Monday, November 3, 2014

We have a Dreadful Down. I repeat we have a Dreadful Down.

Hello Lovelies!
     I am sorry to report that while today is Mani Monday there will not be a mani posting today.

Yup that is right no Mani Monday today..

   But you may be asking, "But why Dreadful? I thought that you loved Mani Mondays?"  And it is true, I love Mani Mondays. However the truth of the matter is far more sinister..

Sinister you say?
    Well I might not be that sinister, but the cause of today's missing Mani Monday is because of two main reasons. One recently Mother Nature has been drunk lately down here in Florida and some days winter is coming and the next day it is shorts weather. The other reason is that my children are little plague carriers.  They go to school and manage to catch the plague and then they bring it home to me.  So I feel like Death...

I believe that this guy is circling my house...
   And not only am I sick but two of my three are sick as well. So at the end of the day when I usually paint my nails. I feel like this...

Yup that is what I look like right there.

    But of course some of you may be asking..
No, not yet, however I swear this plague is working on it..

  And honestly I might be at any moment..

    So that is the reason why there is no Mani Monday because I have the plague and Dreadful is down. I repeat Dreadful is down.

Yup, that is me falling down.
    So hopefully, I will feel a little bit better later on this week and post some nail love as well as some makeup love as well. So stay warm and keep away from little plague carriers! Until next time lovelies!

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