Monday, November 17, 2014

Freezing winds, swirly stars and MOAR Drunk Stamping!

Hello Lovelies!
    I am back today with a late Mani Monday post! I am sorry that I am posting so late however recently one of my little Dreadfuls came home from school with the flu so any particular kind of schedule I had is gone when little ones are sick. However, he is feeling much better now. He is not up to 100% however he is much better than he was.  But I did manage to sneak in a mani since he is feeling better. But I will warn you that my cuticles are a HOT MESS! The cold weather just wrecks my hands.
Yup that is me, attempting to warm my hands...

 I know that some of you, who have read my about me section are going.. What? Wait, Dreadful aren't you in Florida?!?! Yes, yes I am however I am a big baby when it comes to being cold.

These freezing metal heads are not amused with my cry baby antics about the cold.
  To give me some credit, it has been colder here the past two years than it has been for most. ..
That is almost unheard of.. so you know my butt is cold

I feel like this constantly...

And I am constantly searching out warmth...


They are surfing in this kind of weather in Death Metal makeup while I think that I am going to die..

But enough of my bitching about the cold on with the nail pics!

 I used:
  Opi Strengthening Base Coat
  Gothic Gala Lacquers Njord
  Gothic Gala Lacquers Metallic Blue Stamping Polish
  Bundle Monster Stamping plate BM -021
  Vapid Lacquer Fast Drying Top Coat

   I still haven't mastered stamping since my stamps are still faint compared to other people's stamps using the same polish. I haven't figured out if it is the amount of stamping polish I am using or if my stamper just sucks. Either way I hope that you enjoyed this Mani Monday post! If you are dying for this polish you can pick it up here. You can follow Gothic Gala Lacquer on Facebook, Instagram and on the Facebook Fan Page. Until next time lovelies, I am off to stay warm!!
Wait, was that a white walker outside my door?

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