Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In the Pursuit of Fabulous-Review of EOS WBK-1 Black

Hello Lovelies~
      I am back again with another contact lens review for you. This time I will be reviewing, EOS WBK-1 Black that I purchased from KiwiBerry1 Collection. Like the pink lenses that I reviewed last time, these were my first pair of black lenses. I have several pairs of blue, violet and green but these were my first black lenses. Honestly I didn't have the urge to put a darker colored contacts in since my eyes were all ready dark. I didn't think that it would make any difference. My eyes would just be darker, whoopie. How wrong I was. I had seen sites that claimed that "black eyes make you appear more intelligent". While I don't know if I look smarter, I do have to say that I do look bad ass with these lenses in. Needless to say I am going to be purchasing some more in the future.

These black lenses were the finishing touch to the Futuristic look  I did

 Enlargement- 9 out of 10 bats
  What else can I say, since these lenses are black they make my eyes look HUGE! While the actual enlargement is 14.8mm  I think that the color is what helps give the illusion of large dolly like eyes.

Color and Design- 8 out of 10 bats
  As I mentioned earlier, I didn't think that black lenses would be that impressive to me since I all ready have really dark eyes. I was quite mistaken. I like how the color fades in towards the middle instead of being one harsh black blob which gives it more of a natural look.

Comfort- 9 out of 10 bats
  These lenses are extremely comfortable however they did get a bit dry towards the end of the day hence the 9 out of 10. Keep eye drops handy and

Overall-  9 out of 10 bats
  I love everything about these lenses- the look, enlargement, comfort.I honestly can't rave enough about them.Anyone who is on the fence about purchasing black lenses, you really need to get these lenses. You won't be disappointed.

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