Monday, December 8, 2014

Mani Monday: Wibbley Wobbley Timey Whimey with Drunken Doctor Stamping!


Hello Lovelies!
    I am back with another Mani Monday post and this one is one of my favorites! Why do you ask?
Simply because not only is it a gorgeous polish from Lucky 13 Lacquer but it also has an amazing theme! And what is that theme (as if the title didn't give you a clue)?


Who hasn't?!?!

   I love Dr Who, I remember watching the classics when I was younger however with the "reboot" of the series starting with Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, I was hooked.

Sign me up! Let me pack my bags, makeup and polish and I am ready!
  I was concerned when it switched to David Tennant but I loved his portral too..

Yes, yes you are..

 I could go on and on with my love for the good Doctor and I how I want to travel away in a magical blue box, but you came here to see nails and nails are what you are going to get.

Seriously, you will say the same thing after seeing this polish!

Seriously, just look at this polish!!
I wanted to add an older swatch of the polish itself so you can take in the full extent of it's awesomeness

While my cuticles are looking up my stamping, well...
I used the following this for this awesome themed mani:
Opi's Nail Strengthening Base Coat
Lucky 13 Lacquer 's Wibbley Wobbly Timey Wimey
Vapid Lacquer's  Get Your Shine  On Fast Drying Topcoat
Pure Ice Superstar!
Creative Design's Stamper * (You can only pick this up through a group purchase I have included the link)
JR 31 Stamping Plate

   While it is true that my stamping needs some help since the Tardis looks seriously drunk on my nail I had to share this mani with you.

Even the Doctor agrees that my stamping needs some work but the polish is FABULOUS!

   You can pick up Wibbley Wobbly Timey Wimey polish from Lucky 13 Lacquer. You can also follow her on Facebook, join her Facebook Fangroup, and of course on Instagram. Are you a Dr Who Fan? If so who is your favorite Doctor? I am tied between Eccleston (since he is my first Doctor) and Tennant. So until next time lovelies! Paint your nails and watch Dr. Who!

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