Thursday, September 25, 2014

In the Pursuit of Fabulous: Review of Moon Princess Lashes and Flower Powder Brush Kabuki from the Born Pretty Store!

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Hello Lovelies!
   I am back again today this time with a review of some awesome goodies from the Born Pretty Store. While I could have sworn that I wrote a blog post up about these before I can't seem to locate it and due to all of the wedding planning chaos the post could have disappeared on the hard drive. Three weekends to go until I can reclaim my sanity and not have to plan any wedding stuff EVER again. I also wanted to upload a video review for both of these items but I am in dire need of a tripod since I CAN'T handle the shaky camera review. It drives me nuts personally so I won't do it. So hopefully soon I will get a tripod and get back to making videos and tutorials again since I miss it. But enough about that, on to the pretties!

   I picked out two items from the Born Pretty Store to review. From the time I placed my order until I got the goodies in my hot little hands was about three weeks which is pretty good considering that this was an international order. I was super thrilled to get some new lashes since some of my pairs where in dire need of replacement. While they are labeled "Moon Princess Fashion Lashes" they are listed on the Born Pretty Site as Handmade False Eyelashes #D-3.   Th
The packaging

Out of the package

Individual lash! Look at the length and thickness!

  While lashes look great in the package I want to see them on to get a better picture of how they would look on me. So here are some looks done with these gorgeous lashes!

  While these lashes may look super dramatic in the packaging they can be used for everyday wear and with more neutral based looks. They look amazingly  natural and will compliment any look.  They are priced at $8.69 at the Born Pretty Store and while essentially I thought that was expensive for a pair of lashed they are completely worth it. I totally need another pair for the wedding.

 Next, we have the Mini Lovely Floral Powder Blush Brush with Free Cosmetic Bag. which lists on the site as $9.76 which is pretty great for a kabuki brush

The Packaging

Brush and bag comparison

Top of the brush

Side of the brush.

     I was concerned that there would be an issue with the floral design of this kabuki with possible streaking and uneven application of blush. However, there was no problem whatsoever. It works wonderfully whether you are applying blush, contouring, applying finishing powder or applying mineral makeup. It is super soft however still firm enough to get the job done. This is my first ever kabuki brush and now I need to have more one! You can pick up this brush, lashes and many more goodies at the Born Pretty Store. Be sure to use the discount code KLH10 for 10% off your order and free shipping! I hope that you enjoyed this review! Until next time lovelies!


  1. How long did these lashes last? Also were they genuine feeling (real mink)? I own a company and wanna give you lashes to try. I just wanted to know how moon princess was for personal use. I'm a lash fanatic :)

    1. Hi Martin,
      I am usually really gentle with my lashes and I clean them as well so I get several months of use out of them. I still have these lashes so they hold up after several applications. I don't know if they are genuine feeling (real mink) however they are the softer than my other lashes and a completely different texture. These are more dramatic than what people would consider everyday lashes but I love them since I am a lash fanatic as well. I would love to try and review your lashes from your company. Just shoot me an email at ^_~