Friday, January 25, 2013

In the Pursuit of Fabulous- Sunset eye big eye tutorial

Hello lovelies~
    I am back again with another picture tutorial. This time I went for my usual bold look, but I will try to alternate between neutral and bold looks so that everyone can enjoy. So here is my Sunset inspired look complete with EOS J203 Adult Blue lenses from Kiwiberry-1-Collection . I wanted to a bold look with a really colorful lens but this look will work with or without lenses. But enough gabbing and on with the tutorial!

What I used for this tutorial:
   Moisturizer, Makeup Remover Wipes, Too Faced Shadow Insurance , NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk , Sugarpill's Burning Heart Palette , Tako from Sugarpill , Makeup Forever's Aquashadow in Matte Black , MAC's Carbon , Mac's Liquid Last Liner ,your favorite mascara and Red Cherry Lashes # 76 .

Step One: Start off with moisturizing your entire eye area. Once that has soaked in, apply Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance all over your lid and even under your eye. This will prevent your shadows from creasing and make your look last all day. Next apply Nyx's Jumbo Pencil in Milk just as you did with your eye shadow primer which makes your shadows extremely vibrant and rub that in (or else you may have creasing which counteracts your eye shadow base). Apply Tako (white) in your tear duct area and on your brow bone.

Step Two: Apply Buttercupcake (yellow) all over your lid.

Step Three: Apply Flamepoint (orange) in a V like shape on the outer portion of your lid and in your crease as well as under your eye.

Step 4: Next apply Love+ (red)  in a large C like shape above the Flamepoint (orange) and Buttercupcake (yellow) and under your eye to right before your iris.

Step 5:  With a blending brush, blend in your crease softening up the line between Love+ (red)and the Flamepoint (orange). Be careful not to blend to low since you still want the Buttercupcake (yellow) to remain bright and vibrant. Add shadow as needed until you are satisfied with your blending.

Step 6: Apply Poisonplum (purple) in a L shape in the middle of your crease and just wrapping around the corner of your eye. Don't worry about fallout or if you look like you have a bright ball of color around your eye. We will fix that later with the magic of makeup wipes. ^_~

Step 7: Blend, blend blend and add color when needed until you have the desired look. Once you have the look you want, take your trusty makeup remover wipe and clean up any fall out on your face under your eye.
Step 8: Next line your waterline with a black eyeliner and using an angled brush set your waterline with a matte black eye shadow  (MAC's Carbon), curl and apply your favorite mascara and line the top lid with black liquid liner (MAC's Liquid Last Liner). While you are waiting for your liner to dry, apply your foundation, fill in your brows (or draw them on in my case), highlight/contour your face, apply blush and lipstick. When your liquid liner is dry then apply false lashes ( I used Red Cherry 76). You're done and you look fabulous!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and until next time my dears...

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