Friday, September 19, 2014

A Dreadful Bit of Information: Autumn Tag 2014

Hello Lovelies!
   I was browsing through some of the blogs that I frequent and I saw this Autumn Tag which I thought was a really neat way to get to know your blogger more.( I actually saw this on ToxidLotus)So I figured that I would go ahead and participate and those of you that DO read my blog are tagged as well. Autumn is the time of year where the leaves turn color and the weather gets cooler except for places like Florida which is exactly where I am located. While other people are busting out sweaters and hoodies we are still rocking sandals, short sleeves and shorts. So,when we finally bust out the jeans and the sweaters it is ass cold so I can only vicariously dream and remember when I lived in places with four actual seasons.

Yeah, we go from Summer to Winter and totally miss out in Florida.

1. Now we are talking coffees- What is your favorite seasonal drink from Starbucks/Costa/ Cafe Nero etc?

Yup you may want to sit down for this.

   Now some of you may want to sit down and take a breath because you are going to loose your shit. I don't drink coffee. I can't stand it, stomach it no matter what I have tried it with I just can't do it.  Most of my friends think I am an alien since I don't have coffee running through my veins like they do. However, I do enjoy the weather being colder so I have an excuse to drink more tea some of my favorites include Earl Grey, British Breakfast, and Irish Breakfast with half and half and sugar.

2.Accessories- what do you opt for scarf, boots, gloves?
      When it does finally get cold enough for something other than shorts. I love scarves, boots and gloves since my hands area ALWAYS cold. However once fall hits I get back into crochet, yup that is right I crochet and shit (cause when you add and shit to the end of anything it makes it super bad ass than it all ready is), more and who knows I may actually attempt to learn how to knit this year. So an infinity scarf and some hats are in the works for this fall,

3. Music- What is your favorite music to listen to during Autumn?
    While I don't particularly have  a favorite kind of music to listen to during autumn I like to dig out my classical music as well as Phantom of the Opera (my favorite musical) to listen to. However, during the fall I LOVE reading horror novels and watch horror movies. Something about the cold and the long dark nights makes me want to wrap myself in spooky darkness.

4.Perfume- What is your favorite scent for this time of year?
     For fall and winter I really enjoy musks and more earthy scents. Cathedral from Black Violet is quickly becoming my seasonal favorite.

5.Candles- What scents will you be burning this year?
     PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! All things pumpkin and apple are currently burning in my house and I love being able to open all the windows and have the fresh air circulating as well.


6. What do you love most about Autumn?
   I love that the weather is cooler (no matter how slight it is) , all the halloween collections that are out and of course that the nights are longer.

7. Favorite Makeup Look?
    While I don't have a favorite makeup look for Fall I love all the new Halloween collections that come out at this time of year.
I have to pick one?

8.What are you looking forward to most in Autumn?
   Getting officially married and going trick or treating with my little Dreadfuls. Corny and mushy as it may be, those are the two things I am looking forward to. Cheesy I know and I should be dreading the sugar intake...
Just imagine three little people acting just like this about candy.

  So now I have done my first tag if you are reading this you are tagged and be sure to tag me and let me know. What are you favorite things about Autumn? Do you have any books are you looking forward to reading I hope that you enjoyed this Dreadful Bit of Information and until next time lovelies!


  1. I like coffee, I don't love it. So I don't drink it a lot. But I do LOVE tea. =D I have been drinking the crap out of a mind medley, meyer lemon and thai tea.

    I still haven't tried Black Violet! D= I want to really bad. Cathedral, Red Lotus, Madame Pele, Paper Dolls, Steel Petals and Valley of the Temples all sound amazing.

    I miss candles! T.T I love the scent of the melting wax and smoky ember with the scent of the candle. I made pumpkin cookies last night and it smelled SO good. I want to smell it still. lol I need to make some apple and pumpkin pies.

    I can't wait to go trick or treating with the kiddos. Last year it was just them and me and I painted their faces. They said it was the best halloween ever.

    My favorite books ever are the Kushiel books by Jacqueline Carey. I will be reading all 9 again. I need some good book recommendations!

  2. You have a lovely blog!!!

    I can't drink coffee on its own..only if mixed with sufficiently large amounts of milk. Oddly enough though, I do love the smell of it :) open coffee jar, or a freshly made espresso...mmm.

    Tea, yes! Loads and loads of it too. I am currently in my mint-tea-with- honey phase (for some reason I go through tea phases in my life..?!?!?)

    Autumn = Pumpkin soup/tortilla/risotto/couscous = Me Happy

    1. Thank you Mariam! I love your blog and videos too! I really love mint tea as well. I love drinking tea at night it helps me relax and unwind. PUMPKIN ALL THINGS! I am going to feed the pumpkin beast with making pumpkin cookies today. ^_~