Monday, September 29, 2014

Mani Monday: Moar Drunk Stamping! Revenge of the Stamper....

Hello Lovelies!
    Welcome back to another installment of Mani Monday! Today I am featuring a lovely polish from Literary Lacquers, Lake of Shining Waters. Due to being drunk from my stamping success last week I decided to go ahead and stamp again. Because with one success there has to be another right??
Cause one success equals an automatic success right?
  I love Literary Lacquers Lake of Shining Waters is a gorgeous teal linear holographic polish so of course white would pop fantastically against it. So I painted my nails with Lake of Shining Waters and I was like...
This polish totally looked AMAZING.
  And then I had the dilemma that I wanted to stamp on top of this polish..
Technically, it wasn't repainting my nails but the stamper was steadily giving me shots of courage.. 
    So, I finally decided to go ahead a stamp on top of this polish I was drunk with stamping courage so with tears in my eyes I took up the stamper with a mission to make this polish look fabulous.
I was both nervous and drunk with stamping anticipation...
    Then I picked up the stamper and then the stamper betrayed me...
My stamper totally acted like this towards me. 
   While this polish is truly amazing, my stamping is not. While it is a learning curve....
Just look at the polish and not focus on my craptacular stamping...

  You will also have to forgive the crappy indoor lighting. It has been raining for two days straight so I don't have any awesome natural light to capture the beautiful holo effect.

I used :
Nail Trek II
Bundle Monster Plate 212

While this isn't as bad as some of my other stamping attempts I really wished that I had put the stamper down and left this polish alone cause it is simply beautiful. You can purchase Lake of Shining Waters from Literary Lacquers on Etsy.  You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram as well. She is also having a 2 year anniversary giveaway that you still have time for to enter! Quick! Head over to Literary Lacquer's Facebook and enter!I hope that you enjoyed this installment of Mani Monday (and my drunk stamping) and until next time lovelies!

Don't judge a polish from my bad stamping job go check it out for yourself


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you sweetie! I must practice more so my stamper doesn't think that I am a filthy Casua! XD

  2. Aw I think it looks good! It's still way better than I could do. One day, when I have money again I want to get a new stamper(mine went missing when the move happened) and attempt stamping again. XD Then you can laugh at my poor attempts and feel really awesome about yours.