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Dreadfully Divine's 14 Best Beauty Favorites for 2014 Tag!

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Hello Lovelies!

Happy New Year! It is finally 2015 and with the end of 2014 I came up with a list of my best beauty favorites for the year. While some of these are not exactly new products they are the products that I find myself using on a regular basis even if you don't see the photos of them. I originally had planned on taking photos of all the products but since I am currently laid up with the plague sadly you will have to settle for links. There were a lot of limited edition colors that were my favorites but nothing honestly sucks more than to have a list of really amazing products and over half of them you can't get any more. So I limited myself to products that are currently available or that are available when the stores reopen. I am also making this a tag for other bloggers to see what their favorite beauty products are for this past year.  So be sure to comment below and leave your blog listing when I can see your favorite beauty products of 2014!

So without further ado, here are my 14 Best Beauty Favorites for 2014

  -I literally used this EVERY time I do an eye look. Every single time. It is like NYX Jumbo Pencil and Too Faced Shadow Insurance had a love child. This is the result. Not only is this a combination of base and a primer it is also Vegan and Cruelty Free.  Such an epic find and one jar lasts forever. I am still on my first jar and I use it daily. I love this so much if you can't tell.-

  -Okay while technically this could be considered two products I am counting them as one since I always use the two together so they are like one entity in my cold medicated mind. I used both of these products weekly.  Cream & Sugar is my go to highlight/brow bone color since it is a lovely matte and blends fantastically. Black Velvet is used not only for smokey or dramatic looks I also use it to set my eyeliner in my waterline by dabbing it on top of my liner. Just like with the primer, a little goes a long way and I am still on my first jar.-

 - Not only does this blush have an amazing name it is kick ass for contouring. This is my go to contouring powder. It gives you the shadowy look without any orange or bronze tint which makes me look horrible with my fair complexion. I used this all the time when I contour and I won't be without it. The container is HUGE and a little goes a long way (be sure to blend blend blend) and I am still on the first container but I will be getting a second way before I run out since it is a beauty staple in my full face makeup routine.-

  -I discovered Darling Girl this year and I am super impressed with not only the quality but also the colors that are offered. I had several shades from DG that were runners up however a lot of them were Limited Edition colors are I limited myself to colors that were currently available. This is simply amazing shade. It is a brilliant teal with a green flash and subtle shift that ranges between gold and periwinkle. It looks amazing as a lid color as well as for the pop of color on the waterline. DG is currently closed until sometime this month but be sure to pick up this color. You won't be disappointed. -

  - I also discovered Glamour Doll Eyes this year. Vee, the owner, not only has amazing products but she has one of the fastest turn around times in the indie circles. Like with Darling Girl, there were so many limited edition colors from Glamour Doll Eyes that I wanted to put on my list however they are not available any more so they didn't make this list because of it.  Celestial Crow is one of my favorites (not only for the sheer fact that it reminds me of Game of Thrones which has nothing to do with the creation of the color, it is just how my mind works) because it is extremely versatile. It is a gorgeous bluish black with an intense green shimmer and sparkles. It works well as a shadow by itself or foiled as a striking liner. -

  -Not only does Lunatick make my go to primer, she also makes some seriously kick ass palettes. They have amazing themes and colors as well as the most unique packaging around. Seriously I haven't seen anyone else with a Ouija board palette! Her colors are rich and super pigmented and you have the option of creating your own palette if you want a specific shade of colors. They are all really amazing and I have a couple but this one is my current favorite and like their primer it is vegan and cruelty free.-

  -As with the DG and GDE, Notoriously Morbid had some AMAZING limited edition shade this year. However Black Cat Crossing is one of my favorites this year from their regular line up.  It is described as a darker take of the cat eye green with cool purple and warm amber sparkles on the site. It is a gorgeous almost blackened emerald with flashes of purple and gold which is really amplified by a sticky base (such as their new Shadow Bind which should be releasing this month). It is gorgeous on its' own or foiled as a liner. 

  -I love SugarPill, there is no denying it. Their bright and bold colors, super cute packaging and kick ass pigmentation. I just adore their products. While I have had this palette for awhile, I kept finding myself reaching for it more and more throughout the year. All the colors are so pigmented I just couldn't get enough.-

 -BeautyBarBaby came out with some AMAZING opaque lipsticks this year and I constantly get compliments any time I am wearing them. It was so hard to narrow it down just to one shade so I chose the color that I wore most. Haunted Palace is a lovely medium toned mauve that would look great on any skin tone. It is perfect enough for wearing to the office without being too dramatic and great for a night out as well.-

 -I love My Beauty Addiction whipped lipsticks. They are rich, opaque and wonderful to put on . I have several of her whipped lipsticks however this is the one that I reach for the most. Burlesque is a deep magenta pink with purple undertones. While it can be on the brighter side for some people, I constantly get compliments when I am out wearing it. The jars are jam packed full and I still have a ton left even though I wear it often.-

 -While this is not an indie brand, this is the MAIN lip liner that I find myself reaching for constantly. I want to line everything with it. It is a gorgeous blackened plum which is pretty enough on its' own it looks amazing as an ombre lip or even under other lipsticks such as my next favorite, Kat Von D's Vampira.

12. Vampira from Kat Von D
  - I love liquid lipsticks while I discovered them last year. I really didn't play around with them until this one. Vampi As some of you may know Mr Dreadful and I finally made it official this year and got married after being together for 11+ years. I wore this color (plus Nightmoth) for my wedding and it lasted FOREVER. My lipstick never smudged and didn't fade throughout the ceremony. 

13. Lip Balms from both BeautyBarBaby and Notoriously Morbid
  -I have become a lip balm addict this year. Partially because I find that liquid lipstick are really dry on my lips so I am constantly applying lip balm both in the morning before my makeup and in the evening after my makeup is off. And on days that I don't wear make up and I apply it constantly like a junkie. I can never have enough. So due to this new found lip habit I have acquired a ton of various lip balms to try I couldn't narrow it down to just on brand. So I picked my favorite two. Currently BeautyBarBaby has two types of balms- the tinted which are slightly firmer and the non tinted balms which are slightly softer but both glide over the lips and hydrate like a dream. Notoriously Morbid also has tinted and non tinted balms (or should I say Coffin Kissers) but both seem to be of the same formula and are simply wonderful. BeautyBarBaby has unique packaging for each flavor while Notoriously Morbid's is sleek and black.-

Finally, last but not least...

14. Holographic Glitter from BeautyBarBaby and Lit Cosmetics
  -For those of you who don't follow me on my various social media pages, I will admit that I am a glitter junkie. In all blunt honesty, I am a glitter whore. I love it. I love wearing it. I just can't get enough of it. And this year both Lit and BeautyBarBaby came out with holographic glitters which are super duper sparkly. Like Drag Queen performing on my eyeballs to fabulous music sparkly. I squealed like a fan girl over these. So while I can't pick just one glitter color, I pick both Lit Cosmetics and BeautyBarBaby's holographic lines of glitter. You can't go wrong with them cause they are simply FABULOUS. 

Well I hope that you enjoyed my Best Beauty Favorites 2014 Edition. What were some of your favorites for 2014? If you are reading this and you have a blog considered yourself tagged and be sure to comment with your blog below so I can check our favorites out. 

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  1. I also love NM's Necromancy Blush! I have been debating on some BeautyBarBaby Items for the new year, after reading this I will have to take a closer look!