Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Gambler and the Wayward Son had Moments that Illuminate while Walking on Sunshine and having Sympathy for the Devil.


Hello Lovelies,
 I am back again with another EOTD this time it is from Notoriously Morbid. Just  recently, Notoriously Morbid released a collection based off of Supernatural.  While they did have a collection of Coffin Kissers that were Supernatural this is an actual shadow collection that was based off of this series and to top is all off it is an entire DUO CHROME Collection.
Now while I still feel like I have been beat up against a wall health wise, I just couldn't resist the putting this collection on my eyes.

That's right, I still feel like crap. 
 Why did I crawl out of the crypt and shamble over to the makeup counter. It is just simply because these colors are that gorgeous and because Dean is super hot. Wait, did I say that out loud?

Why yes, yes you are!
 Now, after realizing that I have a true duo chrome addiction I knew that I instantly had to have this collection and the face that I am a Supernatural (Dean, so much Dean) fan. But I recently have been having the makeup blahs where I can't decide on a color combination and I really hate every look that I do.
Yes, the makeup blahs are real and it has nothing to do with makeup. 

It could be from the plague or the fact that I am currently doped up on cold medicine.

So many colors and so many choices!! MUST WEAR THEM ALL!
But I finally decided on this look with this gorgeous set of colors.

Behold an eye full of Winchester Duochromy goodness!
I used the following products for this look
Notoriously Morbid (NM) So Goes My Nation
Wayward Son (NM)
The Gambler (NM)
Moments That Illuminate (NM)
Walking On Sunshine (NM)
Sympathy for the Devil (NM)
The 15 piece Pink Brush set from Born Pretty Store (Use code KLH10 for 10% off your order)

  Jump for joy lovelies! The Winchester Collection is permanent and you can pick it up any time from Notoriously Morbid's site. Now if there are some colors that I used from a Vanishing Cabinet that you want to get your hands on or beg for the ladies at Notoriously Morbid to make permanent now is the time to join the Fangroup on Facebook and vote/request for what colors you would like to see back. You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook. Do you have a favorite Supernatural character? If so which one and why? 

Until next time lovelies!

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