Thursday, February 27, 2014

In the Pursuit of Fabulous- February Glam Box Unboxing/Review

Hello lovelies!
   I know THREE posts in one day? I am on a ROLL! But I wanted to share with you this unboxing/ review of Glam Boxes February box that they were so kind enough to send to me to do a review. Glam Boxes is a beauty box that is mailed to your doorstep monthly filled with all kinds of beauty items (makeup, nail polish, bath items, even sweets!) and a lot of the items are handmade by small independent companies. So it is a great way to try lots of indie (and non indie) products. There will always me a MINIMUM of 5 items in your box. This month's box had a ton of goodies in there for me to enjoy. The a one time box does cost $15 dollars plus shipping however if you opt for the monthly option the monthly boxes are only $10 plus shipping which is a steal since if you decided to buy samples from the various companies it would cost WAY more than that. They also have an amazing return policy if you don't like any of your items which can be seen here.
But enough chattering on with the reveal....

In case you missed out on getting your February items and you want to pick them up for yourself, don't fret! Here are links to all of the products that I received in my box that you can get your hands on.. Just click on the hyperlinks to reach the specific item.

B A Star's Natural Eye Shadow Palette  can be found here

Simple Aroma's Scented Candles ( in Loving Spell) can be found here

Jamberry Nails Nail Wrap Samples can be found here

Just Knotted Hair Ties and Accessories can be found here

Jillybeans Creative Expressions Sweet Pea Sugar Scrubs can be found here

Smelly Goods & Pretties (Hypo Manic Nail Polish) can be found here

Heartfelt Inspirations (Zesty Lemon Lotion Bars) can be found here

Bear's Beauty Body Butter can be found here

Krista's Candles in Honeysuckle can be found here

Sandi Pops Chocolate Heart Lollipop can be found here

A Bite of Heaven Valentine Cookies can be found here

Restoried Valentine Organic Sugar Scrub can be found  here

Gwynnie Bee receive 30 days free on any new clothing subscription with a Glam Box Link  ($35 per month after trial) can be found here

   I am super impressed with the number of items and the quality of items that were offered in this month's Glam Box as well as their professionalism. As a lot of you may know that there was a freak ice storm that hit the South (especially Georgia) and they quickly updated everyone to let us know that our packages would be shipped out a little later than normal due to the storm and state of emergency. I was super impressed with that. So if you are dying to try the new Glam Boxes for all their nice goodies you can sign up HERE and be sure to like them on Facebook. Be sure to tell them I sent you!
Until next time lovelies!

A swatch here and a swatch there... Notoriously Morbid Part One

 Hello lovelies!
    Welcome back to the start of a new and possibly never ending series of swatches. While I do love seeing swatches of actual product when shopping. Nothing really compares to seeing a product on a person. Each installment of  A Swatch here and a swatch there will feature just one company in various parts so you can use the search feature to locate all the swatches I have done for a particular brand. I decided to start of will one of my new favorite companies, Notoriously Morbid. I love the colors that she has done for each of her unique collections. So to start things off here are four for your to enjoy..
Crack in the Pavement
 A gorgeous dusky grey with a pink undertone/shift. This was a sample for an upcoming collection that will be released in June. Once it is release I will link the shadow to this swatch.

Ebenezer, I Release You

Ebenezer is a gorgeous pink with violet duochrome from the A Dark Christmas Dream collection which can be found here.
Snow Queen's Return
Snow Queen's Return is my favorite highlight from Notoriously Morbid from the Scary Tales Collection. It is a lovely white shimmer shadow with lots of blue, purple and silver sparkles and can be found here.
Forgotten Dreams
Forgotten Dreams is from the Little Melancholies Collection is and a lovely soft lilac with a baby pink shift and can be found here.

**All of the swatches were done over Too Face Shadow Insurance and NYX jumbo pencil. I always use these two products when I apply my shadows.**

Like I mentioned before I am utterly in love with Notoriously Morbid and I will be doing a review of her products in the next week or so. Until next time lovelies....

