Monday, March 30, 2015

What's the Deal Dreadful? Review of Super Nova 300 Lumens Emergency Lantern


   Hello Lovelies,
       I am back again today with what I would consider a home necessity review. Today I am reviewing Super Nova 300 Lumens Emergency Lantern. Living in Florida we have hurricane seasons. That is right an entire LONG SEASON of lots of rain and wind. And while most hurricanes are just thunderstorms and the occasional reason to throw a hurricane party, there are the occasional times when you have to have a lantern during this season. I also wanted to get Mr Dreadful another lantern when he took the boys camping as well. We wanted something both bright and compact  for easy storage and we also wanted a lantern that didn't require us to own stock in a battery company in order to power it.  This lamp fits all of those requirements. It arrived quickly and honestly I was a little taken back from the small size and I wondered if it would really be able to fit out lightning needs. It is extremely well made and surprisingly light . So that makes for easier carrying for camping. There is a green flashing light above the on off button which is fantastic for trying to locate it in a dark room when then power goes off (or a dark tent for that matter) and we were even surprised when we realized the dome came off and there was a hook on the bottom to hang it upside down. We didn't have any issues with lining up the bottom when placing the batteries in the lantern and we were super pleased with not only the ability for this lantern to light up the room (and tent) with ease, how long the batteries last but how lightweight and easy to carry it was.  This is a fantastic lantern to take camping and to have in your home in case of emergencies!

   If you want to pick up your own Supernova 300 you can do so on Amazon. It is $49.99 however it is currently on sale for $35.00. I hope that you enjoyed this installment of What's the Deal Dreadful, until next time lovelies!

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