Tuesday, July 15, 2014

In the Pursuit of Fabulous: Review of Baroque Cosmetics

*Press Sample*
Hello Lovelies!
   I am back again with an overdue review of Baroque Cosmetics. Sadly with summer kicking off and swimming lessons for all three of my little Dreadfuls makes it really hard to have any uninterrupted computer time or makeup time for that matter. But I am finally able to get to review Baroque Cosmetics' Viva La Revolution Collection.
    Viva La Revolution is a eight colored collection based off the French Revolution which is a revolutionary idea since I have seen collections based off of fandom but never one based off of history (now there could be others but this is the first one I have come across). So of course my inner history nerd simply died and the colors that she sent me are just gorgeous. But take a look for yourself...

Death of Marat is described on the site as creamy oatmeal with a blue flash. It is a lovely light toasted brown that is simply perfect for any neutral look.

Affair of the Diamond is described on the site as silver with a blue shift. This is a lighter silver not as dramatic as an in your face metallic silver but with the hint of blue gives it just the right sparkle and sultry appeal.

Dicatateur Sanguinarie is described as deep blood red on the site. This color was naturally one of my favorites since I LOVE reds. While this is a nice deep blood red it has almost a metallic like quality to it which really makes this color pop.

Madame Deficit is described as a lovely soft pink with a gold sheen on the site. While most people wouldn't consider pink a highlight color due to my fair complexion this color is my perfect highlight color. It is soft and subtle and completely fit for a queen.

National Razor is described on the site as gunmetal with a red sheen. This is a gorgeous dark grey with a just a hint of red for that extra touch of sparkle. I loved using this for smokey looks.

 The Republic (which whenever I hear of "The Republic" I always think of Star Wars first) but this color is described as rich leathery brown. This color like most of the collection also has a metallic like feel to me. It is a nice mid ranged chestnut brown and is a great companion for any neutral look.

 Sun King is yet another one of my favorites and is described as a deep noble blue with flecks of gold. Which is named after the French Blue and its setting.  I will freely admit that my French history is horribly rusty if not really quite atrocious so I went ahead and googled it.  The French Blue is also known as the Blue Diamond of the French Crown and it was stolen during the turbulence of the French Revolution and later cut into the equally famous Hope Diamond to conceal its' origins. So there you go, you don't have to google it. ^_~ But back to this gorgeous color, it is a stunning true navy blue. Often too many "navy blues" are either too blue or even black but this is the perfect combination of both and the hint of gold makes it all the more lovely.

  Finally, last but not least, is Versailles which is listed as an antiqued molten gold.  This is another one of my favorites since I really love the look of metallic gold and this color does remind of Versailles which I visited many years ago when I was 16 cause everything was GOLD. 

While swatches are great I like to see the colors incorporated as a look on a person. So here are two looks that I did with this collection. 

Now on to the ratings....

Color and Pigmentation: 9.5 out of 10 bats
  I really liked the colors and pigmentation of this collection. Andi did an amazing job with nailing down the historical aspects (like with Sun King) as well as creating some truly gorgeous colors. The first two pictures were taken after an entire day of walking around an outlet mall in 95 degree weather with sweltering humidity. If that doesn't say anything about the staying power of this collection I don't know what does.

Shipping/Turn around Time (TAT): not rated
  This was collection was provided to me as a press sample for consideration so I am not rating the TAT due to the fact that I didn't order it. When I do place and order I will update this rating in order to reflect that turn around time. 

Affordability: 9 out of 10 bats
  Baroque Cosmetics offers full size jars for  $6.00 and sample baggies for $1.50 individually. But if you wanted to try out the entire collection in samples you can pick it up for #10.50 and full sized is $44.00 which is really a good deal. 

Customer Service: 9.3 out of 10 bats
   Andi was super sweet and answered any and all of my questions concerning the collection in a super fast manner. She was always polite and very well spoken and super friendly. 

Overall: 9.4 out of 10 bats
   I do have to say that I am extremely pleased with Baroque Cosmetic's premiere collection. Not only has Andi taken the time to create a collection based off of something that I haven't seen before, but she has also done her research which really impresses me. The colors are extremely vibrant and long lasting and the affordability is killer. Andi is also quick and helpful to answer any question so I look forward to her newest collection which is based off of Howl's Moving Castle (another one of my favorites).

You can purchase Baroque Cosmetics here. You can also follow her on Facebook for the newest sneak peaks of the upcoming collections that she is working on. I hope that you enjoyed this review and until next time lovelies!