Cosplay 101 : Basic Care for your Circle Lenses

Hello Lovelies!
   I am back again kicking off a new series entitled Cosplay 101! I am slowly venturing into the realm of cosplay even though I have always loved to do makeup inspired looks I decided to take  it a step further and actually incorporate my makeup with a full cosplay look. So this series will be simple tips and trick that I learn along the way to help others that are just starting out because, let's be honest, starting to cosplay can be seriously intimidating and confusing. Since I currently can't sew even with Martha Stewart and the entire Heroes of Cosplay cast helping me, I figured I would start with that I do feel comfortable with, circle lenses and makeup. So,  I did a video instructional on how to open up your circle lenses when you first get them and some basic care.

Please always remember some basic guidelines when handling and wearing circle lenses.

-While this may be a no brainer to most of us, it is often really easy to be tempted to pop those gorgeous lenses in your eyes but you have to remember that you carry millions of germs on your hands from everything that you touch and come in contact with. You don't want to put any of those in your eye so please wash your hands when handling (taking out or putting in ) circle lenses.

2. If your circle lens is bothering you take it out!
   -There are several reasons why your lenses may be bothering ranging from simple dust in your eyes to more serious issues like a tear. If you eye is flowing like a waterfall or it hurts please take your lenses out. You only have one pair of eyes.

3.Never share your circle lenses with other people.
  -While you may love your best friend you really don't want to risk an eye infection from sharing the same lenses since your bestie may not wash his or her hands-

4. DON'T swim, wear them in a suana/steam room, or sleep in your lenses.
-They weren't made for things like this so don't risk your eyes in attempt to look cute in the steam room, swimming pool or passing out in bed. -

5.Your lenses are only good for 1 year!
-While I know that is painful to toss out those amazing lenses that look so fabulous on you or look great for this cosplay, circle lenses are only good for one year. So mark your case on the date you opened them and then throw them out. You can always keep a list of the lenses that you love that are going to expire and hunt the circle lens sites for sales and pick up a new pair before your precious lenses are thrown in the trash.

6.It is always a good idea to keep an empty case with contact solution in your purse or pockets.
- Always care an empty case with solution with you just in case you do get something in your eye and your need to take your lenses out.

I hope that you found this little guide helpful about how to open and care for your circle lenses. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me! Until next time lovelies!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Born Pretty Store Reviews and Makeup Tutorial!

Hello Lovelies!
   I am finally back and I am trying to go ahead and start back with writing in this blog on a regular basis as well as uploading videos to my Youtube Channel on a regular basis as well. I figured that I would go ahead and kick this off with not one, not two but three small mini reviews for items that I received from the Born Pretty Store. I picked out three different items to review for you this month from the Born Pretty Store and let's go ahead and get started!

First off I chose this nice 16 Color Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette in order to see just how vibrant the colors were. Needless to say I was impressed (as you can see from the swatches with no primer in the review video.

I also did a Spring Look tutorial with this palette with hopes that Spring would soon be here since the weather has been so horrible lately.

I used these lovely pink brushes in order to do the look. I was impressed with the quality of the brushes since not only did they hold up (and not shed) to repeated use but also washes as well. They were both soft yet firm and made from synthetic fibers (yay vegan brushes!).

Finally to round out my order I had to pick this awesome Punk Spike Leather Multi-Use Head Band since  I have been dying to get one for myself . This was also amazing since it held up to a lot of wear and tear with me using it and my daughter deciding that she was going to use it while it was still on my head.

Overall I have to say that my experience with the Born Pretty Store and their products has been simply amazing and I just had to share it with all of you. They were also kind enough to give me a discount code to share with my subscribers so go and order some really lovely products from the Born Pretty Store and use the discount code KLH10 in order to get 10% off your order!

So stay tuned for more reviews and tutorials and until next time lovelies...