Monday, July 21, 2014

Mani Monday: Take a Drink Michael...and drunken bat stamping..

Hello Lovelies!
   Welcome back to another installment of Mani Monday! Today I am featuring the custom color, Take A Drink Michael from Carpe Noctem Cosmetics. Now if you are anything like me with a love of vampires and vampire movies, this color will instantly make you completely fangirl (or fanboy) out completely...

Did someone say The Lost Boys?

Yes, lovelies this polish was originally done as a special request custom order for one of her customers and I had seen swatches of it in the Seize the Night fangroup on Facebook and instantly fell in love. Cause I don't know about you, but The Lost Boys is still one of my all time favorite horror movies of all time.

Who didn't want to live forever as a bad ass vampire like David ?

   There was some talk of this becoming a part of her collection around Christmas time and she was clearing out some of her stock and there was a bottle or two of  Take a Drink that she still had left. I wasn't able to order it then and it made me a horribly sad panda that I missed out on this collection. I could feel David judging me.
I could sense his disappointment when I didn't pick up the polish.

  So, I recently ordered a mystery grab bag offer that she has on her site. I messaged her and asked if by chance she still had a bottle of Take a Drink Michael with the slight chance that there still was one bottle of this gorgeous polish and to my joy there was! I could have awesome amazing Lost Boys inspired polish adoring my fingers and toes!

Can you tell that I was hot for David in the movie?
**SEMI SPOILER if you haven't watched this movie... so stop reading and go watch this movie NOW then continue reading this blog. ^_~ **

 Take a Drink, Michael is a gorgeous reddish purple holo that captures the moment in the movie where Michael takes a drink from an old wine bottle thinking that it is wine but it is secretly is drinking David's blood.

David was a rocking hottie even IF he was sporting the dreaded mullet.
Just take a look at it!

Outdoor and overcast
 Since the sun wouldn't agree with me due to the storm system that is moving through the area I was forced to take my photos inside.
Check out that gorgeous reddish purple goodness. So Vampy but also so wearable during daylight!

Check out that holo bottle shot! It is almost as if someone ground up a Cullen and put it in a bottle.

Now I couldn't be a complete creature of the night without adding some bats to my nails. So, I dug through my stamping plates and found two lone bats and I needed to add them to my nails. Now, if you read my last Mani Monday post you know how much I truly suck at stamping. But I couldn't have my Lost Boys mani without the bats so I took the plunge and busted out my white stamping polish and went to town.
Let's do this!

 Surprisingly, my stamping worked (as you seen in the photos above) however if you take a look apparently I stamped my bats upside down so they are drunk bats...So the stamping gods and I are currently at a stalemate since I could get the stamp to transfer but it is upside down. O.o

Yup, that is the stamping gods giving me the finger...
  If you are dying for this polish, never fear it is set to return as part of the upcoming Halloween collection but as a linear holo instead of a scattered. So you can either gather your pennies and wait until it is released then and allow David to judge you as well. Or you can take the plunge and order a custom polish and have Carpe Noctem Cosmetics make you one right away. You are find CNC on Etsy, Facebook and even their fan group on Facebook. Hope that you enjoyed this installment of Mani Monday (and my horrible drunk stamping) so until next time lovelies I am off to watch the Lost Boys again!

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