Friday, June 14, 2013

In the Pursuit of Fabulous Review of I. Fairy Dolly + Red Lenses from Uniqso

Hello again lovelies!
   I am back with another contact lens review. Since things have finally calmed down from last month I can catch up with reviews and tutorials. This time I am reviewing the super popular I. Fairy Dolly + Red lenses from Uniqso. These are one of Uniqso's most popular lenses and I completely know why. They are simply gorgeous. While these are only my second pair of red lenses, I have to say that I am completely in love with them. I mean honestly, when you take a look at the color you can see why.
Look at how vibrant the I Fairy Dolly + Red is!

Now to the actual review. I don't know why I am looking away from the camera but I will try to correct that habit with the next review. Also I learned while editing this video, I apparently say "um" a lot. Perhaps because I am nervous.O.o Yet another habit to fix as well...

Now just in case you missed the breakout of ratings in the video here it is:

Enlargement- 9 out of 10 bats
  These lenses do enlarge your eyes drastically, being 16.2mm, and you will notice a difference. However they are not the largest lenses I have. But they are a solid middle ground in between. They won't enlarge your eye so drastically that it will give you an alien like appearance, but they will be noticeable to everyone.

Color and Design-9.8 out of 10 bats
   I am seriously totally in love with these lenses because they are so intense and super vivid. They are two toned so they are not going to blend with your natural eye color as  much as the 3 and 4 toned lenses. But in all honesty red lenses aren't the most "natural looking" lenses out there. While there are some lenses that are red that give your eyes a warm rich velvety look. These are BAM! In your face red. So these are perfect for dramatic looks, cosplay outfits, even Halloween makeup. You can wear them for everyday looks, like I do, however people will stare and whisper. So be prepared. ^_~

Comfort-9.5 out of 10 bats
   Due to their 55% water content, these lenses are really comfortable.I wore theses lenses at a local convention for around 10 hours and didn't have a problem. After the 9th hour my eyes were a little dry so carry drops with you if you are going to wear them longer than 8 hours. I also love the fact that they are bright and vivid like a lot of Halloween/costume contact lenses but they don't have the "pinhole" or "tunnel vision" syndrome that a lot of costume lenses have. While I love costume lenses, the tunnel vision aspect can be aggravating while driving and costume lenses are a lot "thicker" so they tend to dry your eyes out quicker than circle lenses.

Overall- 9.6 out of 10 bats
  If you are looking for a bright and vivid red lens you really can't get any better than these. Not only do the lenses dramatically enlarge you eyes without giving you an alien like appearance, they are super comfortable without drying your eyes out. The color and design honestly can't be beat. They are extremely bright and vivid and people can tell that your eyes are red from across the room. They are just as vivid as some of the costume lenses that I have and they don't have give you "tunnel vision" syndrome which you often find with costume lenses.  So if you want a true bright red lens that will get you noticed, theses are the lenses you are looking for.

Until next time my dears,

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