Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cosplay 101 : Basic Care for your Circle Lenses

Hello Lovelies!
   I am back again kicking off a new series entitled Cosplay 101! I am slowly venturing into the realm of cosplay even though I have always loved to do makeup inspired looks I decided to take  it a step further and actually incorporate my makeup with a full cosplay look. So this series will be simple tips and trick that I learn along the way to help others that are just starting out because, let's be honest, starting to cosplay can be seriously intimidating and confusing. Since I currently can't sew even with Martha Stewart and the entire Heroes of Cosplay cast helping me, I figured I would start with that I do feel comfortable with, circle lenses and makeup. So,  I did a video instructional on how to open up your circle lenses when you first get them and some basic care.

Please always remember some basic guidelines when handling and wearing circle lenses.

-While this may be a no brainer to most of us, it is often really easy to be tempted to pop those gorgeous lenses in your eyes but you have to remember that you carry millions of germs on your hands from everything that you touch and come in contact with. You don't want to put any of those in your eye so please wash your hands when handling (taking out or putting in ) circle lenses.

2. If your circle lens is bothering you take it out!
   -There are several reasons why your lenses may be bothering ranging from simple dust in your eyes to more serious issues like a tear. If you eye is flowing like a waterfall or it hurts please take your lenses out. You only have one pair of eyes.

3.Never share your circle lenses with other people.
  -While you may love your best friend you really don't want to risk an eye infection from sharing the same lenses since your bestie may not wash his or her hands-

4. DON'T swim, wear them in a suana/steam room, or sleep in your lenses.
-They weren't made for things like this so don't risk your eyes in attempt to look cute in the steam room, swimming pool or passing out in bed. -

5.Your lenses are only good for 1 year!
-While I know that is painful to toss out those amazing lenses that look so fabulous on you or look great for this cosplay, circle lenses are only good for one year. So mark your case on the date you opened them and then throw them out. You can always keep a list of the lenses that you love that are going to expire and hunt the circle lens sites for sales and pick up a new pair before your precious lenses are thrown in the trash.

6.It is always a good idea to keep an empty case with contact solution in your purse or pockets.
- Always care an empty case with solution with you just in case you do get something in your eye and your need to take your lenses out.

I hope that you found this little guide helpful about how to open and care for your circle lenses. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me! Until next time lovelies!

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