Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Frozen Kiss!

    Hello Lovelies!
         I am back with a Lip of the Day (#lotd) inspired by Elsa and the Kiss of True Love. I will admit that I have been singing...

Yup, I have been singing this song since Mani Monday..

I did an Elsa/Frozen inspired eye a while back and I didn't want to redo it just yet, however I just received some AMAZING holographic glitters from BeautyBarBaby and Elsa Baby just screamed at me to do a glittery look with it.

The Elsa Baby Glitter TOTALLY gave me the sad snowman look..

So in order to get this Frozen songapalooza out of my head without taking a hammer to my head and bludgeoning myself into sleep (cause let's be honest it would still be haunting my dreams) I immediately riffled through my makeup and came up with this glittery lip.

I used the following products for this look
BeautyBarBaby Frozen Opaque Lipstick
BeautyBarBaby Elsa Baby Glitter
MAC NC15 Concealer
Mac Studio Fix Powder

   I hope that you enjoyed this quick glittery lip, and I hope that this gets any or all Frozen Songs that are lingering in your head out. If you would like to purchase BeautyBarBaby products you can do so on Etsy. You can also follow her on Facebook, her Facebook FanPage, Instagram and Twitter! So until next time lovelies try to get Frozen out your head and wear MOAR GLITTAH!
Elsa thinks that EVERY should wear more glitter!


  1. Haven't seen Frozen (am the only person in the world not to, I know) but I LOVE this look! Did it last long? I imagine it would come off on food/drink easily. Looks fantastic though.

    1. Thank you! This look didn't take very long at all. Basically it was lipstick application, concealer to make the lipstick application sharp, and then dabbing the glitter on top of the lipstick. With that kind of application it doesn't last long however I am going to be trying some more glitter lips with glitter adhesives to see how long they last. So I will let you know! Glad you liked it!