Thursday, October 30, 2014

What?!?! Two posts in ONE DAY?!? What is this insanity? It is only Officer Friendly and the Silent Samurai Praying that I am Dead.

Hello Lovelies!
   I know this is pure insanity that I have not one but two posts today. But this EOTD is just too lovely not to blog about. Notoriously Morbid has recently started up a monthly subscription and it is continuously impresses me each month. Due to the wedding chaos, which is thankfully over, I haven't been able to blog about the Vanishing Cabinet. However I finally get some time to open up this collection and take a look at it.

My poor makeup was locked up like zombies in a hospital until recently
     To my glee and surprise this collection was based off the Walking Dead...
Yup, you know that show that EVERYONE is talking about...

 However, I was wondering how Carrie and Laura were going to portray this collection since it is a zombie based series. Where they going to go with the traditional zombie gore colors or were they going to do something different? And to my very pleasant surprise, this collection is mainly neutrals. I chatted with Laura about this for a bit and they wanted to do colors based off the characters. Which I really liked. While I love zombies and gore colors, and truth be told I am not much of a neutral girl, it can be a bit overwhelming this time of year.

So many zombies... all over the place! What about zombie love in July?!?!

   So, I dove head first into this collection and this is the look that I came up with. While everyday is Halloween for me, most people not so much..

Daryl is totally with me that everyday should be Halloween..cause Al Jourgensen says so
    I created this neutral eye that you can wear to work and secretly support your love for zombies and shout that EVERYDAY IS HALLOWEEN without worrying that your boss will give you the bung eye.
That blue liner there.. is Silent Samurai foiled.. Yup beautiful isn't it? <3

I used the following products on this look
 Notoriously Morbid's Cherokee Rose, Officer Friendly , Pray I'm Dead and Silent Samurai (foiled as a liner and on the lower lash line as well) from the October Vanishing Cabinet
Notoriously Morbid'sSo Goes My Nation (highlight) from the Slayer Collection

  But I know that you are going, Dreadful, this is a Limited Edition and I NEED IT. 
Seriously look at that liner! No really you can have it too ....
    Well lovelies Notoriously Morbid is going to be listing the overstock of the colors soon so be sure to check out the Facebook pageand the Facebook Fan Page to see when. You can pick up these colors and more on the website and be sure to follow them on Instagram.

So, until next time lovelies!

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