Friday, December 19, 2014

What's the Deal Dreadful? Review of Azure Naturals Ultimate Vitamin C Sweet Orange Infused Organic Moisturizer

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  Hello Lovelies!
       I am back again with another installment of What's the Deal Dreadful. I have a lot of these coming up since I am doing a lot of reviews lately however I will be making sure to get my looks and manis in as well . ^_~  
       Today I am doing a review of Azure Naturals Ultimae Vitamin C Sweet Orange Infused Organic Moisturizer. Now I did received this product in return for an honest review and I would not endorse anything that I wouldn't use myself. With that being said, I am super pleased with this product. It is NEVER to early or late to start moisturizing your face will thank you for it. Always do a test patch first before applying anything to check for any possible allergies that you may have. 
 The first thing that I noticed when I applied the moisturizer was the textures. I was both rich and creamy and it absorbed quickly without leaving an greasy feeling after applying it.  There was a nice light scent of oranges which wasn't overpowering that didn't have an overly artifical smell that some cleansers or beauty product can have. Mr Dreadful has a horribly sensitive nose and there were no complaints from him. He even stated that he liked the smell which was an added bonus. 
The moisturizer can be applied twice a day both at night and in the morning. Since it is light and absorbs quickly there is no issue with applying makeup or making your face greasy and ruining you makeup look. Because we all know that I can't have that .Right after applying it is could feel my skin tightening and I have noticed a difference in my skin's appearance and overall health. A little goes a long way so this bottle is going to last awhile. I look forward to seeing the end results when I am done with it. 

You can purchase Azure Naturals Ultimate Vitamin C Sweet Orange Infused Organic Moisturizer from Amazon for the price of  $47.95 but it is currently on sale for $17.95. I hope that you have enjoyed this installment of What's the Deal Dreadful! Be sure to follow me on all of my social media which are listed below. And until next time lovelies be sure to moisturize! 

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