Monday, January 26, 2015

What's the Deal Dreadful? Review of Body Merry's Age Defense Eye Cream, Cellulite Defense Cream and Hyaluronic Acid Serum

     Hello Lovelies!
       I am back with a huge review of three different products from a company called Body Merry. I was first approached to review their' Age Defense Eye Cream which I jumped at the chance since I am always looking for new eye creams to fight the hands of time. However after talking with them they also gave me the additional opportunity to review two more products, their Cellulite Defense Cream and the Hyalurnoic Acid Serum as well. So let's get started!

   First is the Age Defense Eye Cream. As most of you may know,  I'm an makeup promoter and a mother of three. So I don't get much sleep at times and my eyes are often puffy and I am often sporting dark circles. With eye makeup closeups I also see to see all of the fine lines that are also starting to develop. So I am obsessed with trying out new eye products. The product is nice and thick and creamy. It applies easily, absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy residue so there is no issue with trying to apply eye makeup. It has a nice light herbal scent which is neither heavy or overbearing for those who are sensitive to scents. My skin feels both smoother and tighter and the fine lines around my eyes are not as noticeable and my dark circles have all but disappeared.  You can pick this product up on Amazon for $69.95 however it is currently on sale for $16.99.



Now on to the Cellulite Defense Cream!
Like most women, I have cellulite and it isn't a  pretty thing even though I have changed my diet and I am working out. So when I was given the opportunity to review this I was really interested since I really want my legs to look better. I will admit that when I opened the container I was a little taken by surprise since I was expecting a white cream. The product is a thick toffee colored gel however it does apply like a cream. It absorbs rather quickly and doesn't leave a nasty or sticky residue. It has a minty scent which is noticeable however not overpowering and dissipates quickly. When it is applied there is a warm tingly sensation to the area it is applied to and it lasts for about 30 minutes. While it isn't unpleasant, I wasn't expecting it when I first applied the cream and was a little surprised when it started happening.  I have applied this twice a day both in the morning and in the evening and I have noticed a considerable difference in my legs. The cellulite isn't as nearly defined as it used to be so I am thrilled. You can also pick this product up on Amazon for $39.95 however it is on sale for $17.99.




Finally last but not least the Hyaluronic Acid Serum.  The product comes in a blue glass jar with an eye dropper to dispense the serum. The serum itself is clear, thick and almost gel like in quality. The serum is almost too thick for the dropper since I usually resort to dipping the dropper into the bottle in order to get just the right amount of product. While, I do think that a pump would be a better delivery of the serum that is the only aspect I would change about this product. The serum is not heavy, applies evenly and absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky or oily residue afterwards.My skin feels tighter, softer and smoother after using this product and doesn't clog my pore like some of the heavier based products I have tried. It, like the other two Body Merry products, is available on Amazon for $39.99 but is currently on sale for $14.99.



   Well, I hope that you enjoyed this installment of What's the Deal Dreadful. Until next time lovelies!

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