Wednesday, January 21, 2015

She had a sunset on her lips...

Hello Lovelies!
    I am back today with a Lip of the Day (#lotd) look for the #januarymakeupchallenge I am doing on Instragram. I got into the IG game a little bit late since we were one of the last people to get smart phones and of course no smartphone no way to post on IG. But I finally got one, nothing fancy just a older Iphone4 and now I am trying to build up my makeup IG account with doing challenges. So if you want to see the most up to date makeup looks be sure to follow me on Instagram.

Well, I may not be this stalker like. Maybe...

   But enough back story...

Seriously kitty..don't hate. 

 I have done sunset themed eyes before however I had never done a Sunset inspired lip...

I know with my obsession with ombre lips that I can't believe I haven't done one before..

So, today, I went ahead and changed that this with look

I used the follow products for this look
My Beauty Addictions (MBA) Truth or Dare
MBA Jailbreak
MBA Skooldayz

   Be sure to follow me on Instagram (and all my social media accounts to see my latest looks. I promise I won't be as creepy at the photo above. ^_~  And I am planning to do a giveaway when I finally manage to hit 1k on IG. Cause seriously I am not beyond bribing with goodies. ^_~ So until next time lovelies!

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