Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What's the Deal Dreadful? Review of Naturalico Vitamin C Serum


   Hello Lovelies,

        I am back with another review yet again. I took my three to the eye doctor this morning and my day has been shot since. With all three of my little Dreadfuls home there is no makeup time and I am seriously eyeballing the booze and counting down the hours until bed time. But this is the last and final review of the day. I am reviewing Naturalico's Vitamin C Serum. I am still new to all of the serums and I am learning a little more each time.
   Vitamin C Serums are all the craze lately and when I was offered to do a review of one I jumped at the opportunity. It comes in a glass vial with an eyedropper to help distribute the serum which is clear and not overly thick like some serums I have tried. The serum has a lite scent which fades quickly and isn't oily. It absorbs into the skin rather quickly making is easy to apply moisturizer on after and your makeup. Since there is no oily residue there is no issue with feeling greasy for the rest of the day nor do you have to worry about issues with your makeup. I use this as part of my daily routine applying it after using toner when I get out of the shower and then I apply moisturizer after it has been absorbed. After using this for a couple of weeks, I have noticed an improvement in my complexion as well as my skin feels softer and smoother . After using this serum and seeing the results the Vitamin C Serum will stay part of my skincare routine  and I will buy a bottle after this one is done.

   If you would like to pick up your own bottler of Naturalico's Vitamin C Serum you can do so on Amazon. It is $85.00 however it is currently on sale for $18.88. I hope that you enjoyed this installment of What's the Deal Dreadful and until next time lovelies!

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