Saturday, July 5, 2014

Nail Art of the Day: Adventures in Drunk Nail Stamping..

Hello Lovelies!
   Welcome to a new series for my blog! As some of my regular followers may know that I have ventured into the world of indie polish and it has rekindled my nail polish obsession (which is a very dangerous thing). So of course like any curious polish newbie, I just thought that blogging about nail polish would be simple. Yeah, that lasted all about 10 seconds after looking at some amazing polish blogs. I quickly learned that....

Yup quickly looked at my mani and realized this..

  Because while these polish artists who could quickly polish their fingers on Youtube and not look like a four year old did them, I could not. I looked like a rabid squirrel with a drug problem painted my nails (my right hand in particular since I am right handed. #thestruggleisreal )So I am now trying to master the art (and it is an art, never doubt that) of the clean up with a brush and acetone around my cuticles which still look like foamy squirrel did my mani but with clean up I am trying to hide that fact. So apparently while attempting to master the clean up the fumes went to my head and I was enchanted or should I say bewitched the the art of nail stamping. They made it look so easy on Youtube! EVEN I could do that...

So I dug out my bundle monster plates, stamping polish and konad stamper determined to make beautiful art on my new polish...Because if it can be mastered on YouTube I can master it too..

So I painted my nails and awesome shade called Hel ,based off the ancient Norse Goddess, from Gothic Gala Lacquers (which is sadly discontinued but she does offer a custom polish option which I am sure that you could request it). It was a creamy pale pink with flecked with black and red glitter. It is a matte polish so I topped it with Seche in order to give it the shine that I wanted. So I was feeling like a boss! I did my first stamp and it stuck to my stamper and I felt invincible! I was going to have amazing stamped nails!

But like in any battle the tides can quickly change..So I was originally going to just do my accent nails and be done with it. The first one came out nice, not perfect but that was understandable since this was my real "first" time attempting stamping. I even did my dreaded "right" hand and it turned out okay. They were pretty but not perfect but it was a learning curve.

See the placement isn't too bad and pops against the polish

Then apparently I got drunk with the power of the stamp and decided to STAMP ALL THE NAILS!  So if I did two really well then with practice all the the rest of my nails will be AMAZING! YEA RIGHT!

Notice the wonky stamping quality... I must have been drunk!

So, the moral of this experience is to not only practice but don't get too cocky and drunk with the power of the stamp. I am sure that there will be more Drunk Stamping Adventures I will be sure to document my struggles through it. Until next time lovelies!


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    1. I know that I couldn't be the only one drunk on the power of the stamp so I figured we should all band together and make a support group. ^_~

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    1. LOL thank you! I figured since I always see them on Facebook I might as well use them here. ^_~