Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Swatch Here and a Swatch There: Notoriously Morbid's Blood Countess Collection

 Hello Lovelies!
    I am back again with some swatches from the new Blood Countess Collection , based off the Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bathory, from Notoriously Morbid today. She was the most prolific female serial killer in history believing that bathing in the blood of young female virgins to retain her youth. While that is excessively extreme to try to obtain beauty, you don't have to go to such lengths to get this collection. While there were no animated gifs dealing with The Countess, I figured that Sweeney Todd was the next best thing.

Oh how I loved this movie!
**Please note that I am not glorifying the death's of the Countess' victims nor am I making light of the horror that she inflicted.She was and is a human monster and by studying her crimes and behavior we can capture other monsters that are out today. Now let's get back to happier subjects like makeup!**

Enough negativity, let's get back to makeup!
    The Blood Countess is what I would consider a mini collection consisting of 3 shadows, a blush and a polish and is part of their permanent line so there is no need to get upset and bake someone into a pie in order to get this collection in your hot little hands.
Relax Sweeney and Mrs Lovett there is not need for violence in order to get this collection.
   The three shadows are a gorgous combination of  purples and reds as well! I adore purple shadows and these are no exception. So, prepare yourself and your beauty budget and check out these swatches.. All swatches were done over Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Primer and taken in natural light.

Welcome to your grave beauty budget cause this is a gorgeous collection..
Gilded Mirror is described as a plum/mauve base with an airy gold overlay. It is the lightest of the three and the hint of gold gives it a nice sparkle in the sun.

Next we have Goblet of Red which is described as a rich merlot red with a  powerful blue green shift. It is very similar to the Autumn Flower shadow from the Out in the Black VC but darker and richer. So if you were sad about missing Autumn Flower definitely pick up this shadow. 

Finally, last but not least is Nobel Rage which is describe on the site as a midnight black base layered with metallic amethyst and rose and gold sparkles. This is a gorgeous black packed full of sparkles the purple and the rose really shine in the sun as seen in this swatch.

Next we have a NEW Lipcraft color gloss in this collection.. I really love their glosses so I did a little dance when I opened my order.
Dance for the new lip pretty!!

Cachtice is described as a vermilion shimmer with medium to opaque coverage.  On me it is a hybrid color of salmon and and rose. I like how they stayed away from the blood red lip and stuck with something lighter and softer which can be worn everyday. The coverage is medium and can easily be built to a nice opacity.

I don't know about you I have always had a fondness for red polishes and Dungeon is just that...

   Dungeon is described as a deep claret red with a subtle red shimmer. Dungeon reminds me of a deep dark brick red or even dried blood which is something that I can definitely see in a dungeon. It dries matte but looks just as amazing when a shiny top coat is placed on top of it. Just take a look...

You can see the hint of red sparkles in this photo

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Finally we come to the blush in this collection, Sadist. Sadist is described as a soft rosy mauve with illusive gold shimmer. It can be built up for intense color or blended out for a softer delicate look.

Blushes always make me think of brides for some reason..
Personally, I always blend out my blushes since I am not a fan of intense color on the cheeks. I swatched  Sadist over a bare arm working from the lightest and blended out to the darkest.

Swatched going from light to dark and blended out..

  It is hard to pick favorites out of this collection but if you want the whole collection it does come in the full size option for $30 and the mini for $17. Or you can pick up your favorites individually depending on your beauty budget.

Beauty Budgets, we all hate them. 
Well, I hope that you enjoyed this swatch installment. You can pick up this collection  on Notoriously Morbid's site. You can also follow Notoriously Morbid on Facebook, Instagram and join their Facebook Fanpage for the latest news and sneak peeks on coming collections. Do you have any favorites out of this new collection? Until next time lovelies!

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  1. Oh dear god I want and need this collection so badly. I was and still am fascinated by miss bathory. Those colors are all so gorgeous.