Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sultry Sunrise Tutorial featuring Classy Chick Cosmetics and Barbie Forest Three Toned Lenses in Blue from Uniqso

Hello lovelies!
     Things have been really busy this past week in the Dreadful household. My littlest Dreadful turned two, our puppy got fixed, our keyboard died and our hard drive crashed causing us to loose everything. Mr Dreadful hopes to attempt to recover our stuff however I am really not that hopeful with our current computer luck. I did have several tutorials saved and ready for the editing process so that is a really disappointed. However I did do another tutorial yesterday of my look featuring Barbie Forest 3 Tones Blue Lenses from Uniqso and Classy Chick Cosmetics. I am venturing into YouTube so all of my tutorials will be posted there as well as here in the future. So enough chattering on with the tutorial!

So please be sure to rate, comment and subscribe to my channel. There will be live tutorials in the future to help with the process however I need to possibly get a lamp and a makeup mirror since I do most of my tutorials at night and the lighting isn't the best.

Here is a list of items that I used for the tutorial from Classy Chick Cosmetics:
Shady Lady Pigment
Butter Me Up Pigment
Sunny Spot Pigment
Super Nova Pigment
Marilyn Monroe Lip Glaze

Just click on the link and it will take you to her store. Here is the  review on their products.

If you want a pair of your own Barbie Forest 3 Tone Circle lenses or just a pair of circle lenses in general click on the Uniqso icon in my sidebar and it will take to you the page. Be sure to enter the special coupon code ddivine10 to receive 10% off your order!

Until next time my dears!


  1. Great tutorial, their makeup looks really nice!

  2. So pretty! The contacts suit it really well x

    I've given you a versatile blogger award, check out the post here!

  3. Gorgeous look. I love the contacts too :)

  4. New subscriber (: <3 Love your blog and also a fan on facebook (

    Elizabeth Morgan