Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Swatch Here and A Swatch There: Limited Edition Halloween Collection from BeautyBarBaby

Hello Lovelies!
  I am back with another swatch post and today I am super excited to have the new limited edition Halloween Collection from BeautyBarBaby. While there really is no "fall" season here in Florida I am super excited about Halloween since it is my favorite holiday.I know that some people don't get excited about Halloween and when I hear that I look like this... 

What do you mean you don't like Halloween? 
   Either way, if you do or you don't like it there are a lot of really awesome collections that are coming out and most of them are limited edition which means that I feel like this...

   While I hate limited editions I am an obsessive hoarder about the collections and this one is no exception. I would be willing to do almost anything to get them.. Well almost anything..
Yup I really want that Halloween Collection.
 But, enough about the strange lengths that I would go to get some awesome Halloween collections. I did manage to snag this beauty and you won't be disappointed. So who wants to see some swatches?
I do! I do! Show me some swatches!

 First, let's take a look at the really neat presentation...
     Three shadows and a limited edition lip balm are packed into a lovely little wooden coffin covered with cobwebs, filled with little spiders, skulls and bones..
Yup that is a spine, get your mind out of the gutter you perv! XD

The goodies without the coffin
    Yup, you are reading that right. The lip balm is a Zombie Cure and VEGAN. So not only do you have soft lips but you won't turn into a zombie while wearing this and smells like caramel apples. YUM! (*While it may be a zombie cure, we suggest that you don't get bitten by the undead cause seriously have you seen zombie movies? They travel in packs. O.O)

Next we have the swatches..
Six Feet Under is listed as a matte based burnt pumpkin orange with shimmering red, bronze and silver highlights shifting throughout. This I would have to say this is more of an mixture of a brick red and a pumpkin orange and reminds me of the beautiful red leaves of fall. While this may not sound appealing, the color is simply gorgeous.

  Next, we have Rest in Pieces which is listed as a shimmery burnt gold with shifts of shimmered orange and tons of sparkle! I would almost say this color is borderline metallic with the gold however it is more natural verses bling on the lids.

Finally, last but not least is my favorite Dark Haunting. I know that this is no surprise since this is described as shimmery indigo shifting DUO CHROME (we all know how I love my duo chromes) that shifts from blue to purple depending on the lighting. While Rest in Pieces flirts with being metallic Dark Haunting embraces it. The shift gives it an amazing metallic like quality and this color is an amazing shadow and would probably be a kick ass liner too.

The next three shadows are extra shadows that were created for the halloween collection and if you get your preorder in quickly you will get these THREE shadows FREE. Yup, that is a treat within itself. However, in case you do miss this chance to get these for free they will be around until Halloween to purchase so you can still pick them up which will also be released on October 1st.

Bag of Bones is a shimmery white with enough sparkle to catch the light just right without leaving you feeling like a disco ball at a dance.

Pumpkin in a Disco is a light orange packed with sparkle. Cinderella would have wanted her pumpkin to look this good.

 Finally, last but not least is Bat My Eyes. A black shadow jammed back with purple and pink sparkle stunning enough to enchant any creature of the night that you set you eyes upon. While recent media may claim that vampires may sparkle they will not hesitate to tap you like a keg and drain you dry so tread with caution when attempting to enchant creatures of the night. See images below from my favorite vampire movie of all time...

Whether you like your vampires sparkly or not this really is a kick ass collection. You can pick up this collection for pre-order (it ships out October 1 so you will have all month to look fabulous before Halloween roles around) for $23. You can pick it up on BeautyBarBaby on Etsy. You can also follow BeautyBarBaby on Facebook, Instagram and the Facebook Fan Group to get the latest sneak peeks of up coming collections (like this one).  So, until next time lovelies!

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  1. I need Dark Haunting and Bat My Eyes. So pretty. I am so jealous!