laughed and taunted me with stretching my posts out of having my images over lap the sides.  Poor Kirby attempted to help me wade through the abyss of frustration from revamping my blog. I was like this for the majority of the day.
  Just to make things line up and to create some new buttons. But it was no use, I did the majority of my overhaul today and I decided to stop before this happened...


    So that is the moral of the story is, when you have decided to give your blog a major face lift and before you attempt to beat your computer into submission with your face, stop and take a break.  Walk away save your changes and  take some advice from AbFab and  have a drink.

Or pull a Patsy and drink the whole damn bottle..

Cause that is what I am going to do right now before attempting this again tomorrow.

 Until next time lovelies!