Monday, December 15, 2014

Mani Monday..Gradients and Drunken Stamping...


   Hello Lovelies,
       I am back again with another Mani Monday installment. I debated whether or not to post this mani since I am really MEH about it.
Yup, this is my exact face while I am writing this blog post.

     Originally I had this awesome idea of doing a red to black gradient and then stamping this rose stamp over it to give it an epic rose look.

I could visualize the awesomeness...

   The gradient came out better than I imagined so I was super excited to stamp over this cause I knew that this was going to be gorgeous. However I was yet again betrayed by my stamper. It just refused to pick up ANY of the black stamping polish whatsoever.


   But I was determined to have this rose stamp on my nails when I should have listened to my stamper which was trying to tell me to leave it be in order and just rock the gradient. BUT, no,  I was a dumb ass.

Yes, yes I am. I should have left the gradient alone.

   The white is pretty however it wasn't the feel or the look that I was going for. So here my mani is all its' meh glory.

Those patterns SHOULD have been roses but now the obscure the gradient. 

I used the following polishes for this mani (and don't hold it against them cause they are all gorgeous)
Opi Natural Strengthening Base Coat
Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar
Vapid Lacquers Vampires Don't Sparkle
Sinful Colors Oil Slick
Pure Ice Superstar

  So the lesson learned is that if my stamper won't pick the black and you have an awesome gradient. LEAVE THE SHIT ALONE DREADFUL. Do NOT IMPROVISE.  While Vampires Don't Sparkle is not available on Vapid Lacquers site you might be able to contact the owner and see if you can get a custom. But you will see it on the next nail post cause I have to do it justice.

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