Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Literary Dreadful: Review of Cookbook: 101 Healthy Vegan Asian Food (Quick & Easy vegan recipes Book 5) by Jonathan Vine (ebook)


    Hello Lovelies,
      I am back finally after a small hiatus due to the plague. Being sick always sucks but being sick during the holidays with little dreadfuls being sick with me was absolutely miserable. So while I was laid up with the plague there was absolutely NO makeup going on since I am paranoid about contaiminating my brushes. But while I was sick I was looking for some new soups in order to help me and the rest of the Dreadful household feel better. Which leads me to this really awesome Asian Vegan Cookbook that I was asked to review.

    101 Healthy Vegan Asian Food (Quick & Easy Vegan Recipes Book 5) by Jonathan Vine is really pretty amazing. As some of you may know I am Asian and vegetarian. In fact the majority of the Dreadful Household is (Mr Dreadful isn't however if I cook vegetarian he is eating it ) and I have been wanting to incorporate more vegan recipes into our meals. Obviously we love Asian Food, so I was super happy to try this. It was really great since it cut down the research time since you don't have to look through every single ingredient to make sure that there isn't an hidden animal product listed and it also gives you a listing of common Asian ingredients. That helps out tremendously.

The book is divided up into four chapters which are broken down into essentially an entire four course meal : Appetizers, Soups, Main Dishes and even Desserts! Each recipe includes the total preparation time and cooking time as well as ingredients and servings. I found that the directions were extremely well written both clear and easy to follow. Some of my family's favorite dishes were the Spicy Tofu and Cilantro Wontons, Asian Cucumber Salad, Kale and Miso Soup, Kimchi Soup, Vietnamese Noodle Soup, Orange Tofu,  Peanut Noodles, Mango Sticky Rice (which we can never get enough of when it is mango season, Tofu Gyoza, and Almond Bars. We also liked that this book has a WIDE variety of recipes from various Asian cultures such as the Korean, Thai, Japanese, etc.
So we found that this is an excellent collection of Asian recipes and would satisfy both Vegan/Vegetarian and Omnivore!

   If you want to pick up the ebook you can do so on Amazon for the Kindle Price of $3.99. While I am more of an old school traditionalist for books I really liked the ebook format for this cookbook.
So until next time lovelies!

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