Monday, January 12, 2015

What's The Deal Dreadful? Review of Exfolimate


   Hello Lovelies!
       I am back again with another review today of one of the most interesting beauty products I have ever run across, the Exfolimate.  The Exfolimate is made in Australia and is an exfoliation device that comes in a set of 2. There is a larger one for the body and a smaller one which is one of the face. It is used for the exfoliation of dead skin, grime, oil and dirt from the body .
    I won't lie, I was more than a little intimated when I was approached to do the review since the product does look like a plastic pie shaped sharp metal blade that is suggested for use on the face. However, when I received this and actually took the Exfolimates out of the packaging I was surprised at how sturdy they were made and the fact that the blades were thick metals with a smooth edge. There is no possibility of me accidentally dropping it while trying to exfoliate my legs and ending up with a giant battle wound. Cause if anyone could accidentally injure themselves with a something it would be me. But there is no danger of that to the less than graceful portion of the population that I am a member of.
   I LOVE this for my face. I obviously wear makeup, and I am constantly looking for new ways to get all the dirt, grime and makeup out of my pores that can still hide after cleaning especially around the nooks and crannies on the side of your nose where things tend to try to deposit themselves. I spent probably 10 minutes in the shower in constantly awe of all the things that were showing up on the Exfolimate. (Yes, I am entertained easily at times). I also use the larger body sided Exfolimate for my legs right before I shave in order to help the "hairs" stand up more in order to get a smoother and closer shave.
    Now you may be asking, Dreadful how exactly do you use it on your face? Well, what I do first is remove my makeup and then clean my face with a cleanser in the shower, After I rinse the cleanser off I then take the Exfolimate in an angle and with a gentle hand (cause while it may be dull you don't want to pull and tug on your face with anything) glide it across my skin. Then I rinse the product to remove any dead skin and continue from there. For my legs, I tend to wash my legs first with a loofah, rinse, then run the Exfolimate in the direction opposite of the hairs in order to make them stand up better. Then I apply shaving cream and then shave my legs. I have found that not only is my face clearer but my legs are smoother and softer.  When I am done, I hang the Exfolimates but the plastic cords that come with them and allow them to air dry overnight and they are ready to go the next day.

Face Exfolimate

Body Size Exfolimate

Size Comparison between the Face and Body.
   If  you would like to purchase the Exfolimate you can do so on Amazon for $29.99. I hope that you enjoyed this review and until next time lovelies!

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