Wednesday, April 10, 2013

In the Pursuit of Fabulous-Review of EOS WM-205 Max Sherbet Lenses in Blue

Hello lovelies!
     I am back again with another contact lens review as we all know that I love contacts. I think that they open up endless makeup look possibilities so naturally a girl can never have too many. This time I am reviewing EOS WM-205 Max Sherbet lenses in Blue from Kiwiberry-1 Collection. One of my favorite combinations for makeup or looks in general is dark hair with blue eyes. It just screams exotic and alluring to me. I love it so much that it is no surprise that Mr. Dreadful has this hair and eye color combination. ^_~ So needless to say that I was super thrilled to receive these gorgeous lenses. But now on to what you are really waiting for pictures and the actual review!

Max Sherbet Blue- Isn't it a gorgeous color? *

This lens looks amazing with both dramatic and neutral looks!*

Now on with the actual review..

Enlargement - 9 out of 10  bats
    These lenses are listed as 14.8 mm with the enlargement but they seem to much larger to me. I would have guessed that these were at least 15 mm if not 15.5 since they really do enlarge the eye. They do give you the nice dolly eye effect without being too overly dramatic or making you look almost alien like.

Color and Design -9 out of  10 bats
     I love the dark blue color of these lenses. While these lenses are more dramatic than some of my other lenses they still stay in the natural looking realm. The color is extremely vibrant. These look incredible close up both inside and out on my dark brown eyes. These lenses are great for not only everyday wear but also for special occasions and cosplay. However since this is a darker blue color they not a real noticeable dramatic blue from a distance since my eyes are also dark. But I am sure that this would look INCREDIBLE on someone with lighter eyes.

Comfort-  9 out of 10  bats

    These lenses like the rest of my EOS are EXTREMELY comfortable. They "settle" immediately and don't do the awkward float around your eye trick after you put them in. When mysterious floating contact happens is always happens to me in one eye when I am in a hurry to get ready to go somewhere. I haven't had an issue with these lenses and I can wear them for at least 8 hours with no issue. If you are planning on wearing them longer than that keep eye drops handy.

Overall- 9 out of 10 bats

These lenses were amazing all around. While the manufacturer states that they are smaller than 15mm, I think that they are at least that if not a little bigger from the enlargement that they do. They give you a nice dolly eye effect without being too dramatic. The dark blue color of these lenses is simply stunning. I can't stop looking at my eyes in the mirror. The color is nice balance of vibrant and natural which makes it perfect for everyday and special occasions. Finally these lenses are extremely comfortable since I can wear them for at least 8 hours with no issue at all.

Now if you want to get a pair of these lenses or any lens from Kiwiberry-1 click on the icon located in my sidebar and it will take you right there. Use the code dreadfullydivine to get 15% off your order!

*The makeup in both of these pictures if from My Beauty Addiction
Pigments used in the first look : Linen, Chrome, Lemon Zest, Spitfire, Poppy Red and Black
Pigments used in the second look: Linen, Dusk Blue and Chocolate Diamonds

Get the pigments here and here

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